Is primerica a scam?

Im a 20 year old college student majoring in finance and I recently heard about a job opening at Primerica from a friend of mine from highschool who's also a finance major.

My friend helped set me up with an interview at a very real office that felt authentic and long story short I got the job. The interviewer said he would pay for my series 6 exam as well as an insurance license on the condition that I pay $125 for a federal background check. He also said that I should pay $15 to go to a seminar going on tomorrow where the CEO would be to get to meet all the management.

Obviously this made me very suspicious so I did research on the company and found that it was a very real corporation (stock listed, dividends, $1B in revenue, etc.) and it offers very real financial vehicles.

When I looked up reviews from employees it seemed like most employees loved the company with about 10% of the comments hating it, saying it was a complete scam and ponzi scheme. Almost all reddit comments about the company are negative.

Iv'e only had one job in finance before, so i don't know if it's typical for a company to charge an employee for a background check. And I'm wondering if the company could be paying to remove negative reviews on job sites so to get more members of the pyramid. At the same time, could it be competing agencies that are making the bad reviews?

Does anyone have experience with this company and know if its a scam?

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I have experience with it.

I'm actually getting my life insurance licence from them now.

I plan to work for MetLife though just cause I want a company people head of for my job.

The finance thing comes after that a ways, but 125 bones isn't much to get into an industry dude. I paid double that to get into security.

I view it as a part time thing though and may work for them just cause they do part time.

It's a little culty which is the only drawback I have with it, but eh it's harmless.

I say go for it. It's at least experience and something to do. The people that get gud are the ones that are really hardcore about it. Not me though, but it's good for couples or an ambitious single that is willing to work a couple months without a paycheck.

But seriously they pay for your life insurance licence with that fee. Just get that and you can be like me and just work at MetLife or something later. Or stick with them- I may do that too

What i'm really interested in is the series 6 which I know can be very expensive.

But at the same time I don't want to recruit clients knowing what I sell them is shit.

Did they also ask for you to recruit 30 additional clients/agents and ask you to pay $15 to go to a seminar?

Another thing im wondering is if ill be allowed to leave after I get the insurance license, or if ill get hit with some "you need to recruit clients to pay for your series 6 and insurance license bs"

No they never asked me to attend a seminar.

The worst thing about it is the recruiting. I hate it. It's really aggressive.

That's why I am just using them to get my licence and bounce

idk man, the answer is no you don't have to do anything like that to get your investment thingy. I am not pursuing that though so I can't go into detail, but if they give you shit just tell the boss of the place straight up that it's the only reason you are around. The bosses get a bonus for getting you the licence so they won't kick you out or anything. Just stand your ground.

I don't want to deal with that though so I am just going to get the life insurance one and get.

At this point I just have to take the test.

Yea thats the main reason im doing it.

I'm applying for internship over the summer and I know having my series 6 and a actual job in finance will help me stand out from everyone else.

How long have you been working there?

Hey man, don't get me wrong. I actually really like that company. I met some good people there, but I don't want to make cold calls all the time.

You can pretend you are leo in wolf of wallstreet or something if you want to stay. It's not for everyone, but you CAN make a lot of money potentially.

Baby Boomers retiring and whatnot

I was there for two months and took the life insurance class and I failed the first time and now I am going to take it again after like 4 months of ghosting the office.

I just want to sell life insurance to people I bump into like uber drivers and anybody that asks. Easy money

I work for a Fortune 500 company and have my 6, 63, 65, and 7. My company paid for all of it and didn't charge me for a backround check. I'm getting my CFP now which they are funding as well. I don't have experience with Primerica, but I do with Northwestern Mutual, and although they are a legitimate corporation, they are shady and do have some MLM tendencies. If you study and end with a great GPA, with a finance degree from a decent school you can do a lot better.

is this about selling life insurance?

You should never have to pay to get a job and Primerica is absolutely a scheme.

Yes. I was a stupid ass dude and dropped 100 on a class that went nowhere. Teacher told me to go out and start recruiting people starting with my friends on day 1. It’s a pyramid scheme.

Life insurance and securities

Exactly what i don't want to do. But I want to get sponsored to take the series 6 and be able to put that i work for a financial institution on my resume so I can get a better job in the summer.
you think theyd still sponsor me even if i didn't bring in any new recruits?

Are they a scam? Yes.

That's my boy, I suggest that to everyone who asks me if primerica is worth. Get your series 6 fast and bounce

It's a MLM

Go for a different job that's not an MLM. That way you won't piss off other people around you too.

its a scam.

never think for a second that any MLMs are not scams. even the ones where you could legit become successful yourself, you are still succeeding off of the failures and sapping of connections from other people.

even if you arent selling anything, like in WFG, its still fucking terrible because you basically succeed from sapping clients and recruits from new comers that come for a bit then leave when they realize its not for them.

its vampirism. its not a grey area.

a good way to ostracize yourself into a bubble of mental health issues for the rest of your life is to fall for MLMs.

UPDATE: Called my recruiter and told him it wasn't for me. When he asked why I told him I'm not ready to get involved in a company with so much negativity.

Long story short he got extremely aggressive saying shit like "I had a different opinion of you in the interview, the only people who think primerica is a scam are people who can't think" then he went off on statistics about the company and how successful everyone was in it.

I finally got him off the phone after 15 minutes, and right after he started sending me links about articles validating primerica. I blocked the number.

5 minutes later my old highschool friend who originally recruited me started calling and shilling the same stuff and trying to convince me to reconsider.

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That is such huge red flaggy behavior Jesus christ you dodged a bullet on this one.