How do I leave this website forever...

How do I leave this website forever? Sure there is interesting shit and I think I've learned stuff but I think the constant negativity is fucking me up.

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>Sure there is interesting shit and I think I've learned stuff

There is absolutely nothing interesting or anything to learn on Jow Forums in 2019. Not unless you're some underage 19 year old who identifies as "red pill" or some other bullshit.

You just leave. It's simple. You can unironicallly go on reddit to talk about video games and movie and shit, but just keep in mind that you gotta use somewhat of a "public" way of speaking. Avoid getting into arguments and calling people cucks and whatever else, especially when you have a registered account and a posting history that people can look through

If you do not replace this place with an actual social life, you will not leave. I have tried many times but this is my primary form of socializing, as it plebbit. I'd argue social media is more healthy at this point, at least those are real people with names and faces

you dont

post as LancedJack

>How do I leave this website forever?

I don't know about you but I crave social interactions. Unless miracle happens and I found a gf and way more friends than I have now to be constantly occupied, I will be here forever.

You can solicit something and get a two week ban

i've been here since 2006 when i was 11, asking myself the same thing every day
you don't leave, you're trapped

i'm stuck here forever now started in 2017 been here for 2 years probably too late to ever recover....

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remember: you're here forever.
i took a "Break" but it was only replaced with other online forums that were all worse. so i'm back here
this isn't social interaction, no matter how hard you wish it was.

thats not the poimt though. it IS closer to social interaction than anything I have in my actual life.

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So in the year 2080 the zoomers will still be going on Jow Forums from the retirement home?
This is a serious addiction on par with opioids

>How do I leave this website forever?
You are here forever. Accept this.

I've been here since day one and while it is a sad, pathetic shit show of what it once was, it is still the only major place where you have somewhat freedom of speech and can interact with 100% unfiltered humanity. Any other online platform/community will seem 'fake' like a projecting game to you. People here have nothing to lose, no face to keep and don't care any more for each other than they really want to.

Your problem is probably that you replaced your personal social life with this website. This is deadly in many ways, as it unconditions you from social rituals and skills. You need to limit your online time, plain and simple + seek out activities with real people, even if they're your best friends or whatever. You need to remind yourself to stay sane and don't mix this place up with 'reality'. This is a problem that applies to online communication in general, not just Jow Forums. Look at kids today: they don't play outside anymore, but only chat with each other on their phones all day.

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I fucking love this site. The anonymity, the honesty, the jokes, two DUI guy, all of it. It's addicting.

It's like a taste that you can never forget.

This place was here for me when few others were.


Limit your use. Try to avoid browsing the really negative boards like r9k. I stick to browsing the adv, cooking and lit boards. It's still negative, but not quite the black sinkhole of negative emotions that r9k is.

He's the only way out.

He loves you. He died so you won't have to suffer for your sins. He will lift you out of the mire.

IF you will surrender your pride and let Him.

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You will never leave... it's... too late...

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Take it slow. Just try to do something else and sit through the urge to go to Jow Forums as long as possible. When you really can't take it anymore just let yourself browse a bit to get it out of your system. Slowly do this over time and you will need it less and less. I have found my urge to browse here has gone down a lot recently just by slowly cutting it out of my life.

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