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I'm 28 and I've fallen in love with a 16yo girl.
She's taller than me (I'm 5'9) and let's just say she looks like she's in her early 20's.

How the fuck do I get out of this situation? We get along so well (I'm immature but have my shit in order somehow).

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Cut contact. Easy

Stop right now. STOP. RIGHT. NOW.
Distance yourself and find someone else who is closer to your age to talk to. Leave the 16 yr old alone, shes still a baby ffs

>find someone else who is closer to your age to talk to.
I have, for ages, and without fail as the years go by women 'my own age' have less and less to offer.
A young, hot, no baggage chick who isn't a nut job religious zealot, like fuck, in only two years it'd be fine but right now it's literally illegal where I am.

>Cut contact. Easy
Sucks, but probably for the best. FUCK.

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The only reason men date young is to avoid being judged by an equal, and the fact that they all launch into hellish defense about it is really just all the more incriminating

Itt fuming roasties

And the girl will be taking (and is lrobably doing it right now) cock like champ
Its fine op if the age of consent allows it
Enjoy that prime pussy

>judged by an equal,

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21 Currently with 17 YO & still get some shit for it, you can't do it OP, your time has passed old man.

>Be me 21 f
>Met 30 m when I was 17
>Got weirdly obsessed over him
>Stopped being able to feel emotions for anyone else
>Guy kept leading me on
>This persisted for 4 years
>Only now able to see that he just used me to boost his ego
I'm still not able to feel attraction for anyone else. It's a shitty situation.

I saw 28 and 16 and stopped reading. NO. NO NO NO NO. BAD. Idgaf about whatever else is typed in this thread. NO. Don't talk to the bitch again. STOP. Today is the day it fucking ends. VERY BAD THOUGHTS. Also think of how great your ass will feel getting plunged in prison. If that doesn't help, you're a faggot. You're welcome.

Age of consent is 16
Dab on post wall roastbeef

Then go for it, why are you asking for advice?

>your time has passed old man.
>Then go for it, why are you asking for advice?
Because society says it's bad.

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>she’s still a baby ffs
Oh my FUCKING goodness I hate reading this. 16yos are underrage absolutely but they’re not babies. They have the foresight to understand what they’re doing and the implications of it in the future. ESPECIALLY females.

How did y’all even meet

Face it roasties, nothing you do or ever achieve can beat PRIME teenage pussy. NOTHING.

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ONLY post wall roasties will give you shit for that
Viable Women will be actually jealous and might say some shit but who cares, and men will high five you

Dont listen to literal whores shaming you

>How did y’all even meet
Literally at a bus stop.

I just saw her and had to say "Hey, waiting for a bus?" like the autist I am.

She didn't cringe. She didn't roll her eyes. She didn't give me curt answers. She was chill, we chatted, had a laugh, then exchanged snaps (I've never used it that much desu).

Chatted some more, bumped in to each other a few more times (I've been avoiding organizing any official meetings). She's said she like my maturity and how 'funny' I am for 'an old guy' (thank you 4chins memes).

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Feel attraction for me. Its gon be alright.

>at a bus stop
>hey, waiting for a bus?
That’s adorable

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>That’s adorable
Thanks, so are those trips.

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Go back to your fellow r/incels virgins.

16 is old enough op
fuck her
seriously if she's of age don't give a fuck user, don't give a single fucking one
except to her


These niggers are unironically trying to get you locked up. Don't listen to them. Her parents will report you and you will get locked up.

yep this

op acts like there is no one to his standard with anything to offer but it's because he has nothing to offer to anyone decent and needs someone more naive to not see that. being overly defensive about it is just icing on top

I think this happened to me and is still happening. How can I be sure?

If any of the women in here even walked into the same room as you you'd have a nervous breakdown. The overcompensation you do online is sad dude.

ITT: toasty roasties

Did he fuck you? That's just the oxytocin bonding.

it's actually that half the thread is you posting incel rants. incel is determined by personality of which is demonstrated. it is an unhealthy mindset. And I'd take a guess you aren't remotely attractive otherwise why would you be one.

meanwhile the other posters are normal guys and girls with real life experience and are advising op to not get himself locked up.

if you want to rant go back to where the echo chamber is because spamming it up here isn't working. no one agrees with you. and you are likely to get banned for it as well.

That was my only post in this thread. Try harder, roastie.

Incel tears

I'm not even a girl.
Could you try to be original?
And stop spamming seriously.
I'm starting to think you are just op looking for attention.
Your feisty attitude isn't going to make you feel better, there are healthier ways to cope.

