How do you fix brain fog?

How do you fix brain fog?

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a bullet

Having faith that some sort of larger narrative at work is trying to help you incrementally. If you do not inspect reality with that perspective filter then you will never achieve it.


Sleep and/or doctor's advice if sleep doesn't fix it. Unless you are American in which case going to the doctors would cost too much so just waste away slowly.

eat healthier. and im saying this unironically.

mental acuity must be maintained, read and shitpost frequently, learn new ideas and expand on them. don't focus on college bullshit, i mean ideas not busywork

There's a few different causes of it. First, obvs sleep. But you could be deficient in some nutrients or have a thyroid problem. I would suggest magnesium supplements first. I use this and piracetam and that brings clarity with a coffee

Sexual abstinence fixes mine. If I'm masturbating or having sex regularly, I have low motivation and cannot focus.

Folic acid and caffeine.

Can you expound on that?

Eat healthy and exercise regularly.

t. have had brain fog before

First get your body fixed:
Eat healthy,
Get enough sleep and wake up at reasonable time,
Exercise regularly.

Change your mindset:
Talk about problems with friends or family
Go see a therapist

this. even taking 5mg of adderal fixes my brainfog right up

Play chess! Seriously, i played chess ultra because i wanted some decent graphics, but theres free programs too. I used to forget shit all the time until i did this

>mental acuity must be maintained, read and shitpost frequently
Unironically this. And make sure to read a lot. Wikipedia, instead of books.

If those don't help
If that still doesn't help
And if none of those help
>fuck it, bring on the brain fog



also this

Furthermore MEDITATE, try the WIM HOF METHOD, and stop wasting hours online binge-watching or playing vidya, if that's what you're doing. Because you may suffer a dopamin addiction.

This is interesting

I don't even disagree

Everything feels lighter when you look at the bigger picture. If you live intensely day-to-day, you start worrying about missing small things really fucking quick. You don't make steps towards your greater goal so nothing big really changes, you start wondering if you really remember what you did a few days ago, every day on the couch starts to blend together, things become meaningless and quieter... Before you know it life is aimless and foggy.

Damn user

You can't control your brain. It controls you. You are your brain. Your brain is not under your control. You are just a way to your brain be alive. He needs you to be alive, but he isn't under your control.

Take a 30-60 minute nap and set an alarm so you dont sleep longer. Quick naps won't leave you feeling groggy like a long one will. Also try to take it in the middle of the day or early afternoon.