How to make female friends

As a female? I feel like a lot of online resources like meetup tend to attract men. I only had one female friend and she got sick of me

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Date exclusively guys with lots of female friends. Befriend them, and then dump the guys.

yw 5star post, problem solver extraordinaire here no need to thank

Are you pic
If so then just dont be antisocial and u should be fine

My advice is to stop trying to befriend a certain type of person. Make friends with anyone who wants to be friends with you, and you’ll make new friends through them. Some of them might be women.

Sound advice but not the route i wished to take

No, I'm nowhere near that pretty
Men and women cannot be friends

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I made a good friend on craigslist. She ended up being a bridesmaid at my wedding. Needless to say this is rare and I don't recommend it.

Seriously, I also made friends playing D&D at a local comic book shop (if you're nerdy). Not many women there, but some of the guys had wives/gfs I eventually met and befriended.

I'd suggest conventions, and any events you're really into, where you'll meet people with similar interests. Not mom groups though. Being a mom means fuck all with compatibility. Plenty of shit moms out there.

I'm a female to and I have zero means of making female friends. People often tell me im too needy and I try to force an occasion with them when all I want to do is be important to someone. Damn I know how that is.

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I'm a guy and I have 2 friends who are girls, so it's possible.

that girl has beautiful hair
is it normal to like a girls hair., bros?

Obviously, dude.

Are you a femanon spy? Any guy would know this.

I'd say start by going to the autistic fem side of the internet and interact with content creators there. I'm apart of a bunch of discord group chats that artists off twitter or tumblr have created. From there you can start finding more anonettes to talk to pretty easily.

Lolol i have guy friends and a bf. Its possible

I'm a female and I have mix situations about be befriending other females... I did try being in their clique but all they do is gossip about drama, their boyfriends (and how great sex is) and their mental health issues. Also they can be really too face. Most of the good female friends I have are transgender or girls that are pretty average with the same interest as me.

It's much better to be friends with guys, though most of them end up being perverted to you

>Are you a femanon spy? Any guy would know this.
no just grew up without my dad or any male friends until 16
it really fucked me over

OP here ive had the exact opposite experience i've made wonderful female friendships with stable, non-judgemental girls. But i ruin them since im a bit bonkers and constantly seek validation. Guy friends are a waste of time by contrast its usually they are too beta to be upfront about sexual feelings and then create a sham friendship with you to get closer

there are meetup groups that are females only, what the fuck you talking about bitch

women dont really like women, and feely stuff can only go well for so long until the feelies start to stack up against you, until it becomes a big ol paranoia cold war between you two before yall break it off

t. male with female friends that have watched it happen multiple times. i used to be feely to a degree so i get it

you already know trying to shoehorn yourself into friendships or relationships with certain specific people is never good for you. you click with who you click with. i see where youre coming from though, perhaps you want a feely friend, or someone to talk about girl shit with, and saying that shit to a dude is weird and some stuff gets lost in translation. just know thats kind of a slow bond, and it takes time to earn that trust, so dont expect other girls to hit it off so quickly

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I have no idea wtf you're talking about....

>Men and women cannot be friends
Do you actually, genuinely believe this?

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Yes, if the female is remotely attractive it's going to end up with the guy getting feelings

as a gay guy i gotta say it's pretty easy. just be nice and nonthreatening. most girls won't be interested in friendships but you'll know at the beginning because you won't have any shared interests or reasons to hang out.

just have a genuine interest in something like movies or video games and do that with them. straight up friendships are the same as dating especially as an adult but without the romance or sex.

Download Bumble, I know it's normally a dating app, but it's got a subsection called Bumble BFF that only allows you to match with people of the same gender for the intent of making friends.

Oh this is actually a really great suggestion. Thank you.

This is true, with some exceptions

I would 2nd this. My gf did this and met a great friend

Do you wanna be friends? I'm an attractive female and all my friends are attractive...we don't compete and hate on each other. Let me know, I need a bestie too...mine married an idiot.

