Pretty sure I was sexually assaulted

My gf at the time and I were having sex and she said she probably wasn't gonna be able to climax that night, so we just went on with sex. We stopped, and I went to sleep. I wake up at 3.a.m. with her riding me. I was freaked out and felt very weird and I wanted to say no but I felt like that would ruin our relationship, so I eventually consented to get it over with. The next morning she was mad at me for "neglecting" her because she didn't cum and went back to college mad. She didn't see a problem with what she did and initially I didn't either. But now I think about it and I feel weird and wrong and used, like if I did that to her it would be clearly wrong. I dunno, what do you guys think? Do I have any reason to feel off about this?
Pic is of my fat ass

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It sounds like using you was exactly what she was doing. Her goal was to cum on your dick and the fact that you were attached to it wasn't important. I think you have a legitimate complaint and should find a way to talk to her about it.

One time I smoked heroin with my ex gf and I nodded out, then I came to with her riding my dick on her bed was I raped?

>not wanting to be raped by your gf

True, being raped by a girl is a pretty alpha move so I'm definitley a chad

If the genders were switched and she woke up to you dicking her down, it would be obvious rape.

I'm not saying you should take it seriously or not, but I think that's an interesting point.

I had an x that liked being woken up to me eating her out or trying to fuck and i love whem they do thay to me unless i got work or.something but i am.and she was a nympho so maybe its different

If I had a nickel everytime I heard "If the genders were switched" I would have like 7 or 8 dollars easy.

The physical and power dynamics of sex are extremely different.

Not saying that she was out of bounds, especially if OP feels weird and wrong and used in his own words - but as a guy to have a girl jump on your dick in the middle of the night while sleeping is not at all like a guy shoving his dick in dry into a sleeping girl. There's an element of violence and power.

Okay well rape isn't defined by fucking power dynamics, it's nonconsensual sexual activity and that's what happened. I was unconcious when she started so she already did it, don't pull that "okay but women are weaker and less violent" or whatever the fuck THAT was. She was 5 ft and 110 pounds and at the time I was 5'11 and 270 and somehow she still got on my dick so regardless of the gender it's the same act and the same violation

Whenever I shove my dick into a dry sleeping girl, for that critical interval, I identify as a woman so that the power dynamic is shifted in my favor. There is no violence and power involved as I have the mind of a vagina-person.

Fucking based

Okay now do you want to talk seriously without shitposting or

Well when a girl gets raped she walks away with severe damage or her inside if she's able to walk away at all. It is different. The only real equivalent was if OP woke up with his girl shoving a dildo up his ass.

That's not to say that male rape or sexual assault isn't real - but you still need to count your blessings. OP feels "weird" but he's not bleeding out of his asshole with bruises on his neck or anything else.

The vast majority of rape has nothing to do with "bleeding assholes". Rape (sans pregnancy) is fundamentally a psychological crime. There is no reason she should not be arrested if OP feels like he was raped.

I mean I feel anxious and I cringe at the thought and I'm struggling with sexual intimacy with other girls because of this. But yeah I mean there's no cum in me and my asshole is tighter than ever so I guess I'll just count my lucky stars!

If this chubby queer can get raped then so can you! Count your lucky stars, anons!

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A male and a female in a relationship have consensual sex and one falls asleep. One wakes up and starts having more sex with the sleeping person. You don't know anything else. Explain how an element of violence and power necessarily comes into play when the male is the one who was awake but not necessarily when it was the female.

I'm saying that an element of violence and power would make it WAY worse, which is what it would be if the roles were reversed. I didn't bring up the "what if the roles were reversed" some other asshole did.

OP can totally press charges and whatever if he wants. But given how he describes the overall thing as "weird" and "cringe" however long after it initially happened instead of crying in the shower and cleaning the cum out of his bleeding asshole, then maybe it''s actually not too big of a deal.

I'm so sorry this happened to you OP. Call the local authorities and have that violent monster thrown in prison. She's a threat to society.

So, just curious, if a woman uses a dildo on a sleeping man and his asshole bleeds, is that just as bad?

