ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>I'm an insecure/suicidal/anxious person who doesn't leave home
Watch these and follow these channels:

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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>like each other on dating site
>"I want someone with a free heart", she says on her profile
>message her "Hi! What's up? My heart couldn't be more free, I don't even have an ex"
>mfw she replied
Let's see how long this lasts.

>tell her "I may not have experience, but at least I have maturity. Well, except for believing in Disney princesses"
>she: "awwww... Which princess do you like?"
And we are continuing from there.

Wtf is happening, guys?

you're live streaming a conversation I have no interest in, to a thread it doesn't belong.

ok femanons I've got two questions for you:
>1- what is your opinions on male pubes, to what extent should they be trimmed if at all
>2- what erotic fiction do you read / are most popular. I want to learn the tropes of female fantasy so I can emulate them.

I've read somewhere that in order to make a girl like you you can ask her to do small favors for you.
Is this true?

Hey ladies in the place. I'm callin' out to ya

How would you feel about a man who talked like Patrick Mahomes?


Ladies, what's the best way to get under a woman's skin? If I want to hurt a woman to her very core using only words, how do I go about it?

You can't make a girl like you
Either she does or she doesn't. If she likes you, she'll do you a favor

Wtf? Just be funny and charming and stop trying to play weird games.

Refuse sex.

Kek. True story, several years in, while I barely remember it, apparently my girlfriend still holds it against me the two times I gave her “blue balls”.

Whenever I make eye contact with my colleague he starts smiling really bright and I do too.

Am I overthinking this?

Yes, but you can't make someone who hated you like you.
It works but only if the person already likes you enough to be friends with you.

read the faq


There's not many things that a girl finds more offensive because they truly believe that men would fuck anything that moves and so the refusal hits right in their self esteem problems.

Is this true?

This girl from my university offered for me to stay the night(And fuck) and I said no and she looked really hurt. Didn't realise this was a thing.

Girls are born with self esteem problems and taught to find validation externally, from their friends and from men, rather than finding it within. This, coupled with the fact that they keep alive the myth that men only ever think about sex and would fuck a 2/10 methhead, you hit them right in their weakest spot by refusing sex.

That's on top of how bad it feels to get rejected after putting yourself out there. Double whammy.

Why the hell do girls take rejection or at least what they think is rejection so personally? If I don't pick up on a hint, do feel like I know them well enough, am caught off guard, or just don't want to hop into bed at that exact moment, they always look pissed and never want to to talk to me again.

Possibly. Could also be that on some level he thinks you’re pretty/easy on the eyes, or sweet, or nice.

People naturally have an inclination to smile/be extra cordial towards others who they find attractive. It’s almost a subconscious reaction that doesn’t have much to do with thought processes.

So all this doesn’t necessarily mean that he is actually *intersted* in you. Just that you’re not an eyesore to him.

Pretty true. Personally I think it's just that they can handle rejection as well due to inexperience in that arena more than anything else.

Girls, why don't you pompoir?

Stay on /soc/ you pitiful loser.

kinda hurts after a while

There's this one girl I kind of like, but I'm not fucking sure where I stand

>We talk constantly when we see each other
>Pretty much only talks to me out of everyone here
>Hang out with her
>Don't even have to do anything special, just being around her makes me happy
>The the thing is getting to actually get her outside is difficult
>Always has a reason she can't do something despite saying she likes hanging out with me

Most recent one is a party we've been invited to, but she'll only go if I go. I'm not too interested in the party itself, but I am interested in spending time with her. I've asked her if she's going by saying "So are you going? Cause I'm only really going if you are" and then I would try and steer it into us just doing a separate activity but she hasn't responded yet.

Sometimes it makes me feel like she just talks to me because I'm the only one that talks to her and it makes me want to give up. Idk.

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girls, would you have your bf as your business partner or not?

Girls, what do you like to see on someones dating profile? Hobbies and interests are obvious, but i dont want to feel like im building a resume

guys, how do you feel about girls who read?

