Is it weird for a 26 year old hispanic man to date a 16 year old white varsity high school cheerleader? She is turning 17 this march if that means anything at all. In our state the AoC is 18 and NO I DO NOT PLAN ON HAVING SEX WITH HER, just date.

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It's not exactly normal, no.

Wait til she's 18

It's not normal but it's not weird?

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Yes it is weird and illegal, nigga you gonna go to jail if you date her. This is regardless of whether or not you have sex, there are still Burgerland laws that prevent it.

I don’t think your race has anything to contribute. But if 18 is the legal limit, maybe stick to 18 year olds. If you really love her, you’ll wait until it’s legally okay

It's a bit weird.
Wait till she turn 18 and until then be low profile. Once she is 18 is all cool I would think. Check your local laws to see what is the age of consent but in any case if you dont have intercourse with her then no one can object. Once she is 18 you are free to be yourself.

are you serious? if I just date her?

I'm down to wait

you're right lol fuck my life I'm scared they're gonna get to her before that tho

It's weird, at least in our country, but It's difficult for me to see anything morally wrong with it. Just proceed being aware of the strong cultural disapproval that exists. It might be wise to hide the age gap and not be too public about your relationship in general. After she's 18, feel free to stop caring and tell everyone to go fuck themselves.

15 months to go fck

>If you dont want to wait then check the age of consent laws in your state. Where I am from the age of consent is 14, for example...

I didn’t say it wasn’t weird.

Its obviously weird, people who know about it will be weirded out or disgusted by it even they don't show it. You're not the first one to do this

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>I'm down to wait
>15 months to go
You know child grooming is also pretty weird, right?

Not if the child is sexually active and isn't being groomed.

>waiting for an arbitary age like a retard
Ignore brainlets and just fucking do it

Would you want a 26-year old man dating your 16-year old daughter?

Just keep your dick far away from her. You can date, and still have fun (Not sexually you freak).

t. 30 yr dating a 20 yr
I mean we fuck now, but didn't for a good long while.

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Nigga what

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It's fucking wierd

jesus pedophiles

age of consent is for two teenage minors to have sex. under 18 is a minor and always statutory rape for anyone 18 or older.

Why would you even date such an immature girl?

Among Hispanic men chasing under age girls is actually normal behavior

Im please we have peisons.

What do you call a Mexican girl that can run faster than than her brothers?

>t. 30 yr dating a 20 yr
How long did you date before hand?
I've over going after women my age (27) and want to 'invest' in some pussy before it comes to market so to speak.

To be honest we kinda took things slowly.
So it wasn't for about over a year or so before I got to enjoy that fresh slizz. Though I did get to taste and play. Got bjs before that, probably would have gotten anal. And we didn't date until she was over 18.

*Knock knock*

Wait till she’s 18
Don’t hold her hand, pet her, look at her or even say anything to her.
She’s 16 which means this she changes her mind when she gets older, you can’t talk to her because I’m sure if her parents find out you’re going to jail and if someone hears about your forbidden love good luck in prison.
Just wait till she’s 18 and don’t expect her to still want you she’s still very young.

OK OP here, I'm backing out of this relationship ASAP. I don't know what was going on in my head, I guess loneliness. I'm telling her goodbye today.

How should I say farewell? Or should I just ghost her completely?

Lol I was arguing with you yesterday, glad to see you're not bring a retard. Also weren't you 24? You clearly know it's wrong or you wouldn't have lied about your age

Something along the lines of "it's just not going to work, I shouldn't have done it I was lonely". Don't ghost or she might hey police involved out of bitterness.

Seriously don't know what you were thinking at TWENTY SIX

no mames pinche guey im calling ice

Just do it, faggot. This gives me a boner for some reason.

Yeah, sure, you could go to jail, but I'd probably do that to fuck a 16 year old cheerleader again.

Bitch what the fuck , do her parents know?

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Yes it is weird you pedo, you should feel ashamed

I would beat the fuck out of you if she were my daughter. Pedos should honestly just be killed.

Bro I’d murder you for being a creep. Fuck off.

What a bitch.
It's going to be interesting when you start missing her and wanting her. With you leaving, likely she'll find some Chad to give her the thunder.

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Stop it. Go find someone at yout age.

She isn't the only woman in the earth.

Just explain to her that the age difference between you is too much, and that you have to find someone closer to your own age. Probably would be best if you cut contact after that.

No. That's incorrect. Depends on the state or country

You're going to get either arrested or beaten. 16 year olds do not keep secrets and the moment she's mad at you is the moment everything goes to shit.

Yes, it is fucking weird and disturbing too if you have enough in common with a 16 yo chick to date her. Are you retarded or something?

>I'm going to go to jail if we just date?!
1) You think you're going to have a relationship with a hormonal teenager looking for an older man and nobody's genitals are going to come into play? You're fucking crazy.

2) You're 26 and she's 16. Even if you never have sex, it would be your word against hers.

3) Even if you never have sex and she doesn't lie, her parents are going to assume you're lying and you're a brown man well into his 20s preying on a little white girl. Nobody is going to go easy on you in this situation.