Thread over

You can be friends I guess.
I'd say go for it later OP, after she's grown a bit. Then again my gf is 20 and I'm 31, and we met about 3 years ago, so I have some bias on this subject. I used to get shit for the age gap but after a while people just don't care.
I don't know man, nothing against the law about being friends if it's that big if an issue for you but you make some solid points here And it's true, women of our "age bracket" have less and less to offer. They either have some crazy baggage which they call "experience", a kid, or for some reason act less immature than someone 10 years their junior.
>Judged by an equal
You're being judged by people all the time. Giving a fuck about it is shit. People will always judge you. Be it by older or younger. They will always judge you do why worry? Dated plenty of people my age, and after a while saw that all their life experience only served to make them bitter at life. That shit gets boring after a while.
>locked up
He's not fucking the girl ffs.

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>less immature
Meant more immature than someone 10 years their junior.

Why would you give a fuck? It's neither illegal nor unnatural so if you think she is a quality woman with potential then take her before someone else does.

Females will be jealous but they will still be attracted to you while those guys that talk shit itt. will be treated like air. That's the reality of it.
Those dudes that you would want to hang out with will simply respect your success.

By accepting conforming to the unwritten code of conduct of a beta male you are willingly becoming one and you will be treated as such.


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>How the fuck do I get out of this situation?
Why would you want to. Depending on where you live 16s perfectly legal.
Congratulations you're making it

if I were her father I'd break your face

Take a seat

Pretty much this. There's something deeply wrong with a nearly 30 year old man attracted to a 16 year old. They've got crazy self image and confidence issues, they can't support themselves, they're dumb even if they have a genius IQ. Even if she seems like an adult, she's only pretending right now. She's not fucking ready to have gross middle aged man put his dick inside her.

She's too young for you OP, it seems some people don't mind hooking up with people when they come of age but I'd say at least 20-21 as a minimum to avoid legal and or bitching from other women claiming you're not good enough that's why you go for the younger gals.

Keep this in mind, if someone tells you something along the lines of you're not good enough for your age, don't listen to them. Listening to people criticizing you over things like that will only make you believe it and you'll set yourself up to be just like that. Be the best you can be and fuck everyone else that thinks little of you.

Ok you seem to know a lot then tell me what the right thing to do in this situation. Say I know a guy in his mid 30's that did just that with a barely of age 17 year old girl and knocks her up, she doesn't even graduate high school. She goes along with things because even her mother encouraged it, the guy is kicked out by his sister because he intends to continue living in her house because he knows he can't make it on his own. He gets his own place and he knocks up the girl again after she has her first kid. Now the two kids grow up and the guy's family try to get along with these kids but want nothing to do with the woman. Are they in the right for not wanting this woman in their lives? Their reasoning is she did what she wanted to do and they have no reason to get along with her and socialize with her but her children are part of the family and they can get along with the family if they choose.

>don't do it or women will bitch about it
>hey don't let the bitching get to you Fuck'em!

Sums up all those advices from dishonest roasties and delusional orbiters you get on this board.

Is this a real thing that happened? Otherwise who gives a fuck about your convoluted hypothetical

No this really happened, believe me it's about as messy as it sounds. I've tried posting this question before but no one tries to answer it, not sure if they avoid it because they don't know what the answer is.

>They've got crazy self image and confidence issues, they can't support themselves, they're dumb even if they have a genius IQ.

What kind of logic is this? Was anthony weiner someone who couldnt support himself?

You're an idiot.

Well in this case yes, it's understandable the kid's only 16. I wouldn't agree with something like this and I'm a guy. If the girl was in her twenties, women shouldn't get so upset about it though.

Make your own thread instead of hijacking this one and I’ll reply

It was worded badly but I think the user you replied to was describing the 16 year old

>She's too young for you OP, it seems some people don't mind hooking up with people when they come of age but I'd say at least 20-21 as a minimum to avoid legal and or bitching from other women claiming you're not good enough that's why you go for the younger gals.

The reason women try to age-shame men is to protect their sexual market value post-wall.

Even Jordan peterson says this. Peterson is a blue pill cuck who says men should be amazing because their only value is what they produce, and that's how you attract women. He's an old school thinker about realtionships. Even though he tells men to stop being useless so they'll be more attractive to women, he still tells us that women prefer older men and men prefer younger women, that women prefer only the top 20% of men, but men make up for this in old age by preferring younger women.

This is where 'the wall' comes from.

OP, you do you. If she wants it, she gets it. Age shaming is a method of controlling female sexual value into 30 years old+.

Think about the "fairness" of a situation where you, being young, have little value, so if you aren't a top 20% male while young, you have to work hard, while women will be fucking round robin style with the top 20%.

