All I want in this life is to give a good woman my heart and soul and to have hers...

All I want in this life is to give a good woman my heart and soul and to have hers. Treat her with kindness and love every single day and make her a happy mother. I hope to find love one day.

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>All I want in this life is to give a good woman my heart and soul and to have hers. Treat her with kindness and love every single day and make her a happy mother.
The problem is literally every other guy can do all of that.

Why should she want you?

Is that what you tell yourself? That's so sad user, I hope you feel better

Holy shit you are either a naïve faggot or need some tampons ASAP

Whoops forgot this is a board full of cynical manchildren.

One day you’ll grow up and become a realist

I have a very big pp.

One day you'll stop being such a depressed child. I promise user. It'll get better for you if you try :)

I finally met my love at 30. From 18 through 30 just went through hell with one agonizing garbage woman after another. I had basically given up hope of ever having a woman.

Now we are married with a kid.

Don't give up man. Keep trying year after year and eventually it happens.

Best piece of advice I can give (and I know this is hard) stop trying to find the perfect woman and just have fun dating, like it's just for fun and want to do things you enjoy. You do that and life gets better and you just might find love.

All you want is to exchange hearts? What about having sex with her? You don't want that?

t. 20 year old babby who hasn’t encountered the real world yet

>what you tell yourself

I'm not wrong user. You have to improve yourself to be the best you that you can be so you can offer someone things they can't get from any other schmuck. And I don't mean money.

This is a good start but it's only going to get you laid, not loved.

I'm 32 and have never dated.

I'm completely boned.

I have a very big pp and a many smart brian?

I agree. I am the best version of myself because I had to be for the sake of my relationship. Doesn't matter if you're a guy or a woman, if you're a complete asshole and you can't offer shit for someone... Well, it's not going to last for too long.

Can you connect to a person in a meaningful way? Appreciate them and yourself for who each of you is and help them grow as much as you do? Can you create genuine good memories with someone and make a girl feel like she matters and is loved and cared for and part of your family?

These all matter much more than your smarts and penor.

I dunno yet. I'd need a gf to find out.
I'm good with kids though.

Beautiful story brother

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sure man.

Like a lot of things in life, it's only after you succeed that you wish you had just enjoyed the journey more and stopped fixating on the destination.

Interesting eh? The goal is the journey.

you must first love yourself

Too bad women actually just want you to fuck them like wild animals

You're very right. I can't expect happiness and fidelity from someone unless I'm happy and loyal myself eh?

How do you know she won't divorce you in 8 years or so?

Not being an asshole doesnt make you a good boyfriend by default. Just like you dont see automakers advertise like this:
>if you buy our car, itll turn on and drive you where you need to go!

It took me years to figure out what this means. It means bring something to the table that somebody would appreciate. Often times it's very simple, your sense of humor, wit and mannerisms attract certain people because they like it. Note that this is what "being yourself" means.


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Don't worry user, I have hobbies, ideals, and a good sense of humor, but I have a very Nordic disposition, and in the US that just means you're "that quiet guy," until the booze starts flowing of course.

Relationships are overrated. Learn to love yourself and feel comfortable and pleased being alone. Women can sniff out desperation and loneliness. Focus on yourself, become confident and like yourself as a person, and then women will flock to you

life isn't all about that
if you obsess over women you will lose everything else

I don't think I've ever actually seen a guy do that.

You understand that men cheat at a significantly higher rate than women, right? Dicks don't give shit. They just push the biological buttons as discreetly as possible.

>Relationships are overrated.
Just stop. This advice has never helped anyone and only enrages those who never had a relationship. This isn't convincing.

Yeah I'll shower a couple more times, brush my teeth a couple more times before going out for the dya, then hit the gym a couple more times while joining a couple more hobbies while beeeing myself.

You're underestimating how talented the people here are at being alone. They are like ninjas. You can't date what you can't see.

>Relationships are overrated.
They really aren't. If you find the right person, it's the best thing ever. I was pretty okay even alone, but I'm ten times happier now that I'm in a loving relationship.

Thanks user.

I'm not OP but your posts really resonates with me.

If you don't love yourself, you'll fall for anybody giving you attention you think is love. Love yourself first and then love others second.

Can't sign divorce papers if your s/o is aleady dead. It's "till death do us apart" not divorce.

And just how long have you been with them? I want an old ass person to come on here and tell me they're still happier than ever with a wife who has more wrinkles on her skin than on her brain. Is everybody just naively assuming that bullshit about love lasting a lifetime? I'm starting to think it's only lonely people who get into relationships.

Not sure if want that kind of girls

You think with your dick now. Not very mature.

>The problem is literally every other guy can do all of that.
So can every other girl. I don't expect anything more than that out of her, why would she expect more of me?

Tell me where you will meet her, exactly

Your post screams betaness, and that's exactly the reason women don't like you enough to be your girlfriend.

Could be anywhere. What is your point?

Are you kidding?

I want to be one of those old men that's still pawing at his woman at fucking 60. The only breaks from sex my wife gets will be hip related.
That's how you keep the battle-axe effect from kicking in. Assert your dominance.

You and me both OP, don't listen to the faggots.