Any "hyper successful" people here? Have you ever regretted it?

Basic rundown is I'm one of those obnoxiously successful people, valedictorian, stupid amount of money for a 20 yo, prestigious internships, get up at 5 daily and currently studying at a famous uni despite coming from an abusive home.

I work absolutely constantly and often wonder what it would be like to just give up and live a normal reasonably successful life. As I've done better the pressure and sacrifices I've had to make have just got worst and worst, with the most notable being dating an equal you actually like is near impossible so probably going to end up in a loveless marriage for status. Another shitty thing is befriending people I don't like just for status. I feel like a psychopath doing all this shit but know it's necessary to secure my children's uni places and jobs.

Is anyone a bit older and went down the route of nothing but work and "success"? Do you regret it? I really think I'd be happier if I could let it all go but I can never bring myself to do it...

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Don't sound hyper successful, as much as a workaholic.

I'm a millionaire reading at Cambridge on track for a high first despite coming from an abusive home. I don't want to argue about dumb shit like this it deal with peoples insecurity, I'm obviously at least top 0.1% of people my age.

And yeah of course I work absolutely constantly, you have to once you reach this level. All I want to know us whether I'm gonna regret working so hard and missing out on the "experiences" most people have

As someone who is just barely clinging on to not being a failure reading this shit makes me think life won't really get happier whether I go up or down

Life is short and could be cut short at any moment. Will you spend it working or will you take some time to enjoy it as well? From my experience to enjoy life you need work and suffering, but without suffering to contrast life there could be no joy.

t. Buffett

I gave up my "success" in favor of personal freedom. Yea, I make less money, but I can also tell my boss to get fucked any time I want and if I get fired who cares, these jobs come a dime a dozen. I'm happier now. I drink less and I quit smoking.

Nah mate that's completely wrong. I used to be broke, a loser etc when I was very young.

Life's so much better once you get to the level where people treat you with basic respect. It's once you get past that and you're basically doing it to show off it starts losing its fun again. Don't get me wrong I feel very satisfied but I'm very bored and lonely.

Keep going bro


>millionaire at 20


Nice man, what did you do before/after?

Non stop work since young, max student loan/scholarships cause broke family, live like a Jew, all but 3k of savings into bitcoin a few years ago. Yeah it's pretty much the trashiest way apart from lottery but I wasn't one of those people who spent 300 10 years ago, spent my "life savings" of 30k

I go to college with half of it paid by scholarship, I'm maintaining a 3.5+ GPA, I've been working in an executive position on-campus for almost a year and have a lot going for me. I just want to graduate with a nice, corporate job that pays me $20+/hr and live with my boyfriend in bliss. Getting internships this summer is extremely difficult, however. I feel stuck.

you didnt even need college for that lol

Whatever you choose OP just be happy doing what you do. We all have to be responsible to live, do what works for you and congrats on your success so far.

I guess that depends on what you want out of life. If success, accolades, money, etc. are not important to you, then why pursue them? Do you think you could be happy living a simple life?
I am 1 step up from homeless. Can't get through school, no job, no ambition, no gf, hardly any friends. However, I feel pretty happy and content. I don't really want that much out of life. I like to be alone most of the time and I'm perfectly happy living in a small place without a lot of expensive things. I would like to get married and have kids someday, and that takes money, but for now I feel only serenity. I think if you can, you should continue what you are doing until you get through school. That way, you are in the best position to decide how you want to live your life. If you want a high powered career, you can do that, if you just want to relax, you can get pretty much any lower level job you want.

Sry but if you’re so busy with your success and maintaining it why would you be browsing Jow Forums. Most of the successful people I know spend very little time on niche sites such as these and more on self promotional ones like Instagram or fb.

Also once you get even higher on the success ladder you will just get greedy and want more, lots of rich people spend more time maintaining their wealth than acquiring new ones. Is this the future you look forward to?

You sound like a type a personality so I doubt some user on Jow Forums can just sway you out of the person you created to get to where you are today.

Good for you

I guess I went success partially cause being told I'd be a loser by everyone growing up, partially cause I'm terrified about my children growing up like my brothers and partially for defence (family are batshit, know one day might have to use money/being a cam grad to defend myself against false accusations)

Been here for 8 years, was a "loser" back then. Still like it here apart from the drumpf invasion since the election

If you're already a millionaire what's the point in wasting your life working when you're not enjoying it?

Learn a bit about investing if you haven't already, diversify your capital as much as possible in low risk stuff and you're set for life.

