Am I doing this right anons?

Am I doing this right anons?

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She's going for it. Not hooked yet, but you're doing well.

I dont know about African mating rituals, so I dunno my melanin enriched friend.

I’m no melanin man, but I love my women in all flavors. Mmmm.

Based race mixing degenerate, the world's brown future is in your hands.

I won’t let you down senpai

Is this shit really working on women? I have cringed so hard reading this and she replies "it's working? Absolutely disgusting. You either wrote 1/10 hambeast or you are making this shit up. If i was female i would just say fuck off faggot that's what you get for writing such shit. The archology pick up line is at least funny if not overused for 10bilionth time.

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Actually the reason I used that line was because her bio said “I like coffee like I like my men... I don’t like coffee”. Don’t be salty, I secured the digits.

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>two word responses

There’s zero chance this’ll go anywhere

I think I found my new pickup line boys. The way to their heart is their titties.

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Anotha one lmao

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well you’re getting positive feedback

Post pic of yourself how much of a Chad do you have to be for this to work

Chill out nice guy

lol reverse image search is your friend. i just hope he leaves you with one kidney.

Keep em coming

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The first pic made me cringe. However ngl, that main pickup line is funny and dumb. If a guy said that to me i’d give a similar response as these women. give the tiddies the attention they deserve

Well if you message hundreds of girls surely one or two wpuld reply out of boredom. I'm not sure you'll meet them though, they reply because you are far away.

I feel like she’s setting you up for something really embarrassing.

What in the hell

OP how good looking are you?

Pretty average, def not a Chad. It’s prob the beard

Cool, in that case I'm stealing this line.

post your scruffy looking ass so I can get an idea of "average" you gotta be to make this shit work because hot damn OP

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I just did this and she unmatched me WTF

She didn't even reply she just unmatched FUCK YOU OP

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I look like this

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Chill dude

>REEEEEE women like men who are funny


OP here. Just messaged over 100 old matches with the same line. If this thread is alive I’ll post tomorrow with the results, stay tuned

she was a time waster bro. he saved u money

Hmm in order to get matched with somebody 400 miles away, both you need tinder plus/gold right?

no. only one of them

Ah so, the person who projects themselves in a city far away can also see people from that city?

Got it.

Get a load of casanova over here. I bet you dont even dress up clean to go meet women right? You just walk out in your cargo pants and hoodies because the whole idea of making a good impression is all just a stupid human construct right?

Anons... I don't know know how the fuck this is working...

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She's throwing you a shit test. The only way not to lose this game is not to play it.

Also she's not down to letting you fuck her. Just walk away, or continue to mess around with her via text if that's what you want.

Don't be so pessimistic user. A little faith goes a long way dude. If eventually we don't fuck, I'll know I tried.

I got "bye boy" and unmatched. Wtf I hate tinder now!

>she's not down to letting you fuck her.

Are you retarded? She just asked how long ago he got laid.

nah I got a lot of matches while I was in Florida for vacation a few months ago. Tinder gold is a fucking waste of money

what the fuck are you even supposed to say to that?

OP of that Whatsapp pic here. I said "I can't remember" . Because I honestly can't. She still seems interested.

This dumb broad is the only one so far to outright reject me (ugliest of them all imo). Also got 2 unmatches since I went to sleep. But this one is followed by...

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As long as you don’t look like Sasquatch this line works anons

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I'm never going to get laid.

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IMO, it's the opposite. Sure, you want to "look good" and make a good impression, but trying too hard screams desperation. OPs opening line is successful because it does the opposite. It's risky, funny, and absurd enough that it shows he's not taking his chances with the girl seriously. Just the opposite, he doesn't care if she reciprocates or not. What this does, as opposed to try-hard lines, is subconsciously indicate to the girl that OP has many options available, meaning many females are interested in him. This is the most attractive subconscious signal a girl can receive for obvious reasons relating to their primal brain.

Very interesting science sirs. Ty

I'm trying this

Post results

Woah some one needs to collate this data into a research paper and post it on /sci/

jesus fucking christ the absolute state of the human race

Let me suck the stress out your titties.

this desu

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you never know. that approach will work for some wont for others

Digits secured

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So this is why I don't get laid.
Good to know.

You need to treat whores like whores user, then you'll get laid. No good woman is going to say "omg yes" if you approach her and say "lemme suck the stress out of your titties."

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I hate OP so much. Sooo much.

Domino effect.

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I’m just an average looking brown dude with a beard. If I can do it, anyone can.

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alright OP. Give us a look at your profile, I want to know if it's because you got a male model's photo or because it actually works.

Just posted one, promise it’s me. Don’t wanna show my entire face so here’s another slightly cropped. No bio either

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This level of degeneracy is disgusting.

You have above average looks, are in ok shape and your pics show you in outdoor and social settings. That's good enough to get the lower end of the tinder crowd. Show us pics of what your matches look like.

Give a man a mountain of gold and he’ll still want more.

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Based and red pilled

She looks like a ho, I just can't bring myself to fuck hoes, even though I know I could.

>dat rationalization

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>I could have thought of that!!
>I just don't because I'm totally not scared, I'm a gentleman.
>I could get laid if I want to guys.
>I just don't say those things.

its not anal unless it bleeds

Isn’t that what tinder is for..

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That's another reason, most of em are coal burners and shitskin lovers.

I had no idea the world was swimming with filthy thirsty cum dumpters

You didn't? Where the fuck have you been?

Geez dude quit your bitching and stop being bitter

Get you a girl like this, she loyal

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She's on tinder, she ain't loyal

>he didn't recognize the ancient meme

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fuck that i just wanna spread seed

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I thought this was a meme but i tried it and its real oh god oh jeez oh fuck

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Welcome to being forward with whores. You did it.

It was true all along.

I'm legitimately intrigued as well.

Yeah all you gotta do is tell em you wanna shove your cock down their throats and throw em around in bed and they're yours. It's despicable and disgusting, but hey man, sometimes you just gotta grind your meat.

if you have sex for free you’re not a whore. you’re a slut.

OP here. So far my sample size is 21 responses. Messaged like 100 girls like night but majority haven’t responded yet.

17 responses were positive and/or flirtatious

4 responses were negative

That’s like 4:1 ratio of girls who thought this was a good pickup line. Moral of the story, treat them like sex objects on dating apps. Happy tindering!

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>he likes his coffee with hair

Given neither of you caught that I'd say it's a perfect match.

Wow figures a thread about sluts would be started by a shitskin. Color me surprised.

>girls will let you suck on their titties if you just take them to disney first
wtf, why are they so easy?