It's good. As long as you aren't reading YA in your 20s.

Love them as I am an avid reader myself.

I do, in fact, prefer my women to be literate.

I personally find it a great interest that not enough people appreciate. Depends on the genre ofcourse

Reading is pretty much girl vidya in that it's basic as hell but a good partner won't have an issue with your interests and a great partner will try to share in them.

Generally positive, but differing tastes in literature could easily reflect differing values


Is sex with Chad that amazing? I mean a legit Chad.

>4.5" (erect penis)
>Below average face
>No social skills
>No talents
>Can't even do a manual labor job

Depends, most have sub 5 inch dicks. I think it's God's way of compensating and why they became gym addicts

Please, for your own sake, stop posting about this. Have you started working out yet?

Chix like winners
Maybe be a jockey and win horse races

Are you saying all Chad's are gym rats?
I assumed more confidence and tall, I work over night so I'm either at work or sleeping, plus I work a physical job so I don't have any energy for a workout

Why can't I remember anything anymore? I want to be able to hold down a job.

girl at work today that I’m really interested in told me that she liked my shirt. Did she really like my shirt or is that how women show interest? I’m an autist

What would you say is the maximum bodyfat to be able to have sex with a girl. I'm looking to lose a lot of weight via fasting, but I don't know when I'll look okay.

Do guys like converse/vans on girls?


Compliment her back and then ask her out

I think my friend's mom hit on me.

I sent friend senpai small gifts for Christmas with some gingerbread men I made. Friend thanks me profusely. I received a card thanking me today. There was a comment about how my friend ate all the cookies but she guessed it was ok because she found me first.

Am I being dumb? That seems a little flirty. What odd phrasing.

I only notice shoes about one time in ten
Unless she is tall then I check to see if it's heels or fo reals
But sure they're ok

Yes, mavis.

>You have a nice back, do you do lat pulldowns? We should talk about them over dinner

As a foot fetishist, if the rest of the outfit permits, it can be cute. But I prefer flats, sandals or kitten heels. There are some Adidas with thin soles that are a good alternative to the Converse.
If you're fat, just no.


Please respond

>guys, how do you feel about girls who read?

My gf worked at a bookstore for several years and was a library science major. It's one of the things we first bonded over.

I have also dated plenty that weren't the most literate. It's a plus, but not the end all be all of qualities/interests.

>Do guys like converse/vans on girls?

I "like" them about as much as I "dislike" them. Which is to say, no real fucks given.

And I say this a say this as a one of the rare dudes who *does* look at shoes and how they match outfits.

They're just so ubiquitous so as to be unnoticeable.

Barring legitimate excuses and other claims on their time, a girl who likes you will make the effort to spend time with you doing things.

>hey lets do that thing this weekend
>>omg user I'm sorry but I really can't it's my family's gathering this weekend
>oh, that's okay have fun
>>but I'm definitely free to go and do the thing on tuesday if you want

I think your situation might still go either way, and it might just require going to a party you don't want to go to with her. She'll only go if you go, you'll only go if she goes. It doesn't matter if neither of you are especially keen on the venue because you're there to hang out with each other. Rather than trying to use your unwillingness to go to steer her toward doing something else, just go to the party and use that as your foot in the door to hanging out outside of wherever it is you met, work I'm assuming.

Once you've established that you are still fun to be around in her spare time it's much easier to get that second hang out rolling.