Then when you get older, you have to have sex with women, single mothers, etc, all of whom have literally broken their ability to pair bond by riding so many dicks.

And women do not deny they want to ride hot dicks. They glamorize it and support it wildly on tumblr, twitter, between themselves in groups in the real world, etc.

So they get to have the fun while young, you get to have it while old.

Then along comes ol' friendly feminism.

Here's the trick. Feminism demands sexual liberation of women. It says its empowering to get bored out by tons of men. Yet men are shamed for participating in her "empowerment" if shes young. Why? Control of sex.

>I more of a STUD and a ALPHA MALE then 90% of the population of males.

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>complaining about feminism
>name-dropping jordan peterson
>Le Red Pill Youtube Channel
>nonsense conspiracy theory

I just got an r9k bingo and I'm not even posting on r9k.

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Remember the old Suffragatte canard: Votes for women, Chastity for men.

Why do you think they want women to have ultimate freedom in sexuality while trying to repress male sexuality to the utmost. Lesbians are praised and saluted for flashing other lesbians their clits and tits, for pulling them drunkenly from hallways in hotels to go for a fuck.

This kind of "frat house" behavior from guys would be considered a rape pit.

Don't kid yourself. Feminists want sexual control over men in general. They use shaming.

Many men also don't think seriously about it but fall in line because they lack the capacity to see "who is most likely to profit".

Older, single mothers.

love to read the scizophrenic poetry of a MRA during lunchtime

>>Be me 21 f
>>Met 30 m when I was 17
>>Got weirdly obsessed over him
>>Stopped being able to feel emotions for anyone else
>>Guy kept leading me on
>>This persisted for 4 years
>>Only now able to see that he just used me to boost his ego
>I'm still not able to feel attraction for anyone else. It's a shitty situation.

And guess waht. The commonality of being led on isn't related to age.

16 year old chads do this to girls as well. 18 year olds chads.. etc.

Pump and dump and sexual conquest begins for males when they reach 14.

If you want a stable male, you have to get lucky young, be smart young, etc.

Age of the male in question is largely irrelevant.

Just because you dont have two brain cells to rub together doesn't make things 'scizophrenic'.

If you pay elucidates the contrast in treatment of male and female sexual behavior.

Feminism goes too far in some cases, I saw a college girl on a train roast this fat dude because he wanted to offer her his seat. She called him a white knight or something along those lines and kept making fun of him until he got out. I felt so bad for the guy, the girl was a bitch without a doubt I pitied her.

>hey guys I met this 16 year old girl and I'm not quite sure what I sh-

Clearly no one wants to fuck you, so I don't know why you're posting manifestos about the sexual marketplace and all this dumb shit

>I saw a college girl on a train roast this fat dude because he wanted to offer her his seat. She called him a white knight or something along those lines

I also enjoy making things up to get upset at on the internet

LOL, no this really happened. I'm not just a random guy trying to shit on women to make feminists look bad in general. That's why I specifically said feminism can go too far in some cases.

She called him a Jow Forums meme, and you're saying it's not something you made up?

Assuming it's true, what's it got to do with feminism?

Feminists want to empower themselves and do away with certain ways women are/have been treated in the past by men. Why else would this woman say something like this to a guy on a train trying to offer her his seat? Btw, it's not hard to believe it if the girl looks like she's barely in her 20's and likely has internet access.

It seems you just have a hard time accepting things like this can happen.

>Why else would this woman say something like this to a guy on a train trying to offer her his seat?

Probably because he was being an obvious creep who thought he could score some pussy. Something that's as old as time and again has nothing to do with feminism.

Feminism is a perfect ideology and everyone who is a feminist is a perfect person how dare you merely notice that sometimes people you agree with politically can be assholes

YAS you go girl

I was there, the guy wasn't making any move on the girl. He saw she was standing there in front of him and all he said was 'you can sit here if you want' he gets up, and that basically triggers it. She starts calling him a white knight because the guy offers her his seat. Any decent woman would've said no thank you and if the man insisted then she can get defensive. The way this woman responded was not in line with the situation, she deserves the criticism whether you want to accept it or not. that's why I said this is feminism taken too far, this is not what feminism should be. I don't have a problem with women not needing a man to open a door for them but if it happens and you say something like that then don't be surprised if people think you're a feminist to the extreme.

I feel sorry for you.

does she love you back?

Fuk outta here with that shit, don't encourage pedo behavior.

