I need your help Jow Forums. I unironically find this man to be heroic and inspirational. I want him to be proud of me...

I need your help Jow Forums. I unironically find this man to be heroic and inspirational. I want him to be proud of me, I believe in race and please understand it's not about hatred of others, it's about loving your own. But that's exactly my hurdle. I never met a person who wasn't, deep down, a piece of shit. Everyone is disappointing, to the point where I don't even bother to make friends anymore because I know they'll just disappoint me too. How can I want to save my people if I don't even like them individually?

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Sounds like you finally realized what a loose abstract and ultimately meaningless concept "race" is. People of my own race fuck me over so they can make more money. Race is meaningless.

Also Hitler was briefly charismatic, but that's it. He had himself surrrounded by the smartest minds of that time and that area, but the bigger he grew the more erratic he became especially what with him being addicted to amphetamines and that's ultimately led to him killing himself in a bunker.

>Ethnocentrism means nothing because there are bad people in any ethnicity
People like you are more idealistic than the Nazis desu.

Hitler was a cunt, Staufenberg should've bombed him but that fucking oak table just had to get in the way. Rip Neo-prussia

There was nothing to ever save in te first place.

So you finally understand the fucking jews are behind all this shit

It's obvious why he's bad. You claim you hate people because they're 'deep down a piece of shit' but then you say you admire Hitler. You should visit a therapist.

>imagine wanting to save people

White people killed by nazis: 50 million
White people killed by jews: 34
Really makes you think.

You morons don't understand that Hitler was ordered by rich Jews to kill Jews.

Nazis didn't consider "white' a race, in case you didn't know. Stop applying American conceptions of race to other cultures.

>White people killed by jews: 34
Kek, nice try Goldberg.

>jews are white

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This is probably true

Stop trying to retroactively change the obvious: the Nazi's were racist and believed themselves superior to all other races

Sounds like you're projecting your own self-hatred onto others in order to justify your bad experiences with them.

You cling to Hitler and the Nazi ideology because it's the only thing that will allow you self-worth without actually being virtuous in any way. It's a pathos to evil disguised as a self-help book. It allows you to continue in your set ways and act superior to all others without actually doing anything. It's a band-aid for your ego.

People aren't shitty deep down. Society is, sure. But not the individual. You only see the bad in others because you can't empathize with them. Try and understand the context of the choices people make. It might seem like someone is fucking you over and purposefully doing bad things for selfish reasons, when in reality it's usually a myriad of factors driving them towards those decisions. The world exists in hues of gray.

Also, you are self-aware enough to realize your admiration of Hitler is misplaced. Seek help from an actual professional.

I love adolf too, but you have to realize that the modern world has turned men and women into absolute weaklings. Be the strong proud Germanic man/woman that you want to be, and you will eventually meet others. Fuck these commie "race is meaningless" jewish degenerates, make your ancestors proud by being moral and honorable, the same blood that flowed through them flows through you.

>Nazi is a jewish-created deragatory term
You have to be all kinds of fucking delusional to think this.

Nazi is simply english short-term for National Socialist, or Nationalsozialistische, because ACTUAL National Socialism has completely different core fundamental ideals from Hitler's and his party's perversion.

The term national socialism was coined by the nazi party you idiot.

>Nazi Germany didn't believe jewish people were inferior
This is completely and totally untrue you brainwashed idiot

Killing millions of non-Aryans for simply being non-Aryan is the definition of Racism and Genocide.

This. Let the waste fall into the void. Become the proud, moral, honorable, and strong person you want to be, and don't let the kikes infest your mind with their absolute filthy nonsense.

No, it wasn't. Nazism was. There is a reason for the literary distinction.


Wir müssen den Sieg für das germanische Volk haben.

Only a mutt would consider race to be abstract. You belong nowhere, so you try to force your incoherent existence on others in an attempt to fit in.

I recommend you to watch channel called "three arrows" on youtube.