How to tolerate wagecuck

How are people able to tolerate working in an office ?

At the begging of my office work adventure everything seemed so o nice, going to work, doing stuff, having people to talk to.

But after a while, I started to take a step back and observe. Dear god ... people that seem normal would wait for the perfect opportunity to back stab even for the smallest of gains. And when that doesn't happen it's constant dick measuring.

I guess this is human nature when there are financial or prestige gains.

But how be able to see all this and not to let it get to you ?

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It got to me, Im writing my 2 week notice as we speak. Fuck office culture, fuck wage cucking. Ganna go work at my friends startup

Working in an office is an extremely social job and if you're posting frogs on Jow Forums then perhaps that is not the right kind of job for you. Some people are able to just keep their head down and just do their job and nothing more and nothing less and not get involved in social affairs unless they really have to.

>Working in an office is an extremely social job
No its not, I work in a mostly asian boomer office and everyone just keeps to themselves, its dead silent most of the day

So what exactly was the problem?

I work in a creative industry so office workers are an enigma to me. Like what do all you little tie wearers do in those little cubes all day? Tick tapping away on your little computers, I don't even know what needs so many computers to tick tap away for. Just tie wearing, faceless masses piling into buildings to tickity tap on their little computer boxes about numbers or something. How the hell do you opt to do work like this? I genuinely want to know.

>not enjoying competition
Wewlad. Also I've never worked in an office and still experience people being cruel or ambitious in the workplace. Humans are flawed, sometines people are fun and sometimes you get to see the darker side of humanity. You need to learn how to tolerate struggle if you want to get anywhere in life

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It's not about keeping to themselves. It's about backstabbing.

Ok, so we have a new colleague that was slower than other to pick up the software we use.
And another guy from a different office wanted to get a free trip to our office just to "train" that guy. Of course there is no budget for that. But now the light shines on the new guy that he isn't productive, even though he tries and isn't as stupid as people believe.

I told that idiot if he goes through with his master plan it's only going to end up with a dent in the new guy paycheck. But he went through with it.

And you see their fucking eyes and fucking.antennas picking up any sort of talk outside work specific stuff.

It feels like I am stepping over myself because I tolerate seeing these things. And sometimes I talk about this and only things that gets done is our manager showing me he has a bigger dick than me.

Fuck me, heaven is such an empty place.

This seems like the kind of big revelation that you'd have in high school when you're 16 and working your first job at mcdonalds, not when you're 20-something and working an office job.

Yes, people can be greedy when put in a setting that promotes greed/competition. There's no need to write an obituary for the death of all that is good in the world.

All the companies I joined, all have their own nasty politics that is so toxic it's hard to ignore. What I did is seek like-minded colleagues who hate that shit, and we kept to ourselves. Everything's quiet and calm, but it can be boring. It depends on the person, I guess. Also, we were "followers" in the office, if you know what I mean. We didn't try to stand out, we just did our jobs. But we became the passive people. It was like we didn't exist, we just worked, followed orders, go home, hence why I said this could be boring.

I've also tried the complete opposite in another company. I've befriended those who were at the top of the politics or were always at the root of backstabbing and chaos. (but they were smart. They always start the chaos, but are NEVER at the receiving end of it) I got so many benefits when I befriended opportunistic people who started dramas. I would get special treatment and nobody would start shit with me because I was backed by very scary people, but dear God! Everyday had some shit/internal war going on with our group vs. other groups. That feel when you're actually WITH the opportunistic people and you get so much benefits other coworkers don't get.. it feels so good I can understand why people do that shit.

you traded one hell for another, my friend.

Dont invest much emotionally, especially if its not your passion. I have to deal with people who get overly emotional over petty shit because someone said something that could possibly be interpreted as "mean" and they let it ruin their whole day. You are there to perform a series of tasks in exchange for currency. Do well, be cordial towards your colleagues, but just let all the shit flow by, and dont take stuff personally.

>How the hell do you opt to do work like this?
We have no fucking choice. This is hell and there is no escape but death.

How do you get by on a high schoolers salary? Lmao

I make over 100K a year. Want to try that again sport?

Try working a truly shit job and see why a comfy wagecuck job is actually a godsend. It's not glamorous but who fucking wants to be glamorous?

Know how you get an artist off your porch?

Pay him for the pizza

Hail santa

Basically a business have a software where they have to feed data from several reports so people know how much money is getting in and getting out for the management to know what decisions to take. Bigger the business, bigger the amount of data generated, so you need several wagecucks to feed the data.
If we are talking about a company that does software, besides that you have the codemonkeys writing code to fullfil whatever contract they were hired for (e.g: software that does calculations for taxes,generate purchase orders, receive payments and so on)
You opt in this kind of work if you either have the dream of being the executive who take the business decisions from all the data the wagecucks collected or you just have no idea what the fuck you are doing, just want a paycheck to do the stuff you actually like.

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Every job is like that.
Don’t make friends at work. If anyone wants to be your friend their just looking for dirt.

Don’t hook up no matter how hot he/she is. Just fucking don’t.

Don’t trust a fucking soul and don’t do anything for free.

That sounds horrible.

Welcome to late stage capitalism

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dude, I'm working at a grocery store, I've been applying to Taco Bells, I'd love to work in an office