A genuine straight guy friend will not find a girl friend attractive. Any girl he does find attractive he will either be beta (what you said) or be upfront about their interest towards the girl.
t. straight guy with girl friends.
Also this depends on what kind of friend we're talking about. best friend? Rarely. Just a friend? More common.

>Men and women cannot be friends

Based and redpilled

can you please be my girlfriend?

Add me on Snapchat babygirl, I wanna suck the stress out of your titties

your female friend. how or why did she get sick of you?

Im an autistic female and Ive wondered that too. I tried talking to other females on discord and facebook groups but the discord ones were very two faced and loved their army of male orbiters and the ones on facebook were very nomie and already had a group of besties and we didnt have anything interesting to talk about. I crave sisterhood, I wish I had a close group of girlfriends to hang out and party with and take Insta photos with but Im too autistic and weird.

I dig for validation constantly since i have low self esteem and I take my jokes too far sometimes. I don't get the feely cold war concept

I have legit not met one person from discord who wasn't a total nutcase, and I say that as someone who is not too stable myself.

I have a very similar issue, actually. I noticed that a lot of my friendships with other women ended up super shitty. We’d be so catty and fight with each other and secretly hate others in our friend group. Then just recently, I lost my closest friend because of how often we’d be fighting over stupid shit. Well, it was more like she would hide shit from me and hold a grudge over it, then snap at me and ignore me for two weeks. How do you MAINTAIN friendships with women?

Hope for emotional maturity to have a conversation about what's happening, and how to address it. Also being mature enough to know if there's a reason she'd bottle it up instead of being direct.

For example I know someone who lost her close friend because she sucked at apologizing. She was very prideful and gave the lamest non-apologies ive ever seen, and was frustrating when confronted.

What did you fight about?

meh, i might have worded it weirdly. i mean, yall can slowly build up enough and enough, to where any small problem becomes a big issue, because yall are close and not supposed to have any problems internally. everythings good until someone needs validation, or says the wrong thing
perhaps an example, what would she have needed to do to piss you off and do to her what she did to you?

Try to do different hobbies and befriend people in the class or even the instructor. You may not get along with everyone but there's tons of women doing different activities loke art, philosophy, sports, things that aren't meant to be social outtings but that you already have a common interest and a schedule where you see them regularly. I also got close with some of the women I tutor.

I don’t even remember half of what the fuck we kept fighting about. I’d make a joke or a comment on something (like once I said I thought art as a school requirement is retarded), she’d get offended, wouldn’t tell me, and then waited until I confronted her about her bitchy, snappy behavior to tell me about how it offended her, plus 10 other things I did 3 months ago that pissed her off that she never fucking told me.

And I said “Okay, I’m sorry and I’ll do my best not to touch on this subject anymore. But you also need to call me out when I’m bugging you instead of being hostile and giving me the cold shoulder.” And she told me “okay”.

And then she never followed through. And the cycle continued because I had no idea if I was going too far or not with our regular bantering.

Outdoor hobbies that involve people.
Join a snowshoe club...

I used to be naive enough to think it could work, but unfortunate experience where I've constantly lost all of my 'guy friends' has taught me otherwise.

So called friendships with girls have been a disappointment for me. I admit to being very introverted at first but I do try to get along with others. However, in my life, girls have even deceived and taken me for a fool, or we don't find any common ground of interest or , the closest they've been to a girl friend were friends of my boyfriend, who would only pay attention to me so long as things were good between me and boyfriend (the moment something went wrong, they'd turn against me).

It doesn't help that females in my family have never taught me the value and beauty of close female friendships and sharing of feelings and interests. I'm lonely, disconnected and slightly mysoginistic because of this...

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>slightly mysoginistic
Thats not going to help you. desu you just need to find one women you really click with and the 'spell' is broken. i actually have almost nothing in common with the women i become friends with, usually we just party, drink, crack shitty jokes, and play silly party games. i'm a shutin gamer weirdo and they are usually sweet normans who like weird people

Until this happens you'll probably be tense and judgemental around other women, which is like a self-fulfilling prophecy

One way is to become friends with hot guys and meet girls through them