Found these pills? Above the medicine cabinet in my house...

Found these pills? Above the medicine cabinet in my house. They must’ve belonged to a previous owner and I was wondering what the hell they are and what to do with them?? They smell like laundry detergent

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Try eat one see what happens


This is literally the only solution here
Just one won't hurt

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Burn them


Do u want to get rid of them?

Because that is quick and easy way to do so

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>smells like laundry detergent

Look up downy scent boosters. Theyre for ur clothes.

Those arent pills retard

This, all medication has standard shapes and unique markings so they can be looked up in cases like this.

These are laundry scent beads like pic related you fucking retard. Ya'll would know this if you did your own laundry instead of having mommy do it for you.

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Sell them to junior high school students. One of my friend once bought "cannabis" but they sold her some baking yeast. It was hilarious. She showed me the product, knowing I would get angry, because at a certain point she felt scammed and I was the nerdy girl able to help her. I mocked her and I recognized the yeast because I cook cakes instead of wasting my time at the disco or buying shit.

Btw, I do laundry but I've never seen those pills.

You've never seen them because you use words like "disco" so you obviously don't live in America. They're an American thing that very few people use even here because literally all they do is make your clothes smell better and dryer sheets do the same exact thing for way less. Look up downy unstoppables.

OP literally said they smell like laundry detergent, Jesus.

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You're right. Greetings from italy! (What's the american word for disco?)

Btw, grandma says they're recently adverting those "pearls of scent" and sometimes supermarkets give you free samples if you buy laundry detergents. She gave me the free sample, as she doesn't use it...

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They are look dried peas you dumb shit.

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I've never seen laundry scent beads in my life.

dont eat them
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