How do I deal with being friendzoned as a fuck buddy?

How do I deal with being friendzoned as a fuck buddy?

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Well what is the context?

>like this girl a lot
>known her for years but first time being 'together'
>we frequently have small 'fights' and try and learn from our mistakes
>eventually the fights become bothersome and we decide to give up on trying
>this is around 5 weeks in
>I've always found it weird how she'd become upset so frequently
>ask her if she really did love me because it didn't seem like it
>turns out she forced herself to try and be together with me
>her first intentions was to have me as a fuck buddy
>mfw my feelings for her are astronomical and she doesn't feel the same way romantically
>mfw she's literally staying at someone she likes right now and has been there for 2 days

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Isn't that the point?

I would probably not have anything against it if I didn't like her the way I do. I want something serious with her

Probably shouldn't have agreed to bone but just as friends, killed half the reason for dating in the first place

But I enjoy fucking her. It just annoys me that she wants to fuck everything and not just me. Feels bad

I think your best bet is to just ride it out (Lol) and hope for the best down the line but for now don't put all your eggs in one basket,
try dating around man, there are plenty of people in the world, you may find another you like .

I've lived for 26 years, and I've yet to find a girl that I'm as strongly attracted to as her. But I guess changing my focus to other potential partners is the best way to escape this feeling.

Shut up you got sex asshole

Stop being an incel then (best advice you'll get )

What this guy said. Who cares. You got laid. Be her rebound when her new obsession fails. In the meantime find somewhere else to slip it in.

Getting laid is not what the only thing I want! It feels weird to me that you're envious on behalf of my suffering.

You talk like getting laid is the last stop. Why don't you just fuck some whores if you feel like that?

For all I know you're fucking someone with pogeria. I'm just telling you to be thankful for what you've got. Chill, you reddit refugee.

>my suffering
You are not the first nor will be the last to feel the crush of love unrequited. Its never gonna happen with this girl so best you cut contact or it will make you crazier than you are now.

Don't reply with such a useless comment, I mean you're not giving any advice, so what's the point? Also why do you want me to 'chill'? I'm completely chilled out at the moment.

I've felt it before, but this was the hardest one so far. I don't want to cut contact though, it doesn't make sense. I like her company and her personality, so why should I abandon that? I wanna go through with this.

Lol no idea why someone wouldn't want to be in a relationship with someone so chill.

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You are clearly cringe and bluepilled

just cut off all contact and move on. Your heart wants what your heart wants. time to realize she will never be it for you and start fishing again / rolling the dice. I know it is hard when your heart wants a specific ass and no one else will look quite as beautiful right now, but keep going on dates.

>I like her company and her personality, so why should I abandon that?
because your heart will keep feeding on this, and eluding you into thinking there is still hope

You should "abandon" that because she's not actually interested in you. Don't hold her hostage because your delicate fee fees are hurt. Go find someone else. You've obviously done it before, you can do it again.

Then you know you are in for a lot of pain but its your life. When she gets a bf and cuts you off totally don't be shocked.