How to Get a Girl Who Doesn't Use Social Media in 2019?

Long title is long
There's 2 I want to approach tbe
1 is kinda sorta active on Snapchat some days and not on others, we can have lengthy conversations n stuff. We've "known" eachother for 2 years irl but havent really talked to eachother until now. We don't share any classes.
The second girl doesnt have snap, insta, or anything really. I share 4 classes with her and communicate with her mostly thorugh those. I know her phone number from a group chat we were in in a club but dont feel like contacting her through that since it'd be kinda intrusive.

How should I go abt knowing both better in this day and age? Is it even possible?

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Send her a bird lmao

Can you explain

Might be able to get a qt trap from Jow Forums at least that's what I'm hoping for...



Why does social media matter? Invite her to a group event ("Me and my friends are doing X, would you like to come?").

U a beta nigga, afraid to ask bitches out. Turn gay

>Autistic girls
you can meet some outside a therapists office

send her a bird OP

Go for the second girl. I go to UCLA and dated someone who was completely social media free... which was my favorite thing about her desu. I got her number from a group text too, texted her individually about class-related stuff a few times, eventually we studied together twice and I got to know her through that. I asked her out at the end of the semester (didn't wanna make things awkward if she said no since she sits across from me) and she said yes. We dated for a bit, really traditional girl so didn't get laid much but it was totally rewarding.

Honestly OP you have a great opportunity on your plate with this second girl. Go for it. Get to know her through class talk that can translate into small talk.

You go to UCLA? Let's meet up and fight!

Mail pigeons

Who doesn't use social media? Serious question.

I was under the impression that most people, and especially young people, and most especially young women, would rather die than not be plugged in to their besties 24/7.

Just fucking ask her out, sunbass.

i dont use social media because i dont have any "besties"

Im down pussy!

Sending her a bird sounds like the best option here OP
Girls love birbs

No clue here too desu, I asked girl #2 and she said she just doesn't like it.
To be more exact, the second girl is legions smarter than I am imo - she even skipped a grade. I think she's shown signs of interest in my English class but idk how to approach her without sounding awkward.
I've been trying to know #1 more atm, IQ isn't everything

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Also, she isn't antisocial in the slightest. We're both sorta popular in the class and are very communicative
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Bump desu

I might actually