What Condom is Best

Hey there I do NOT have a penis and I want to stock up on condoms for my place just in case I get lucky. I haven’t been laid for a while tho so I’m unsure on the brands these days. Is there a universal condom brand that is comfortable for everybody?

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Trojan bare skin

can i come over

There's always condoms for girls too if you don't want gamble :^)

Condoms are universally shit.

Buy regular ones, of any brand, as long as it's legitimate. I doubt you'll meet a 12" any time soon. A cursory internet search gives you many options.
Just don't buy too many of them, as they do have expiration dates.

I buy Trojan ENZ since they're the basic bitch type and were available on Prime. Ultra thin if you want your pick ups to be impressed. Just be careful with breaking the latter.

actual bare skin

Its more about the size than brand.

contraceptive implant?

Hell no bitch if you did basic research on the industry that develops these things you’d understand. Did you know that they rarely test these products and (in the USA) the FDA is literally run by the same people who develop medical products, so they can bend the rules.

Old implants used to be made of metal which would rust inside the body and create giant callouses in the uterus

Fuck you



You do know that enz are technically small condoms.

I really like these condoms for some reason. They fit well, and are lubricated so I can feel the puss that I'm crushin.

Well I haven't actually crushed any puss with them yet but it feels good in my pocket pussy.

Now I must choose some pictures of crosswalks.

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You do know that technically Magnums are the same size as other condoms and will fit any man

Olla large
anything else is trash

Rubber glove and elastic band

What size of erect penis do you consider small?

Pig intestine my dear. If the rot dont kill the sperms, it will kill you and your partner for sure.

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I've tried many brands up here in Canada, Durex, lots of Trojan types. After much trial and error, I really like the Okamoto .004, its really thin and transmits heat really well between partners. I also like the Kimono Textured condoms, the overall design shape of that condom is shaped like a penis so it hugs the curves. A toss up between the two really. Both Japanese, the latex smell is very slight when compared with a Trojan bareskin. Usually I order online, because most stores don't sell the Okamoto 004s. But I've seen many Kimono in adult stores. If you're going to go with the thinner Japanse condoms, or any condom really, I would suggest Sliquid Silver lubricant, it won't harm the condom and its silicone based, hypoallergenic, and lasts waaaay longer than any water based crap, highly recommend. A little dab will do you, and you won't bust any condoms that way. The Japanese condoms fit a little snugger than a Trojan might. The bareskin condom is 0.046mm thick and the Okamoto is 0.04mm thick, so a hair thinner, but very close, I think I tried a bareskin once and they are pretty good if you want to get something easily, they also have a studded version to. Again if you've never tried a silicone based lubricant you should, it really improves the condom experience.

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>silicone based lubricant
It's also a goddamn pain to clean. It's not all pros.

>the best contraceptive on the market
>no, make men wear a condom so sex is mediocre for them

did you know condoms were approved by the same company that said jetfuel could melt steel beams? would you trust a penis to be contained by a product of that quality? you'd know if you did some basic research.


Yeah I know you’re trolling for response but I’d rather have something wrapped on the outside of somebody’s body to make a man last a few minutes longer, opposed to implating something inside my internal organs that could cause severe health risks lmao but I know the health of your partners isn’t on your mind

Interesting I guess there’s so much variation in personal taste that it really doesn’t matter

Somewhat true, first bf had an abnormally large penis and I could visibly see that “normal” sized condoms were uncomfortable. He didn’t even think about larger sizes until I suggested it lol so I was getting those which made a difference. Then I had some left over for the next guy I was with and they were super baggy on him lmao
That’s not a bad thing I guess moral of the story is get variety