If it is, then this has nothing to do with male or female, just the presence of injury during rape.

>So, just curious, if a woman uses a dildo on a sleeping man and his asshole bleeds, is that just as bad?

Yup, violent forceful penetration is bad either way. The difference is that men are built for that.

Well duh violence and force makes a rape worse, but being like "well luckily your rape wasn't like this" is shitty and you're downplaying it. I didn't say it was cringe, I said thinking about it makes me cringe. I ALSO said that it's given me intimacy issues and that it made me feel weird. Yeah it isn't as bad as x y or z, but if your point is "well it's rape but you're lucky you weren't raped like some other rapes go" then it's pointless for you to say anything. I'm not calling police or anything because it was months ago and it didn't affect me the way it would others. She isn't a monster, she's just manipulative and that's kinda the end of it. I just wanted to make sure I had a reason to be upset by what she did and that I wasn't overreacting.

Nothing personal directed towards you OP, just the "WHAT. IF. GENDER. WAS. REVERSED." NPCs that gotta show up and make that astute observation in just about any thread or youtube comment.

I can't tell you how you should or shouldn't feel about what happened. relationships and sex can turn sour and go bad in a split second. I think you'll be alright though.

I don't think a woman getting raped is anywhere near the same as a man getting raped. We're psychologically different. I think legally sure, you can go after her and shit. That's up to you. It's just not the same though.

Same shit with a male teacher fucking a female student vs a female teacher fucking a male student. It's just not the fucking same. I'm not arguing this from a legal standpoint, I'm just saying, for me, and for every male friend I've ever talked to about this... we don't give a fuck. If my girl woke me up riding me I'd be into it. I've had friends tell me stories about how they were woken up with blowjobs, etc. It's great.

I don't think the trauma is the same. I don't think the dynamics or psychological aspect is the same. You can argue till you're blue in the face that men and women are the same, but they're fucking not.

Yeah I'll be okay, thanks for the answers fellers

JUST BECAUSE YOU AND YOUR GUY FRIENDS ARE OKAY WITH IT DOESN'T MEAN I SHOULD BE. I fucked her for like TWO HOURS I was fucking tired, if anything too tired to do it again

So basically it was annoying

This happened to me once in college and to this day it's one of my all time favorite sexual experiences. IMO nothing could be hotter than waking up to sopping wet pussy sliding on your morning wood because she just couldn't resist.

OP you're a fucking bitch

30% annoying and 70% fucking creepy and I wanted it over

The fact that you look back on college sex being a favorite memory of yours makes me think you peaked, buddy. And it wasn't morning wood, it was 3 a.m. my dude, I wasn't sex starved and I didn't want it, simple as that, ya fucking dweeb

>If my girl woke me up riding me I'd be into it. I've had friends tell me stories about how they were woken up with blowjobs, etc. It's great.

Exactly, I was with a girl who was probably a bit of a nympho cause that's exactly what she did I would wake up with my dick in her mouth or up her pussy and she'd be like "oh hey you're awake finally haha" and it was funny and cute.

When she told that she'd like it if I sometimes did the same to her I was N O P E nope nope nope. Not doing that.

It's also similar to like the stories of neighborhood kids who would have a babysitter when they were like 12 years old and the babysitter would let them touch their tits or even more. It would be rape/assault considering the dudes were 12 but they were happy as shit to feel up some college or high school titties way before anyone else.

but hey ulltimately if you're not comfortable with something that's happening to you to gotta say no and put a stop to it. Like that other girl who kept sticking her fingers in my ass.

You were raped.
Either report it or don't. I suggest reporting it and breaking up with the bitch that used you as a living dildo.

Lmao what a whiteknighting cock gobbling faggot.

