How to get a gf that isn't a virgin

Alright dudes, I know this probably sounds weird as hell, but how should a 20 year old virgin go about getting a nonvirgin gf? Like where does one look for experienced girls that would date an inexperienced guy?
I'm not a girl that's fucked like 50 guys or anything, just a normal girl with 3 or 4 previous partners.

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You can find one anywhere.

Not one that would want to date a virgin.

by going outside.

Get off Jow Forums, girls don't give a fuck

Even if that's true, it's still easier to find a non virgin woman willing to date a virgin than a virgin woman. In reality most women don't care if you're a virgin or not unless you come off really weird.

Why would you even want one anyway?

pretty much 90% of all girls user


I would date you, but I'm not a lesbian girl

You're only a virgin if you tell them you dumbass. The first girl I was with, I didn't tell her it was my first time until we had slept together like 3-4 times.

If you like cum in your pants and start to fart really loudly when making out you can just be like "haha sorry it''s been a while since I've been with someone" which is not false. The times where I went months if not years without being with a girl and finally hooked up with one and I like forgot how things worked were infinely more awkward than my first time with a girl where I was just going in blind with my gut feeling.

I don't want lie about it though, including lies of omission.

You're retarded.

It's really really really not something that a girl wants to hear. Either you being a virgin or having been with 80+ girls or gotten a blowjob from your cousin one time when you were 13. You sexual past or lack thereof is not something that's brought up before you've had sex with a girl.

You want to tell them? Sure. Tell them after, when they ask you about it. Don't be autistic and be HI THERE I'M A VIRGIN

2 reasons mostly,
>I want at least one of us to know how to do the sex.
>I have a big dick and I want a girl with a frame of reference for it because I'm a filthy degenerate.

I'm not gonna say that shit, I just don't want to put on an act pretending that I know what I'm doing when I don't.

So what are you actually saying then?

I dunno, I feel like planning out what I'm gonna say and when I'm gonna say it before I'm even dating someone is even more autistic. I'll say something informed by my relationship with her, at some point before we have sex but after we've gotten to know each other, assuming she doesn't ask.

>I'll say something informed by my relationship with her, at some point before we have sex

Yeah don't do that. That's just my opinion, and my advice on this advice board, but you do what you want. Do do that though.

How big is ur pp?

Why should I not do that?



Ignore this. I'd want to know if I were taking a guy's virginity so I could make it at least somewhat special for him.

If you're not joking about that, I think you should probably tell her you're a virgin. Somebody could get hurt.
Not a grill but that's just my two cents.

if a girl has fucked 50 guys, chances are good that most of them sucked at sex.

>make it at least somewhat special

that's gay what are you gonna buy him roses and diamond earrings

I am not joking.
>Somebody could get hurt.

No, I'd just take things slower, tease him a little longer, be more understanding, that sort of thing.

What about that statement is unclear?

I just don't see what that has to do with being a virgin.

>no idea how to use dick + 8 inch dick
= likely to hurt whoever you put you dick inside