Genuine question, I think I'm gay what do I do

Genuine question, I think I'm gay what do I do

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Just go with the flow, do whatever that makes you happy. But if you have an unaccepting family, you should watch out and wait for a better moment to be yourself.

I can't do whatever, I play baseball and if I come out to anyone then everyone will end up knowing it'll be this whole big awkward thing and they'd feel weird having me in the locker room and shit

I'd suggest to keep it to yourself, unless you have a lot of trust in those guys. I'm lesbian myself, and I haven't come out to a lot of family members; just people I completely trust/know they will understand,

Straightfags where born to be victims, you know what to do op

You're probably right. It's just hard dude, I'm finally accepting the reality of the situation but if I ever have any kind of success in baseball I'm fucked, cuz I can't date guys without someone finding out somehow and I can't date girls, it's not fair to them

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Yeah, don't worry. You just need to give it time.

>I play baseball
Don't worry man your whole teams probably gay

In my dreams mayve

In all seriousness, I have a neurodevelopmental disorder. In basic definition of psychiatry, disorder means "different" and neurodevelopmental means "during development" obviously. It doesn't necessarily mean retarded or broken or damaged or anything. Sometimes it does. In my disorders Case it doesn't. I just have a bit of difficulty with current cultural standards and expectations because my brains wired differently and I need to approach certain things differently as a result.

Here's my point. Because people are kind of assholes and judge a lot and don't understand shit and pretend they do and hate basically anything, the actual offivial expert medical advice is to never disclose my disorder. No one will notice, I can even look really intelligent and outgoing in some scenarios as a result of my disorder, but if I ever use it to explain my downsides, all hell breaks loose. And it does.

This is my very very long way of saying "nothing's wrong with you and honest to God where you want to put your dick is no ones business. If you aren't comfortable revealing it, don't. Who gives a fuck

Thanks for the reply man, I appereciate it, I'm just hoping no one will ever realize until I settle down (if I do) to be honest

honestly idk, just keep it to yourself until you know you're in a situation where it's safe

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Idk, are you cute? Because the answer might be me

Apparently it's hard for tall/masculine bottoms to find tops, so there's likely a niche you can fill somewhere.

If gay guys only bottom then who tops?? Straight guys?? Not very straight then

Yeah the issue is finding them, I don't want anyone to know that I'm gay honestly so I'm scared to go to gay bars or stuff like that, the concept is scary to me cuz I feel like someone will realize I was there and then everyonw will end up knowing

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Out of curiosity when did you find out, as a kid, teenager? Did you ask yourself whether you were strsight or gay, or did you just know? A simple answer is fine, just curious.

In my teenagers I realized, mostly cuz I didn't like girls the wsy my friends did. It took a while to admit it to myself

Stop being gay.

I hadn't thought of that