>23 virgin
>last semster, i get an amazing full time offer in a different state
> 2 months ago meet this amazing girl who is interested in me
>she is 22 virgin (or so she says) Asian qt
>I tell her about my offer she says she doesn't mind LDR
>we go out
>we're official after the first date
>we don't have sex till now. She is not ready. She is virgin so I'm okay with this.
>she tells me she got a full time offer at an amazing company in the state we are in currently
>I bring up what will we do in the future since both of us knows the other won't sacrifice an amazing career at least this early on in our realtionship
>she says let's just see if it works.
>I am too sacred to face break up but I put 100% into the relationship still.
>weeks on I notice she is not giving a 100% into this. I tell her this.
>she denies it in the beginning but then apologizes and says that I'm right and promises to correct that.
>today I had the balls to bring this up again.
>I tell her that our relationship has no future. And if we should minimize the pain we would inflect at each other and to end this now.
>she agrees.
>she says that this was the reason she didnt put a 100% she was trying to protect herself.
>we keep talking. We both admit it's not what we want to do. But it could be the right thing.
>we eventually back out. And decide to give this a chance. Maybe in the future one of us is willing to sacrifice.
> I agree but only if she promises to put 100% into this relationship.
>she promises to do that. Saying that I deserve that.

Did we both fuck up? Ik were both inexperienced but we reaaaally like each other, and we have only been together for 2 month. Imagine how much better it will be in the future. Maybe then one of us will be willing to sacrifice or evem both of us!

Also, I wonder if she said she is virgin just because she doesn't want to commit physical realtionship with me. I want to ask about that without making it sound like I'm just trying to have sex.

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We don't care about your shoes.

>Maybe then one of us will be willing to sacrifice

You know this reads like "maybe then she will be willing to sacrifice" right?

I'm sure she knows that you more or less expect it to be her that bends her neck. Sure, you might conceivably do it if you got a good job offer nearer to her, but if that doesn't happen then it'll be her because she's the girl and you're the bread winner.

You should have just split. You two had the right idea. Leave it now before you get hurt by a relationship that is LDR in the first place and is unsustainable in the second.

I wish you luck, but you done fucked up.

If I notice, they're a bit childish. If you're

>You know this reads like "maybe then she will be willing to sacrifice" right?
I made it very clear that this was not the case. I would never make her quit unless she is 100% sure she wants too.

Right, but if you were willing then you'd have just said it. You're supposing that ONE of you might eventually be willing, but deep down assuming it will be her.

A relationship of 2 months is nothing. If you're both inexperienced I get why you can't see just how unreasonable it is to expect a LDR relationship to go anywhere based on some big MAYBE questions about the future.

Date someone you can see 3 or 4 times a week, don't waste your or her time on what you've got now.

Well as long as you're getting some exercise. If you get a healthy diet you can probably get in pretty good shape without much extra effort.

Well she just texting me saying she doesn't think she's going, I asked why but it's pretty clear nothing will ever come of this. Time to move on I suppose.

Vans. Converse are pseudo-lesbo.

It doesn't matter. 12 seems too low to me.

You probably do remember. You get lazy and just tell yourself that you don't.

Depends if you're a "bookworm" or just a person who reads. I prefer the latter.

I keep hearing that a lot of girls are actually scared of big dicks and don't enjoy them. How true is this and what should I expect and/or do at 8.5x6?

Get used to rarely, if ever, going all the way to the hilt.

That doesn't sound that bad. Is going balls deep really that good?

(pic related) My friend and I both have foind new boyfriend's whole on holidays in Africa. We couldn't find any decent grown up men on our own country (Sweden) because they are all busy playing videogames or they are just stupid or violent.
Trust me the sex is great and we occasionally swap partners, they are very sweet and protective of us.
My problem is with the looks and comments we are getting from people in the street, how do I get it through to people that they are racists?

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Post selfie with timestamp if you want me to believe this isn't bait.

>Me 32 year old lawyer, no kids, not married, full head of hair, not fat

>21 year old office worker from Courthouse matches with me on bumble

Female wants date, I cancel on her Monday and we reschedule for Wednesday

She asks if we're still down to meet up for wine on Wednesday, I say yes

We spend 2 hours together, have a few drinks, have physical contact (no kissing but plenty of touching, her legs between mine, etc.)

Mentions that her last relationship left her really fucked up, says her Dad calls her a "trash magnet" because of the types of guys she normally dates

Tells me mom raised her, Dad wasn't really around most of childhood, but came into her life when she was older.
Tells me a story about how abusive last BF was, works as a welder


Basically asks me in a roundabout way if I normally look for much younger women (of course I do, who wouldn't?) wants to know if I just fuck them and move on.

