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Simply put, I'm flabbergasted.

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I eat honey nut cheerios even though they give me gut-wrenching shits. i think im going to die each time

American food does this to me everytime.

for me its just honey nut cheerios. Ive tried normal cheerios, and just milk by itself but theres no reaction. Its something in their honey cause when I eat honey from other brands it tastes the same but doesnt fuck up my intestines. any ideas? its probably preservatives in the honey or something

You can have everything at once, like a psychopath believes to be capable of having. It only costs you everything, because you're not human and your intention is transparent to anyone who stays for long enough.

I've tried online dating on and off before, but this last stint I got zero matches in two months.

I think I get the message.

I hope I don't waste my time

I still think about you. I miss you. I hope you’re in a better place now. Wherever that may be. At least you’re not here in this hell hole.

Fuck I hate myself

I fall for you more each day we talk even if it hasn't been that long, I'll never admit it to you though. I think about domestic life with you a lot..

Honey won't have preservatives

I am worried about her. She thinks, that I am strong, because I try to help her, but I am weaker than her. I don't know, if I can make her happy again, even though I want to.

Just buy regular ones and add honey

Why flabbergasted user?

Because he learned a new word and wanted to use it.

If you cared about me you would just come to me and explain and accept however I feel. I'm starting to see you in a lower light, even in a fog of infatuation that I've had since I met you years ago and never fades, it intensifies the hurt from you. So you should have tried to fix it... why are you wasting so much time..

It's your fault, don't try turning things on them. You were the one supposed to explain yourself and try to be a better person, but you can't.

it is processed food that's why.
get natural oats and mix them with almond or onions milk, natural oatmeal, or you can mix with vanilla yoghurt as a parfait. then adding honey, cinnamon, and any fruit you want.

eat fresh food and your body will thank you. the only processed foods I eat now are the occasional instant ramen, and candy bar or protein bar. and those are my cheats.

literally don't larp with me.
it's so fucking annoying.
I am not the person you want to talk to and I'm not interested in roleplaying out your issues for you.

If I was roleplaying, I wouldn't use "them", reading comprehension genius. It's advice about basic human interactions.

One thing in life I've learned...never ever waste your time on people that blame everything on others instead of taking some partial responsibility. It's really not worth the effort.

God i have such a big ego, always defensive. Just gotta accept facts and live my life. If I just get really good atvlife i wont have to worry about being defensive because I'll have a defensible position

I love you more than I can ever tell you but love is not enough. Not with us.

I love you. I need you. I want you. Always...

you are reading way too much into it. nobody was blaming anyone. you're just projecting your own frustrations onto others' posts to cope. write your own rant to work out your issues.

I don't understand why people take out their shit on others and then have no self awareness to then write things about blaming other people. talk about projection.


This is a rant thread not a roleplay or send condescending snarky misguided advice to vague posts from other people.

So there's my rant

M -

You make yourself miserable by what you do. You're a smart man, I think you're aware of that, but to harm others is to harm yourself. You've never understood this. There isn't one objective reality that you know, everyone has a different version of it. One incident happens and 20 people see it, all will have a different view. Is your view the only correct one? Is it the eye in the sky? Is it God's view? You look unhealthy, whatever you're eating and whatever meds you eat like candy aren't healthy.

I can't say I even like you on a personal level. You're angry, mean, obnoxious and miserable. You toy with people and hurt them and again, you fail to understand that this DIRECTLY leads to your own misery even if you get short term enjoyment from it. Your perverse nature also is unhealthy.

Your passion, your sensitivity, your depth and perception are your wonderful qualities that I admire. There are many more as well but you probably wouldn't care to hear them, nothing I say matters.

I love you but I don't like you one bit. I think that sums up my feelings for you. You're just another one I can't be around as your toxic nature will kill me.

Don't post here then if you can't handle interaction with others. Write it in a journal. This is common sense.

This isn't an interaction.
You made a really huge assumption.
I'm telling you not to assume.
If I couldn't handle it I wouldn't bother to reply but you just assume and assume and assume. You didnt offer anything but projection of your own issues bevause obviously it struck a nerve somewjere. I think yoi are the one who cant hafle people with vaguely similar feelings posting. And the entire purpose of the thread is to journal to an audience, of which is to read. So now you've assumed, been condscending, and now telling me to leave like it's your personal website because you didn't like my original post. You leave if you don't like someone calling out your shit mate.

You just assumed I was the one to reply to you, I wasn't. Talk about projection!


I did tell you how I feel. You rejected then pseudocommunicated with me for months.

No one fucking cares about your stupid tiny problems you children. Try going to war. Then you have real problems to whine about.

How do you feel? Why do you feel I rejected you?

I was probably trying to make you approach it in a new way, a way I could be reached, and you were unable to.


Bane isn't here.

Oh okay sorry.