Oh yeah no I shoulda stopped it, she was just my first gf and I was too blind to see the issue at first. And honestly at first I looked on it kinda fondly and I definitley fucked the shit out of her after she woke me. But I did feel weird and I still feel weird about how she got mad at me the next day, as if she was deflecting or trying to distract me, like she knew she did something weird. Plus she did rape me, even though I eventually consented, because she started sexual intercourse while I was unconcious. That's the weird part and the part that fucks with me

hell yeah dude I'm a faggot for thinking that morning sex is awesome

OP you're such a fucking faggot. First of all, why are you posting your fat face when it's completely unrelated to the thread? Secondly, if you're already in a sexual relationship with this person then it should be taken for granted that you don't need a signed and written consent form every time either of you initiate sex. Just tell her to get off you dumbass, not that hard

I feel like for most guys that's hot though, so without verbally telling her not to do that it'd be kind of hard for her to know. Not that it's *not* rape technically, but... I wish more girls did that shit. My last ex was stingy as fuck. Glad I got rid of her.

>implying only men can be violent and have power
Check your privilege, shitlord

>even though I eventually consented, because she started sexual intercourse while I was unconcious.

okay when you woke up were you terrified and scared for your life or were you just sort of sleepy and confused and annoyed

While it's wrong, you didn't tell her no. She also should have respected your boundaries more.

My exes disclosed they wanted to be groped and played with while sleeping and woken up with sex.

Your girl sounds freaky and you are not pleasing her. I think you might wanna figure out what she likes if you stay.

I posted my fat face so I can show that a fat nigga does, in fact, fuck. And yeah I coulda easily stopped her but I didn't because I didn't wanna lose her. Mistakes of a horny lonely lard boy. And no duh we don't need signed consent forms, retard, but if you've ever been in a relationship you know that sometimes the answer is no. And fucking a dude while he's asleep when you don't have an agreement that that's okay just because he didn't make you cum is top tier thottery.

I wish women were as cool with getting raped as men are. Damn.

What if you came in her in your sleep huh? Dump her

Delete this

Yeah I mean this is why you should talk about this with an SO. Even if you are into it, doing it without knowing if the other person is into it is essentially rape. You're having sex with someone nonconsentually. All of this could have been avoided if she asked beforehand.

Gonna call the cops for sexual assault cause a girl kissed me once and I didn't consent to being kissed

>While it's wrong, you didn't tell her no.
She started fucking him while he was unconscious you retard. He couldn't say no, ergo it was rape.

You know this is a good point. This is why you avoid crazy bitches, though.

Also we already broke up like months ago. And I mean I feel like she got mad at me for not making her cum because 95% of the time I did unless she told me she wouldn't be able to, which is what she did that night. And yeah she's freaky, I loved that, but I already clapped and my balls were sore and I still clapped for two more hours even thought I didn't want to. And I don't blame her for doing what she did, because of course most people assume any dude would be cool with that, and normally I would've been. I just didn't like that she got all shitty that I didn't make her cum even after she told me she wasn't going to. She's not a bad person, I just thought it was weird she stayed up for an hour and then decided to fuck me while I was asleep because she was mad I didn't make her cum after she said that she wouldn't. She's not a bad person and I don't blame her, it just made me feel weird

You know man, I am not saying this to troll you, but that user is right. Posting your face is reddit tier and embarrassing.
> I posted my fat face so I can show that a fat nigga does, in fact, fuck.
Wew lad, you sound like a cringelord, telling for honesty. I think you have self-esteem problems. I think she should have asked if fucking you in your sleep was ok with you beforehand, but I also must ask do you think if you said, "STOP this is not okay, I feel violated" that she would continue? You guys are having major lack of communication. She is also not communicating her kinks possibly imho.

So you're humble bragging? Ya no shit fat dudes can get laid, any unattractive person can get laid with someone equally as unattractive.

I can't imagine ever being in a relationship with someone where I have to verbally ask if I can touch them even when we've had sex multiple times. That's some SJW shit right there. If you didn't feel like it you should have just told her to get off, but apparently you're too beta to stand up for yourself. That's on you.

If you want little special snowflake privileges where you can rape men because you have a vagina, you are going to have to give up the rights you were granted in the name of equality.