Successful engi here. Keep working through, once you start feeling void star side perdonal projects like building a vegetable farm, objects for your house, chairs, tables, etc. Go do fun things exploring, eating new food, meeting new people, etc. I came from the dirt bottom poor family and I am doing this for all of us. It is better to be like this than having a hard time as a poor person. This is the cost for not being poor.

Hi OP, I'm similar to you at age 29 and have some regrets. The thing is your (our) route makes you very good at "conventional" success, in the sense that you (we) are plugged into the system and we get the "system"'s rewards. At a high enough level, with enough success, the system's rewards are things like political or judicial influence, but they do not become apparent until at least 40 or 50 years of age.

If you're actually as bright as you say you are and not just lucky because of affirmative action, jumping onto bitcoin meme, etc (not saying you aren't or trying to attack you, just playing devil's advocate so you can objectively evaluate your life), you could come up with many ways to be "unconventionally" successful. These rewards are more like, work at home, live in what part of the world you desire, personal fulfillment from working on your own projects, etc. And there are probably various degrees of the two mixing, depending on your specific area of study.

Since this is Jow Forums, my advice is to finish your degree, but back off on the rigor and spend time meeting people unless you decide that you need to be top 0.1% to get that legal internship or whatever.

So... I'm probably the closest to what you're looking for that you're going to find on Jow Forums. Former Marketing VP for a globally recognized brand. Graduated a top high school with a 4.46 GPA, got a full ride to college. Had some down years because I graduated in '08 when everything was shit, but took the word no out of my vocabulary and quickly ascended the ranks so I was there by the time I was 31.

Here's what I learned: work sucks, and unless you're willing to always be hyper committed for some kind of narcissistic purpose where you want to conquer the world, you'll always be unhappy. I list others' expectations of me guide me, and while I did some things in my career to subvert the system, I was always overworked and over-stressed. To the point where I was throwing up in the mornings from the hate of going back into that office.

Back in July of last year, I said fuck it, and I quit. I went to some small agency in a part-time consulting role, which I'm in today. I have four days off a week, and everyone has remarked on how much happier I seem, noting that it looks like there's life back in my eyes again.

Sure, there's no more fancy dinners, girls don't soak their panties as soon as I tell them what I do, but I don't feel the desire to off myself, which is something my molecular biologist uncle did two and a half years ago.

My advice to every kid is to find something you love doing and let "success" be a secondary thing.

Thanks really appreciate it. Can't write out long post on phone cause janjans banned pc but this is great. Also uk unis don't practise aa, I'm white British male anyway

Thanks yeah I was looking for someone like you. Took all that in but can't write out big reply cause phone

Im the polar opposite and my life is shit. I wish I worked my ass off when I was younger.

> (You)
>Thanks really appreciate it. Can't write out long post on phone cause janjans banned pc but this is great. Also uk unis don't practise aa, I'm white British male anyway

As an American, when you said abusive home I assumed you meant hispanic or black, sorry.

I would like to hear more of your thoughts if you can find a way to post. My perception is that in England you are even more dependent on "the system" for success because of the way it is set up, but again I've already demonstrated how I let my preconceived notions out.

I feel like I go on Jow Forums because it's a mirror of what my life would have been like if I didn't become "super successful"; the depression from my unrealized potential would probably be debilitating, so my advice is not to hit eject, but to moderate where you are outputting your energy.

I can post it just takes forever to write anything on my pos phone

If by "the system" you mean you're stuck in the social class you're born in yeah that's pretty much the case, there's obviously exceptions like me but it's very rare. Race isn't as much of a thing either here for if someone's a degenerate cause poor people come from all of the races. Pretty much everyone at uni came from middle class or above homes. Kind of sad but I haven't made friends with anyone who isn't a student since leaving for uni, you just never come into social contact with manual workers, min wagers, low down office

I don't mean to suggest that non-whites don't have abusive homes, but generally speaking those people don't get to top colleges no matter how smart they are. The system is more set up to help minorities land on their feet, if you catch my drift.

My point about the system is that not only is there is perhaps less class mobility in England, but upward mobility occurs through only a handful of established ways, like becoming a doctor, lawyer, etc. In the US, you can become "rich enough" from being a good plumber/electrician/contractor, buy a half a million dollar house in a good neighborhood, and no one really knows you didn't have a "nice" upbringing, that kind of thing.