I'm looking for Bane

I honestly don't think many people today deserve life. They whine about not having a girlfriend or not enough money to buy a video game and in the meantime someone in the world just saw a family member's head being blown off. You really think you got it so bad, huh? Selfish useless fucks.

>Trying to get over current ex
>Wake up from dream about first ex

Thanks, now I feel shitty about both.

I killed Bane

I used to think this, before I realized people do not put in the same amount of emotional investment into those things. Whoever is going to react to not having a girlfriend or not being able to buy a video game the same way as people actually suffering in the world are in the minority and fucking dumb and privileged.

You sound like you're 14 and "edgy", or have someone specific in mind.

It's edgy to observe how selfish and entitled MOST people are? I think not. How many people actually try to help people in these situations? Not many. That proves my point.

Oh no! Bane won! He/She is going to crash this thread with no survivors just like the last one

No one crashed the last thread. There was a lot of nice posts there. If you want to blame someone it's the chick with the kid and deadbeat father that she wont stop writing to. She's vicious.

I'm so proud of this post! Thank you. I am vicious and a force to be reckoned with. ;) it's not the deadbeat that I've got an issue with desu, he had the choice to leave day 1. It's the abuse and suffering that he put myself and son through for 3 years.
But I'm so tickled I'm described as vicious! I am a badass bitch.

You're not even talking to the same person, I stopped posting every since I called you a genius. Genius.

I moved that train like a fuckin surgeon last night. I'm getting really good at my job.

Of course you're here, you're the one getting all bitchy. You're what every man avoids like a plague in a woman. I think what you're really upset about is deep down you know you'll never get another man.

It's the 'badass bitch'...better watch out! lmao

I might do things in a sub-optimal or time-consuming way but as long as I'm going forward, I'm making progress. No stopping or going backwards. That's actually my town motto: "Go Forward".

You smell so nice. Easy on the sprays tho

You're cute and obvious issues who cringes when he meets strong women. Poor little beta. Reality is, I actually post a hella lot here outside my vents about the pussy neet ex. But you don't realize it's me with my supportive brilliance. And that's ok because again, you're a weak simple minded beta. I don't "need to get a man" and that is what strong females are about. It would take a serious alpha to change that. I'm independent in evey way. That's a total threat to a little bitty beta boy who needs a needy woman to rope. Xoxo

True. Besides the physical distance there are so many barriers to anything happening between us. One, your pride.

Being bitchy isn't being strong. You've been watching too many 'badass' TV shows. No one is going to put up with your bitch attitude. Why would they? There are plenty of nice girls out there, why be why a bitter bitch with emotional issues? You write the father because you still love him, you do need a man, don't kid yourself.

why do you think I am proud

I'm tired of wasting my precious time with this. It's not worth it. No one is worth this.

Whoever mentioned that you get used to talking to someone every day and night and thinking about them constantly for years and then you're just supposed to stop, that post really helped me put my break up grief into perspective. We're all gonna be alright, there's no going back, but we'll be alright

You're not very bright are you? You really think I'm a "bitch" because I don't take crap off internet beta trolls? Nice? Oh honey, you don't know that side of me and you never will. You get what you give with me. I act accordingly.
Deny it all you want though, you're a fan of my posts. :* you think you've got me figured out but you're completely clueless and have been incorrect on every assumption. But you try. I'll give you that.

Not that user, but you should work on being less passive aggressive.

>I am a badass bitch.

This is what you wrote. Not my words, your words. You aren't very bright, same as any trashy whore that thinks they are hot shit by being bitchy and writing "honey" in the same post. You're ridiculous and're also weak for continuing to write some loser guy when you should be spending time with your son.

>you're a fan of my posts
Arrogant, delusional and bitchy. What a catch you are.

The funny part is, that mindset of hers will turn her kid into the exact thing she claims to hates so much.
Her ex.

Don't give her anymore attention, she's feeding off it. It's feeding her massive ego.

Yep, you're right.

Wow so many replies! I cause quite the stir. I'm not going to waste to reply to all of them but just know (probably all but 2 people) nothing you say bothers me because again, you're clueless and every assumption is an attempt that is incorrect. I'm a boss.

You're a pain in the ass. Don't fuck your kid up xx

>I cause quite the stir.
>probably all but 2 people

Get over yourself and give your kid proper attention...the kind that you seek from random strangers on here.

You're an evil person.

All the girls I like are straight,
all the girls that like me are fat.

