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wish i could sleep

I feel like I should be further in my life.

I am 28 and I rent a 5 x 4 little room. At least I get free fiber, satellite TV, Cleaning, laundry..

No GF Most of my friends have houses and are married and will start to probably get kids soon...

No GF... Not Meeting people...

This depresses me.

>been with wife since we were 14, now 29
>she's been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer
>prognosis isn't great and I'm terrified of losing her


just love her

If I have an online somewhat social but anonymous with usernames type site that is used as a journal, and I start to see users with my ex's initials or his name with two letters switched around commenting on my journal so I send messages to those accounts and they are read but not replied to...

And on another bulletin board like forum site where people can upload things and I see an entry that I know is about me 100 percent..

And I confront my ex about both these things and he denies it but then suddenly the accounts are inactive and the bulletin post is deleted..

It is definitely them right?

So why did I go through such a rough time between beliving it was them and mad that they were lying to thinking I'm just crazy and reading into too many coincidences? Until they admit it I just keep denying that it is obvious because I'm afraid to be that paranoid, because I thought with all the stress it was inducing some psychosis.

It's definitely them isn't it?
There's no such thing as too many coincidences right?

Got a girls number at a party, but now what do I do? I'm not the best texter and trying to hang out so soon is weird right? What to do.

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Yeah this. Also late 20s and always wanted to grow up to be like those 20something year olds in anime where they're all star scientists or some bullshit.

But in reality I am sitting on my ass, between jobs, on a comedown from underwhelming experiences.

Watch "How To Talk To Girls at Parties" for advice.

What? Why? The party ended yesterday, did you even read my post?

No, I won't say it.

I'm afraid to date because deep down all men think they are better than women. It shows in how they comment on issues online. Their real feelings. They feel insecure and have to constantly tear women down. Whipe the comments don't bother me, I always wonder if any guy I meet shitposts online and watches debgrading porn and shit and I just can't because I think they see me as meat and a trophy and not as a human being. Sadly I fet like this since I was young, because that's how guys always have been.

guys like competition. they're gonna view themselves or try to be better than the next guy, than a woman, than their co-worker, neighbor etc. that's a guy thing.

It's an insecurity thing.
Women like competition too.
Guys seem to think men and women are different species and get to excuse their behavior "boys will be boys" bullshit

My co-worker who was pretty much my only friend that I ever saw in real life seems to have quit her job. Welp, looks like it's near complete isolation for me. I know she wanted out of the job badly, and I should be proud of her for moving on, but now I'm lonely again. She just stopped showing up, no two weeks notice or calling in or anything. God, I was just starting to get comfortable around her. Why is it so hard to make friends?

I really think they're both hiding something from each other.

Men and Women are very different tho

We speak the same tongue, but that's about it

I always have to treat women differently then I do a man. Even if she is gay or whatever- still.

Americans are very nice to women. Go to Australia if you want to see real nasty men

>Addicted to coca cola.
>Last 7 days I have gone through almost 12 liters.
>Down to last drops today.
>really crave more.
Should I go and buy more? I really want it. Like, I feel anxious that I am almost out.
What do I do anons?

I'm from Australia and can confirm.

I'm so fucking tired of living like this. Fucking plumbing is shit, it's unclean, annoying noisy fucking neighbors, and small, because decent fucking housing is only for rich fucking people and I can't get it. I hate it.

And I keep getting pimples even though I stick to a skincare routine while other people have clear fucking skin.

And the city having to literally push people out of the way because they block everywhere you need to go.


Resist the sugar-jew

They really aren't that different.
There are plenty of people who act differently than stereotypes because they decide to be themselves and not how society decided they should be, and there are more personalities than just male and female. This is even observed in animals. Dogs vary from breeds not gender, cats vary too.

We'll see when I get to visit there one day.

sadness never goes away, although I wish it would
all I have are small spikes of good mood, and that's it
the rest is just feeling blue

I'll tell you a story a buddy of mine told me

So Australia is going through a 'Man Drought' right now so guys are being dicks to women.

Women are desperate.

He said his buddy went there and a father literally gave him a condom to fuck his daughter just cause he was American.

I used to be an exception to that generalization, pretty shy as well. the combination, alongside falling for girls who were attracted to the opposite, amplified my insecurity and doubts about my sexual image. Feels terrible
It's warped where I am to become what I shyed away from, led to believe it is the only way to earn love; never tender, lest it appears sad

i want to tell my mum and my dad that i respect everything they have done for me up until this point, but that i simply don't love them and are very irrelevant in my life.

im 27 btw

Two years ago I was falsely accused of sexual harassment. Nothing ever came out of it and thankfully it didn't blow out of proportions, not even police got involved. It was mostly because the girl accusing me of things never went that far and wouldn't have anything to accuse me of in the first place because I didn't do anything. My guess is that she took my flirting and date invite as harassment, accused me of harassment, and later on realized- or someone talked sense to her that it was just an everyday human interraction. Long story short, I haven't talked to any girls since that because I'm scared of talking to girls. I know I didn't do anything wrong and she just overreacted, but I'm still scared. It's actually very traumatic memory for me and sometimes I see nightmares about it.