My overall point is that if you're feeling stifled by the things you feel you need to do to succeed in your bubble, remember there are other routes to becoming financially secure. Once you are reasonably financially secure, it doesn't matter what you do because you have more time for "yourself", as this poster perhaps illustrated

I meant to start off saying,
>I don't mean to suggest that whites in America don't have abusive homes, ...

user, I'm that guy who left the VP job, but in no way do I feel financially secure. In fact, I'm going to have to go back into the terrible workforce again soon. I've accepted I'll never comfortably retire and will work until I'm dead.

This is a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

I'm too young to know for sure, but I think this is probably the case. Manual workers are very clearly much poorer than graduates and people generally remain isolated in poor areas. Exception is ones who own the company. A lot of people are up their own arse about education but I think that's global. Also about last sentence second paragraph, here you can immediately tell how someone was raised from their voice. Pretty much are with everything you said

There the rare kid that comes out of a broken home that still blossoms and becomes an intact person, you're one of them m8.
Now finding a good woman is work too, so make some time and get at it. Don't try to find someone who's equally successful, find someone who shares the same values.

I go to Stanford and I see hundreds of people who think they're the "top 0.1% of people your age". You're not, trust me you've just been riding off of either privilege or affirmative action. I would advise getting off your high horse and stop thinking you're in a pitiable situation. If anything, your motivation should be to give back to those that helped you get where you are.

The fact that you think "a normal reasonably successful life" as something cute and appealing demonstrates how out of touch you are with the reality of being working class. Take what fate happened to give you and run along happy with it instead of trying to stoop down and 'live amongst the regular folk'.

And don't let this get you down too much. Your prefrontal cortex is still developing, and we both have lots of maturing to do.

>Oh, and stop larping.

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Lol... My parents were abusive. I stayed with friends up to exams and I'm grateful for it. My school wasn't very good performance wise. Cringe post.

The ego coming off you OP is massive. This is such an obvious humblebrag thread I’m surprised it got replies. You’re not the top 0.1% of your age bracket you retard. You can’t even fathom what people at that level experience. A million dollar net worth is philosophical/theoretical to them. It’s nothing to brag about. Get more humble and stop shitposting

What's so hard to image that OP is 0.1% of his age bracket? That would put him approximately one of a thousand in the UK, one of 5000 in the US. Not even breaking 150 IQ.

OP isn’t in the top 0.1% of anything other than maybe shitposting. Especially not in the top brackets in finance or intelligence.

Self made millionaire at 20 is obviously far rarer than 0.1%.

No it’s not you pompous retard. To the average person it sounds like a lot. It really isn’t. There’s plenty of people under 20 that have made MUCH more than that who are self made.

>The fact that you think "a hyper successful life" as something cute and appealing demonstrates how out of touch you are with the reality of being in that 0,1%

>bitcoin millionaire

OP, I don't know if I'm exactly what you're looking for, because I'm more of an academic and I don't really care about money. But I finished with the top grades in my Oxford Financial Economics MSc a few years ago, I've published academic papers (I have a first-author science paper from my undergraduate that's been cited by professors from Stanford and MIT), and I'm well on my way to writing a PhD that seems like it's going to outdo all of that.

My general advice is that you're not successful unless you're happy. I have a deep sadness for people who have gotten to where I am now by working their whole lives. It seems like a shame, not only for them but also for whoever could have taken their place if they didn't waste their humanity on work.

That being said, success is fun. You meet incredibly interesting people. You get invited to great events. There's always something going on. It's worth some work. But at the same time, I'd never get up at 5am.

If you're as clever as you say you are, make it a challenge to keep being successful without putting in absurd amounts of work. If anything, learn about the rest of life. Do some psychedelics, flirt with some girls, make it your mission to have the most amazing friend group you can have. There are so many dimensions in life you can be successful in -- don't constrain yourself to only the conventional one.

How old are you?

I'm pretty successful. Not "hyper successful". I graduated in engineering with a high GPA, worked summer jobs with various space/defense companies (NASA Boeing etc), then got a cushy six figure job in a LCOL area.

I'm not a high performer. I wake up late (but work late too), take a long time to get tasks done (but when it's done it's high quality). I'm super knowledgeable in my (narrow but really important) subject area, which has been enough for me to pick up new projects within my company whenever a project lead gets tired of funding my slow performance. My performance reviews are never low, never high, always middle of the road.

I never work unpaid, never work overtime. I work my 40 hours, use all five weeks of vacation every year, max my 401k. I figure in another 10 years I can buy an apartment, pay someone else to manage it, pay off another house, quit my job, and lead a subsistence lifestyle off my savings.