Is there any truth to all women are whores ?

Is there any truth to all women are whores ?

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dud you are a misogynist...

>dude, are all women whores?
>can stop touching himself


Yes and no.

If you mean literally selling themselves to all men for money? No

If you mean banging all the men around? No, not unless she’s mentally ill or simply ugly/fat

If you mean baiting men into relationships with sex? Then yeah

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>expert on women

No, go back to r9k. This isn't advice.

As much as dudes are. The only difference is that the market caters to female demands because guys do anything to get pussy.

Plenty of girls love anime dude. I turned my girlfriend into a weeaboo starting with spirited away.

That’s actually wrong. Per capita women are less horny and promiscuous than men. Barely 40% of them even masturbate each year.

>Per capita women are less horny and promiscuous than men.
Ergo there is less demand for males but a roughly equal supply, shifting the market in favor of women.

Yes and no. No in a sense of straight up disgusting whores, but more so in this sense it’s simply that the way we evolved and how our society is today, women can get laid much more often than men. They’re also hardwired to go for the best mate possible, which makes sense from a survival and gene spreading standpoint. It just becomes a problem when you start dating a girl and then life throws a giant pile of shit at you and she has a coworker who life simultaneously handed a giant pile of gold. There’s honestly too much to touch on this subject, like the fact that most women are ruled by emotions and can’t think logically influences their behavior and actions/choices. Some blupilled cuck or clueless chick who doesn’t even know what she wants in life is gonna refute what I’m saying or tell you it’s wrong, but the more you experience in the world the more open your eyes become. I’d say try not to obsess over this and primarily focus on your money, hobbies and passions. If you meet a great chick along the way then great, date her and have fun. She does wack shit, dump her and carry on. Meet a chick who’s great and it goes on for like 10 years no wack shit, marry her if that’s your thing or what you guys want.

It is not the nature of a woman to love a man and spend his life in happiness with him.

It is the nature of the woman to be the best possible incubator and to select the male material well. What is good is at the discretion of the woman.

It is the nature of the man to love a woman and to spend happiness with her. The normal man usually has bad cards. That's the way it is.
Try to fool the system by knowing the principles and not aligning your life with a woman. Do not try to see women through the hormonal, pink glasses.

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In the sense that all women use sex to gain something? Yes.
In the sense that all women want to sleep with the guy that will provide them with the maximum benefit? Yes.

I haven't met one who was not. They grow up in the princes/unicorn fairy tails blah, blah. Even a good girl will fantasize about "what if" when some deadbeat starts showing interest. They think that some magic might happen.

Whores as in they all bang a million dudes and will always cheat?
No it's not true
Whores where they can be addicted to dick( which you can make your own)
And if you stop giving it they will cheat or leave you. Yes.

Yes, it’s true. Never try to get any women because they are all dirty lying whores. This mentality saves more pussy for the rest of us.

after you she is. so yes. but only with the after you she is part. otherwise some do it for fun.

No more or less than saying that all men are whores.

The behaviours of men and women are just a byproduct of societal trends. Modesty will have its turn once more. Give it time. Until then do the best you can to hide your misogyny, I don't necessarily agree or disagree with it, but it's detrimental to your social standing to be labelled as one so try and hide it.

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They are also narcissistic psychopaths.

All men are whores as well, deep down


Men are biologically wired to get as many women as possible pregnant.

Women need only one man to get pregnant.

But he's right

funny and tru

Yes. You just gotta make sure she stays YOUR whore.


So what's the answer?

>baiting men into relationships with sex
When did this happen? To me?


Men think that all women who specifically do not want to sleep with THEM are whores.

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