Idek what to write. Sometimes you just can’t find words for how painful life feels. Everything is fucked up now

Only place for me to meet girls is online. I'm not complaining, but all the positive feedback I have received from online girls has made me think if girls in person also see me that way. They call me handsome, kind, cute, and funny, which really makes me feel really confident.

Last year I met someone online who became my gf and we're still together, ldr of course, but I can't help thinking about how come I never succeeded in real life.

You've spent over half your life with one you love. That is beautiful and so very unfair. I dont have any words of comfort or sage advice but please stick around and talk here, we're all with you.

I shouldn’t change myself for anyone.

I was getting a lot better after a long period of depression and anxiety, I had my studies in order, I had plans for the future. I was doing pretty good. Then, literally one major set back, one bad day, and I fucking lost it. All the shit I had been suppressing in the back of my mind snowballed into the worst depression I've had in years. All the time and energy I spent to get where I was, fucking wasted. I don't see any way forward but I don't have the courage to end myself. Can somebody come and run me over with a car

I finally kissed my crush yesterday. I've been "chasing" her for 3 months, and she ended things with her fwb who she had feelings for about a month ago. After a lot of talk about how she still needed to sort her head out and how she still thinks about him a lot I just went for it and she kissed back. I'm the first guy she's ever introduced to her mom, I'm the first guy whose parent she met, I'm her first a lot of things and I hope things work out.

I want to be a fanatic extremist towards my dream.

China has literally the opposite problem. If they move past the racism that could work out because as it is Chinese men are flocking to Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia to find wives.

Weird story though

I've fallen for a girl for the first time and I confessed 4 months ago. Turns out she likes me as well, and things were going smoothly until 2 months in, she suddenly stopped caring for me. Turns out she still hasn't moved on from her ex of 2 years who just got a new girlfriend. (they've been apart for almost a year now) She doesn't want to have mixed feelings with me and asked me to just stop interacting with her. I still like her and I'm trying to move on but I can't. It's been two days since I've finally decided to stop and let her be free. I feel bad for myself, why must it end this way?

And you're also the guy who settled for someone's leftovers. Are you really bragging about getting used goods?

I would like to learn how to have conversation with people(girls in particular).

I love you dummy

Why bother caring about idiots?

I'm so scared about what is about to happen.

You are absolutely right. It's taught to every guy in the world I believe from a young age. I don't think there is even one culture that really respects women. It's a serious problem that people don't want to believe, it's threatening to the power that men socially hold...notice how men deflect to the wage gap or show some furious lesbian-looking woman meme to deflect from the real issues at hand?

I want you to listen carefully to me. It's important.

When I younger, they jokingly asked me which actress would I like to represent me

If I don't write here, or elsewhere, only they know what I do. Not anyone else.


They do the same to you. Don't you understand?

I think I need to hire a hooker, just once, just to get some depraved stuff out of my system. I just need to find one with low enough self respect, but that shouldn't be too hard.

Who is "they" ?


If this doesn't work, I am going to have to devise a different plan...I'll have to publicly humiliate myself to an extreme extent. Then I will most likely die.

What's the point in caring about that now?

I met someone last night. I can't believe it but he's actually well put together and I really like him.

So if you don't hear me venting any more on here, you'll know it worked out. It all depends on how he and my son get along but they won't meet for a bit. In the meantime, he's got my attention:)

Idk if I want to kidnap you and keep you for myself or encourage your relationship with A and see you two married and happy.
I love you too much to decide between being selfish or being supportive.

The Rose Garden.

Do what you have to do but I can't watch.

Never been this hurt before in my life. I should've fucking known better.


Watch EVERYTHING you say and do as if my life depended on it....because it does.

What I mean is. Be happy without me.

I hope Google's right about this...

I'm utterly in love with a girl who tells me she doesn't feel the same way.

I'm willing to believe her but we fall out constantly and then always end up trying to recover the friendship.

Both I and her have reintiated contact at various times.

She tells me I'm just a friend but then does odd things that say otherwise, i don't know if i should go with my head or my gut and its turning me inside out.

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Cancer is so horribly unfair user. My dad lost the woman he'd loved for 16 years to bowel cancer.

It gets easier user, the good days get few and far between but eventually the suffering stops and then you'll have a chance to heal.

I wish I had something nicer to say, sorry

I wish I could tell you the truth without hurting you.

My ex dumped me for another guy like 6 mo ago. Yesterday I ended up at a party with both of them. My ex comes up to me and hugs me and pretty much tells me she misses me, and made it clear she never really got over me. Then her bf got pissed and left.

I really thought I was over her. I should be. She’s bad. I was over her. I barely even think about her anymore. But after yesterday seeing that she still cares about me. That hurt. It was easier when I could tell myself she didn’t give a fuck about me.

Try coffee

Do it

I don't care if it hurts. I just need to see the whole picture of the situation and get over with it.
Help me getting over you.