>She's not a bad person and I don't blame her, it just made me feel weird

I know some people who work at rape shelters as counsellors and the first sign of trauma they keep an eye out for is if the victims feel kind of weird

who are you even trying to talk to lol

I think the demographics of the site have changed. While user here is being a cock to you OP, I kind of agree. It was an uncool thing to do but I also don't think it's that bad either. Like I said my partners and I always did this, this is some new wave shit to my boomer existence that you can't fool around with your sleeping SO. Maybe her reasoning was shitty since it wasn't done lovingly but to be bitch about not coming.

A lot of people in this thread equating men and women as equals. I can't believe I see this on Jow Forums now LOL

Found the feminist lmao

Boys, no fucking DUH posting my face is cringe, I don't care regardless because it isn't the point. I knew her kinks, I almost always made her cum unless she communicated that she wasn't in the mental place to do so. I don't blame her and she's not a bad person, I was just curious as to whether or not I had a reason to be weirded out. And yeah I had and still have some self-esteem issues, but she was a gorgeous, sweet, and kinky girl. We just didn't work out, that's life. I didn't stop her even though I felt weird and tired and annoyed because pussy still feels dope as shit and I didn't wanna risk straining us. DUH that's on me, but you legit sound like a bitter cunt for whatever fucking reason. Womp womp, enjoy living that way my dude

can you post who you are specifically speaking to?

This fella

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>I think the demographics of the site have changed.

One of the biggest red flags is how MEN are posting about how they want to save their virginity for their dream girl and they want their first time to be super duper extra double special and they have plans to confess to the girl they like after school etc.

Like I don't buy into the onions meme or any of that, but god damn, all these men sound like little girls from the 1940s.

Is this literally your first day on Jow Forums? Do you not know that there's a function that lets you reply directly to specific posts?

Thats because you get called misogynist or some bullshit if you act how normal men act

See man I'm telling you, all of these folk of different sort. What is that shit an MS Paint to reply to post. LMFAO

look at dis zoomer oh no NO NO NO

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Yeah actually it is my first day

Normal men still act normally, the only ones acting like Anne of Green Gables trying to save their boy-pussy for marriage with the love of their life who will ride on a white horse and bring them on a bed of rose petals are only people from Jow Forums.


GF riding me at 3am? What is the issue??

This is obviously some plebbit wanting statistics for a newspaper article surely?

Obvious Rape doesn't happen on Jow Forums

Bro I was fucking tired and it wasn't exactly sexy when I wake up to her hair in my face and I think the chick from The Ring is strangling me. She isn't a bad person and 10/10 would date again, but that doesn't mean I have to thank the heavens every time I could get my dick wet.

You consented. You said so yourself.

>all these men sound like little girls from the 1940s.
I am from the 40s, and I do want to end whoredom, but I am not who you think.

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Maybe she got horny later, then tried riding you in your sleep hoping it would turn you on. The anger she is showing might be caused by embarrassment that she failed. I would talk to her seriously about your feelings and try to forgive her but if she still shows no remorse, just dump her and leave asap

Asleep people can’t give consent. If you think consent is simply not resisting, then start roofying people? This thread is bait, anyway.

Yeah eventually after she fucking raped me, my dude
Plus imagine if I fucking busted in her while I was asleep? Then I become a murderer and a rape victim


whoops you're exactly who I think you are

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Too late man, she already dumped me like two months ago now. My journey to lose weight before she sees me in my highschool musical has begun and then I'LL be the rapist

The actual fact of the matter here is NOT what she did, it's the simple fact that you don't like her. Bottom line. In which case, she shouldn't have been in your bed to begin with and you brought this on yourself.

Honestly OP this is the most bitchmade post I have seen on this board so far 2019, congrats.

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At least she likes sex you ungrateful ugoo fuckboy.

Dude I fucking loved her, the fact that I didn't immediately rouse from my sleep with the enthusiasm to bone doesn't change that. You legit sound bitter as shit that you haven't had something like this. Which is fine, but don't take it out on randoms on thw internet, just pick up jogging or something. And yeah I am grateful she was willing to bone me, because lemme tell ya: her slizz was tighter than her ass, my dude


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This but I think you should just walk
If she didn't make the consideration before, there's a solid chance she'll just make the consideration to avoid hassle rather than harm.