I actually kinda like her, would be interested in getting to know her more.

Have a nice time, end date

Get a text fairly early in the morning about how she had a nice time but thinks she wants to stay single longer after last bad relationship, says she's not really ready

I say hey that's fine, I had a nice time and I understand.

But now I'm wondering if maybe me being older and stable threw her for a loop, like maybe she actually is a trash magnet or that's what she prefers.

So - question for females, is this just Daddy issues? I obviously get that she's not interested which is fine, but she was really interested when I kept putting her off and remained aloof - and as soon as I actually showed interest it was like a switch went off in her.

Anyway, just wanted to know your thoughts.

Sorry I can't do that. It is against my boyfriend's culture.

Girls, would you ever date a guy who sometimes cries due to loneliness? Of course, you worthless bitches will never know what it feels like because people want to be around you all the time due to the wet hole between your legs (no, not because of your "amazing personality").

Reverse image search it bro. The picture comes from a review of the 1996 book Race Traitor.


Should I be concerned about my gf looking up her ex everyday on social media? I caught her doing this numerous times. and it seems like she's been doing it for the past month. I asked her why she is doing this, and she said just because. Mind you, she dumped him for me. We've been going out for 3 months. They aren't on speaking terms though.

Should I be worried?

Yes me and friend were asked by the author to take those photos. We have bee battling these issues for 23 years. Please help

Going to a house party tomorrow, I'm tired of the single life, how do I go about meeting someone at one of these things?

Go in, grab a drink, hang with your friends and scope out the room. When you see a girl you like go up and talk to her.

Man here - going on my own experience, don't try to control her it will only make her want to do it more.

Instead, put it out of your memory and just treat her well, show her through your actions that you're a better guy.

I know it's hard because deep down this bothers you a lot but speaking about it or trying to stop it will only further degrade the situation.

There is also the possibility that you're the rebound and that maybe she's still trying to "win" her breakup from her ex by checking in on him to see if he's dating someone hotter than her.

Look at the shit quality of that picture, it's 100% bait.

Drink someone else's alcohol to save money. Stand with your back to the wall so you don't get punched from behind. Walk up to women and say "post feet"

That last part scares me because it sounds like she cares enough about him to the point where she really wants to be better than him. She does mention him a lot in conversations.

Ladies, When you have to pee really bad and catch it at the last minute/second, what exactly do you grab?

Girls. Why you get back in the car when you are filling the fuel tank?

I'm exactly 5' and quite petite so bigger dicks hurt like hell and do scare me lmao
I've been hit in the cervix too many times. Even my ex of 4 years was 6" and that was honestly perfect for me, like just the right size. He still hit my cervix tho but not as much as a bigger guy.


Its a manipulative technique derived from basic psychology, used way too much in PUA but I dont even think it works on attraction.
What happens is you basically ask people to do things for you, and they do it for you and in their mind it almost seems like they do it for you for a reason other than the fact that you asked them to, a reason that is liking you for example. Except, it doesnt usually work. And even less for attraction I believe.

Dudes can delay/prevent an "accident" by squeezing their dick so that the piss doesn't make it out, like pinching a straw.
It's one of the many perks of having a longer urethra.
He's assuming women do the same thing somehow.

>8.5" is literally a 7th of your height.
If it helps I think I'd be scared to fuck you too, my dick's gotta be like half the length of your torso.

Wanna give me some inches?


Its not sure fire but works 50 times better than doing favora fir a girl. Instant friendzone

I don't think it works that way. And even if I could, I like my dick despite the drawbacks.

Girls what do men say that make you feel good? Things that attract you, not beta shit that boosts your ego.

>Things that attract you, not beta shit that boosts your ego.
Definitely not things that you say.

Ayyy ma wuz gud"
Then i don't remember much and suddenly am sucking their cock lol

Perfect, noted.