Gym thots

hey Jow Forums, is there an appropriate way to talk to a girl at the gym? seems annoying to go up to them mid set or even during their training sesh

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Go to the club, get tipsy then do it. With someone who's also tipsy. Then FUCK them in the bathroom raw and get gonorrhea and syphilis.

Just got to the gym to get massive, it's not a social fuck club you little fucking pervert.

>Never making it

unironically just say hi if shes showing signals, otherwise don't bother

works for me

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Dont. The gym is a place to workout and improve your body. Dont let thots distract you from your path. Go to the club if you want to get a thot.

fuck off incel

You need to watch it with these wolf posts
There ain't enough room for the both of us so be warned

The next one wont be so nice
This isnt your territory buddy

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okay bucko calm down

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this is the only good advice you'll get.

Don't. It's weird. Girls who respond to it are not the type you want to fuck generally. It's possible of course, but you're more likely to get a sociopath who will fuck any dude in the gym

> gym is for working out
> club/bar is for thot prowling

Guess that makes me an incel. Fucking retard.

Check’d. Fuck wolf poster

Every attractive girl at the gym has a boyfriend that mogs you. Use this knowledge to stay on the straight and narrow, power before women.


Then what

>"what's your favorite Swans album?"

based mu poster

Incorrect. Post body you fucking horny virgin.

Fuck that guy user. Anyone who unironically uses the word incel is probably one themselves

YOU will never make it

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Well they should be able to recognize each other in theory

My gym has some event coming up called Night Pump. Apparently they put a DJ and disco lighting in the gym and people can lift and party at the same time.
Sounds weird as fuck and I'm seeing someone and it will probably be a sausage fest filled with roided up guys, so I'd look dyel anyway. But if I were gonna go for a gym thot, that would be the way to do it.

If you have to ask, you're not ready.

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>"I'm [enter your name here]"

>is there an appropriate way to talk to a girl at the gym?


You do not talk to the gains-goblins.

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>Using incel unironically
Who hurt you, sweaty?

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>rub your dick thru your gym shorts
>say "heyyyyy gurrrl"
works every time

Unless you're 100% sure you're a chad don't bother. I had to stop going to my local gym because this fat mexican wouldn't leave me alone. i wasnt even a gym thot just a normal girl wearing oversized tshirts