I fucked even though Jow Forums warned me

So a few days ago I asked about what I should do about my family friend who I had a crush on recently contacting me on FB, asking me if I'd come to her place even though I have an amazing gf that I want to propose to.
>ultimately decline her request to meet up
>feel bad because i already said some dumb shit about missing her so I ask her to meet at a favorite cafe of mine instead just to talk
>go there, she's more beautiful than I remember
>we talk for an hour
>she tells me about what it was like without me
>talks about the shit she went through
>being a huge faggot, I feel for her again, tell her about my struggle with my gf and proposing because she's the only girl I've been with
>says she feels for me, a guy broke up with her over it, infact it was the asshole who got her pregnant
>really good chemistry but tell her I have to go home
>asks if i want to come to her place for dinner real quick
>say no, gf will get mad
>says alright but asks if we can talk together a little longer
>open up to her more, tell her more about my feelings for my gf
>says she seems like a really lucky girl
>after a little more talking say I definitely need to get going
>i drive her to her flat cuz she took the bus here
>the entire way there she's telling me how sweet I am for doing this for her and how happy she was to reconnect with me

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I’m not even your gf and even I feel disrespected and upset that this friend here seems to be overstepping and wants to fuck you. No. absolutely not. Stop speaking to her srsly

>as we're saying good bye she asks if im really not going to come in, even for a little
>being the spineless bitch i am i say fine
>super nice place but anyway
>we sit on the couch talking more
>mainly about relationship problems
>tells me about the dudes who've cheated on her
>tell her about some fights i had with my gf
>eventually she starts rubbing my leg
>tell her to stop, you know I have a gf
>she doesnt
>blank out
>can't stop her because this shit seems so surreal
>she ends up blowing me
>after i cum i finally snap out of it and tell her i need to go
>word for word says, "you're just gonna leave like that after I opened up to you and you fucking came in my mouth?"
>feel even worse, im already a shitty person
>say sorry and ask if i can eat her out
>gf texts me in the middle, get her to cum fast so i can fucking leave
>asks where i am
>say at the grocery store cuz we needed a few things
>say i have to leave now
>finally lets me leave, says we should do it again next time and that she'll miss me
Now here I am, buying bread and tuna at a gas ststion to try to keep up my facade. I feel like complete shit. The bitch even texted me after I left asking if we can meet up next Saturday. Of course I'm ignoting her. I feel like just crashing my car into a fucking wall but I can't do more bad shit to my gf after I already fucked this up. I wanted to marry her but now I don't even fucking deserve her. I ferl so lost and like my fucking life is over. I don't know what I'm going yo do. I know I fucked up but please, please just fucking help me. I'll consider any advice even if it's telling me to put a bullet in my head.

>replying based on op message I know says con't
>If ended up sleeping with friend
Do you regret doing it or was it oddly fulfilling? If regret apologize for doing so immediately and tell gf about it, you will be worse off if you just keep that shit to yourself in event friend holds experience over your head or threatens to tell
If you enjoyed it then maybe your with the wrong girl, dating a friend shows you both had a mutual interest in each other from when you both first met so if you feel in your heart that you wanna be with friend then go for it dude the worst pain you can feel is wondering what if or seeing friend with someone who doesn't deserve her it fucking stings

No, I wouldn't recommend telling your gf.

Bury that shit 6feet underground in your soul and never tell a word. You'll feel like shit, yes, but you made your bed now sleep in it.

If you tell her, if she has good morals, she will never look at you the same, so... just pretend nothing happened. And be a better man for your gf.

Don’t ever admit to it. It’s too late to take it back, just don’t do it again. We all have to live with the shit we do.

Jesus Christ
Yes please stop talking since that's absolutely not how it went or would go

Confess to your gf. She deserves to know.

Also you should basically brake up because you don't deserve her clearly.

And fuck everyone saying to lie

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Shut up about it. Every man goes out to get some lamb every now and then, it’s not a big deal, but also not something that needs to be brought up. Do you think dudes can actually stay fateful to the same hole for decades? We weren’t build that way.

Don't worry about it man, we all cheat on our SOs from time to time. Our instinct as males is to spread our genes far and wide, so of course your instinct to reproduce will overlap your artificial commitment to your girlfriend when the opportunity arises. Your gf will likely never know as long as you keep your cheating partners at a distance.


Dont ever tell her but step it up and quit cold turkey, otherwise it will get absolutely worse.

lol at People ITT acting like getting a blowjob on the side is a big deal. Millions of years of evolution made sure we are not monogamous. It’s completely normal to release some pressure every now and then with a mistress or two.

>Bury that shit 6feet underground in your soul and never tell a word
>you made your bed now sleep in it
Your message does not support that expression

OP, fess up and take the hit from your GF because cheating is a scum move and you deserve pain.
You cant even say it was a lapse in judgement, you had multiple chances to defuse the situation

Fuck that, nothing happened, it’s not a big deal objectively speaking. It’s only a big deal in terms of feels being hurt. So if nobody knows no feels are hurt and the problem doesn’t exist.

Fuck you

She did!

Coward and piece of shit

Nice argument. Care to tell me how getting a blowjob on the side is a big deal and who it hurts? Just make sure you know the other person and they don't have STDs, and you are good to go. Fucking might be a bit more dangerous because there is always a risk of pregnancy, but some oral is no biggie.

Would you be fine if your girlfriend/wife got eaten out and sucked some other guys dick?

I would probably feel upset about it so I would have to condemn it if I found out for the sake of conforming to social rules, but there is no rational argument as to why it is objectively bad for me or her to give or receive oral by another person. Its all about emotions and hurt feelings.

Mate relationships are all about emotions and feelings. And look, if you're the kind of person who can cheat on their partner and feel nothing about it, sure, then the only problem left is your girlfriend finding out about it from someone other than you. Which is a real possibility and a pretty reliable way of destroying your relationship.

But most people won't be fine with that. Look at OP, he's feeling horrible. And this kind of feelings will translate in behavior. And his partner is going to notice that something is amiss if she's not denser than a rock. Which is going to result in paranoia, lack of trust and most likely the truth will come out sooner or later. It's pretty rare that cheating is never discovered or at least heavily suspected in a relationship. Sexual intimacy is a pretty big deal and it's going to affect us, we can't just detach from it and pretend it never happened, we're not robots.

That's kind of my point. He shouldn't feel guilty and act different, it's all fairly normal and inconsequential shit. He needs to relax and not care about it all that much, as it's not a big deal.
> It's pretty rare that cheating is never discovered
I failed to find stats on that.

It's inherently saying that you're willing to lie to your partner and go behind their back for the sake of the relationship rather than live in the reality. It's objectively bad for the person in the relationship because it means that they can't trust the partner with anything ever. If a guy can't even control his most basic urges why wouldn't he lie to you about paying the bills on time, or anything? A lot of things in a relationship are built on a basic sense of trust and this puts his gf's body itself at risk if he didn't use a condom.