I'm married to the 27 year old I've been dating since I was 16. We're doing amazing and I couldn't be happier. If she wants to, it's fine. 16 year olds aren't COMPLETE retards at least. If it's really legal where you are like you said, even better. If not, wait to do sexual stuff til she's 18 just incase, even if you trust her because you could get boned by her family or she could just do a 360 and hate you. You guys can always lie about eachother's ages to friends, especially if she looks a bit older. You're gonna regret not giving her a chance.

>girl is 16
>claims it's pedophilia
what the fuck is wrong with you mate?

Bro, you're.almost 15 years older, you're not in love you're just a retard loser and a 16 year old is the only one dumb and naive enough to give you attention. You will be caught, and tyrone will be turning you out in c block

>take her before someone else does.
This. If she's as attractive as OP is making her out to be, then it's only a matter of time before the flood of validation/attention truly begins.
Sad truth is these days you need to get in earlier and earlier to have a chance of actually bonding and not just 'living'.

Exactly she's a kid. Just about all girls Ive seen that age are not mature enough to be in a serious relationship. If she was 20 I wouldn't give a damn.

Women at 16 are mature enough to be in a relationship with a mature and trustworthy man.
Yet you wouldn't say a word if she was in a relationship with another 16y.o. which makes both sides of the relationship immature and dangerous (male considerably more immature at that age and prone to do irresponisble shit that will fuck up both of their lives).

You seem to think I'm a woman but I'm not and no a dude that age isn't mature enough either. Yes a dude that age is less mature but either way it shouldn't happen. They're not experienced enough to live with that kind of responsibility.

U and op are both pedos and deserve castration.

Either be friends (and I mean platonic as fuck) and wait 2 years, or GTFO before you get your ass locked up.

Nope. I assumed you are male.

What you're saying now is easily disprooved by the entire history of civilisation.

So what you're saying is we should go back and live like they did back then? Get real OP nobody really wants that.

Oh wait, not sure if you are OP. Whoever you are.

>The only reason

Do you have brain damage? What do you think is more appealing to a 28-year-old man, a girl who has 10 more years of youthful beauty or a woman who has maybe one left?

16 is a perfectly fine age

I don't understand the problem

in my country older men marry young girls all the time. Rich men have two or three young wives You westerners are faggotted to be so afraid of girls.

Yeah and that's why we bomb you muslim fgts.

>be friends (and I mean platonic as fuck) and wait 2 years
>nothing against the law about being friends
Don't listen to these idiot.
You know what dries up pussy? Male "friends".
So sure, if you want to miss out on the chance of a lifetime (and I bet it is judging by your writing and story, I can smell the beta in you), be her 'friend-but-really-you-want-to-fuck' for two (2) whole years.
>assuming a Chad doesn't steal her away
>or she loses interest
>or moves because family
>or because she gets a similar aged bf
Most men have to accept regret for never even trying, so go for it nigga, fuck the law and the people who would judge you just as harshly if you hooked up with some 30+ "milf".
Biology doesn't care man, I'd fucking hit that shit, marry her and put a baby in her by 19 to lock her down. Literally a golden oppurtunity you'll pass up because some btfo women who are old and can't get men, and men who can't get hot women they actually want tell you shit.

Wall-breaking roasties from reddit getting toastie by calling guys that don't date them in order to raise Tyrone's kid immature or pedos.

Well, I guess you do what I did and just kinda "date". That's how I ended up with her a year or two later. Though she was the one that kept coming after me and I went along with it. Good thing I did, prime pussy is nice.

>prime pussy is nice.
This. Dudes who have never fucked -teen pussy will NEVER know how good it is.

Dude, it's statutory rape. If her parents find out, they can drag you to court.
Do you *really* want to go to trial and have everyone know (future employers, friends, family) that you like fucking teenagers and went to jail for it?

If you are actually serious about it, just keep it on the down low for a couple years. After that who gives a shit. People will find any reason they can to shit on you anyway, you might as well do what you want. Hell as long as the relationship isn't physical, you don't even have to hide it.

Does this girl even like you, OP?

see >She's said she like my maturity and how 'funny' I am for 'an old guy'
So it's a solid maybe?

>After that who gives a shit.

Obviously I don't know the details but I strongly suspect you're thinking with your dick at least a little here. I know I would be.

Whenever someone has a relationship issue I always suggest externalising it. If someone you knew was in the same situation, say one of your friends, what kind of advice would you give them?

I don't necessarily think that a big age gap is a deal breaker for a relationship but when I think about what I and everyone else I've ever known was like at 16 I'd say this was a bad idea.

You've got to do you buddy, but I suspect you know the answer here. If in doubt, tell the truth.

go for it, come back in a few months and greentext your story
It might or might not workout, but why make the assumption? Go for it and live to tell the tale