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>be me
>4 months ago
>one of the the 3 males that picked dance class as school subject over P.E.
>pretty nice, but kind of boring for half a month or so
>ffw a month or so
>guys get to choose first because not liberal shithole and there are 3 males and 12 females
>girl in front of me is a stacy classmate
>girl in the back is fat
>girl to the side is a small latina, that looks really cute
>"Hello there, my name is user!"
>had the time of my life
>dance class over
>really happy and have high hopes about her
>ffw till Monday
>she's kissing a guy (the guy either dated some other girl before)
>it was too good to be true, I suppose.tar.xz
>ffw next dance class
>fun as fuck, gaze deep into her eyes, she does too, eventually she breaks contact
>do I have a chance?
>dance class over
>guy is waiting for her
>akwardly pass them by next Monday
>ffw 3 months
>friendly chatting with some girl
>somehow stirs to romance
>"yeah, I found some nice girl in dance class, she has a boyfriend though"
>"a boyfriend isn't a wall (don't mind the boyfriend)"
>tell her the girl's name
>"oh, nevermind they're an amazing couple, don't break that user"
>this Friday
>notice a hot latina with loose hair on the bus
>is it her?
>meet with eyes a couple of times, then instantly to the side
>still don't know if it's her or not
>dance class
>ask dance partner if she had her hair tied the entire day
>confused "yeah"
Anyways, I checked when the bus arrives, hoping to spot the mysterious girl on Monday or Friday. Can I get a "gl user"?

>All the girls I like are straight
Do you mean thin, or are you insulting yourself in a very clever way?

I mean I have a vagina and they don't like it.

im very close to completely giving up

i dont think people like me were meant for this world


26 years old and broke down to my mother that I was horribly depressed and wept and felt embarrassed as fuck. Feel way better now.

I can’t listen to the beautiful playlist you made and i’m following because I can tell by the name that it’s not made for me.

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Yeah, that's pretty normal. Do you, by any chance aren't quite beautiful? This TENDS to be the case for LBTQ+ type.

I don't know if I like fucking my gf.

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Define "people like me". Also, I need your gender

Aw man I wasted my time and now I'm paying for it. Everybody: don't waste time.

Guys, what am I supposed to say to someone when they tell me that a parent is dying or has recently died?
>I'm sorry
>inb4 it's not your fault
I have no clue what to say or how to react other than saying something like "that sucks" and just staying there silent. I feel a lot of empathy but Idk what's the correct way to behave socially in these situations.

Feeling down and weird. Also it's night time. Maybe that just makes things worse.

People want me to study and check on me. But I'm feeling like I'm wasting my time but I'm also wasting my time when I should be 'wasting my time' studying for test that will be in the next month.
>feel confusing man


I love you, Im glad we can tell eachother that comfortably. I just cant help but wonder what it would be like to be with you instead. I hope you find someone good enough for you.

Actually dating sites never work and feminism spoiled girls and now think prince charming will be the one looking for them even though they are no princesses.

I watched Tangled and wish I had a qt princess who loved me

Is it dangerous to be too nostalgic and live "in the past"? I hate most modern things, I don't like technology except maybe youtube and wikipedia. I only watch old shows, mostly old movies, only listen to old music, dress in clothes that are now part of old trends, have a classic hairstyle, I bought an old car, I only play old videogames.
Is this gonna cause me any mental damage down the road?

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Have the same initial but the woman I loved hates my fucking guts lol.

Is this a shitpost?
If they're still sad, just give them their time, if plenty of time has passed, I have no idea (my grandma that I cared quite a bit died somewhat recently)
It's a part of your personality, but the only person I know with this personality would bring me tears of joy if he committed suicide. You sure not watching movies at all wouldn't be better for you?

Just looked up my first name on urbandictionary and now I'm horrified at what I found.

Hey dumbass, I don't seek attention. I vent on here sometimes but more often than not I'm giving supportive encouraging advice. You only seem focused on ONE aspect and that is why nothing you can say can bother me. I have a right to vent whatever I want here and a right to put little betas in their place when they try to troll me. Scroll up aspie, and you'll see the tool who posted about me and how I'm vicious. Which I actually loved the comment.
I never start the shit but I will always finish it little boi.

Awe that sucks :( hope you find someone

I just searched mine and found pages of nice things. What did yours say?

To be fair I was the mistress so I guess I deserve the mistreatment I got. I just wish he wouldve told me he was married to his mother. Could've saved everyone the trouble.

Nah, why would I stop watching movies?

Me too! All were really positive.

Is it bad to masturbate just for the heck of it? Just because I'm alone and bored (and tired to do something more productive right now)?

It's a long collection of creepy obsessive girlfriends gushing about how great their guy was, a bunch of haters saying negative things, gay stuff, and weird things in general.

My name is Brad btw

Ding ding ding! Congratulations! What did she win?

A fucked up ex and a screwed up kid for life!

Brad sounds like a Chad kind of name.

I can't find the way to tell you how much I care about you, if I don't talk to you its because im afraid that you will get mad at me because I am an idiot. Most of my thoughts are based around you and how happy you make me feel, when im with you I feel that all my problems vanish and im the happiest guy alive, but I can't make you feel that way, and that makes me sad.

Sometimes I wish I had a really close friend, someone I could talk to everyday, feel comfortable around, meet up often, do stuff together and all that but then I think again and I am not sure if I could even handle that kind of relationship, it might be too overwhelming. I don't even know if it's possible to begin with, for me at least, sounds like I am asking for too much.