You have no idea what I've been through already. No fucking idea.

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I'm going to be haunted by this for a long time. How could you do this to me? I know we only went out a few times, but we've known each other for longer. With the way you acted I thought we had something really nice blossoming. You know how much I cared and how grateful I was to have you in my life. You should've at least had the decency to tell me. I really didn't need this right now.

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She fucked up user. If she cares its because she knows she made some mistakes even if she doesn't want to be with you.

But she also doesn't deserve you. I tried to convince myself that someone didn't care and it just drove me mad, i just embraced my feelings and realised I'll never understand hers. It makes it easier to stop caring what she's doing

Enough with conspiracy theories. Just... Just enough.

Please please please - just do it symbolically in art not in reality. Something like this:

Fuck off

Bad bot fuck off robots
Hello janitors clean up on aisle 5 this site blows since Chris Poole sold it off

What y'all do?

I always feel like I'm responsible for my friends' sadness. I don't know if I did something wrong.

Why do I make everything so difficult for myself?

Wish I'd never applied for that job or met you or stayed married

I'd be elsewhere right now making bank and being much more useful to the world

Ended a relationship yesterday and I know it had to end and in the long run I will be happier, but it’s still hurts. can’t eat and depressed. I know it will get better and things could be worse, but I hate feeling this way.

She doesn’t give a fuck about you. She sounds immature and is playing games. You’ll be happier with someone that doesn’t play games with you.

I'm about to start my own creative online video channel.

The thing is I've always been talented and entertaining. But I have largely been embarrassed by the spotlight and fakeness necessary to be popular. So if it does get an audience and I make money great! But it's not my job.

I have musical, dance, comedic, writing, fashion, and somewhat average acting skills. And since I want to keep my identity private this leads to so many possibilities for creative weirdness.

Anyway just wanted to share

if you’re lying to someone, you’re already hurting them.

yes yes this
dishonesty is the worst

I fell in love with two people at the same time. We are friends.

i have an insatiable lust and innnate need to destroy myself with whatever i can find: drugs, sex, whatever i feel like. it turns me on terribly, and it's hard to control myself from doing this stupid shit. it's like someone else takes over my body and makes me do these things. and honestly, i don't think it's the drugs doing this, it's just my lust (which is just as worse). i feel like the drugs just exemplify everything but i don't need them. it's just weird. i've never heard of anyone to do this. i've got a loving family i shouldnt be this way

So you have a girlfriend and a friend you love too?

There is a huge surprise at the end for you. You miscalculated something important.

Okay I'm about to spend 230 dollars on new clothes because I'm an almost shopaholic. I have plenty of money for rent and needs and don't need it but I like to live in the moment and shopping excites me.

Here we go

>dad is a violent schizophrenic paedophile from a rough city
>my mum was also violent
>parents moved from Manchester to Taunton in 1981 because racist
>had my sister in '89 and me in '92
>used to beat me, lock me in cupboards and wash mouth out with soap when I was as young as 3
>had to watch and sometimes get caught inbetween parents physical fighting
>mum and dad divorced in '95
>mum took me and sister to Manchester women and childrens home
>met a guy called Frank
>he used to beat me and my sister, swung us by our ears until they bled
>dad set up a meeting and took us to Exeter
>sexually abused me, physically abused me, mentally abused me and verbally abused me
>used to go crazy a lot, heavy drinker. extremely violent
>dropped sister off at cop station in June of '97
>I'm with this crazy bastard until late '98
>go into care
>am withdrawn
>I molested kids when I was a kid (even living with my dad)
>my foster dad cheated on my foster mum so there were a lot of fights there
>foster dad has punched me on occasion
>I tried to fuck foster sister
>killed her hamsters and a dog
>thought about mass murder a lot
>I attempted burglary once
>foster dad rinsed my mum out of 30,000 quid last October and the resulting animosity between them made me fucking worried
>but they renewed their vows for 25th anniversary so whatever
>just found out abusive dad potentially died 3 years ago and pissed nobody told me
>foster mum tells me she could have cancer

It never gets better does it? Neck myself when

how old are you now?

there's so much going on here but there is always a chance to change life
you have to be the change though
I often have those feelings about it never getting better and wanting to die
it's always my backup plan, since I refuse to live at my lowest points ever again
but I am still here right now
if you want to talk make a new thread and I'll head on over

I stopped fapping a couple of days days ago simply because I didn't feel like it
today I was like "damn, I feel like fapping now" but instead actually doing it I keep edging and trying not to cum.
Why the hell am I such a fucking idiot?

I death grip wanked and edged for 3 years (from losing my virginity to my first real GF) and i could last at least half an hour

I don't understand what you are trying to tell me with that

I realize I’ve been trying to buy your affection and I’ll never have it. I wish I could die. You’re not even my friend I guess.

I wonder if I could die by asphyxiating myself with a plastic bag. I don't have a gun, nor rope or a good spot to hang myself from, and pills never work, so if I were to do the deed then it's either this or slitting my wrists.