How do I stop being so nice to girls...

How do I stop being so nice to girls? It kinda hurts me when I’m mean or discourteous to anyone but I’m tired of being the safe, stable, friendly asexual future meal ticket to women.

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Read the book no more mr nice guy

you dont have to stop being nice lol

what you need to stop doing is being such an indirect pussy


You can be an interesting, non-shitty person. It's not hard. Just have a backbone and don't be "nice" because you expect some kind of reward for it, or because you're too much of a coward to do anything but let people walk all over you.

I'm one of the friendliest people you'll meet, but I stand up for myself and people around me. Surprise surprise, I get girls.

That is literally what he's asking, he wants to know how to not be a coward

I’m not nice to get stuff from people

It’s my nature

I’m perfectly willing to openly disrespect people who disrespect me though

Then I don't know what to tell you. Develop some interesting traits about yourself so you can tell a story and maintain a conversation.

I used to hook up with a girl who early on told me I was too nice a guy, and being nice was lame. I looked her straight in the eye, told her I didn't give a shit what she thought, and that I was going to keep acting the way I want, and that includes being a caring person. We had sex a week later.

You're expressing in your OP that you're not confident in who you are. Decide who you want to be, and unwaveringly be that. And if a girl doesn't respect that, fuck her.

I'm sure the girl wearing that shirt intimidates you and hurts your feelings, but the reality is she's just being an edgy little girl in the middle of NY where a curse word on her shirt is going to give her attention. She's probably sitting in her 50 sq. foot apartment right now alone with her cat.

Hey bro, pic related is what we call in the white world, a "hoosier" aka white trash. Don't take advice from this bitch. #2 just be yourself

Don't listen to these liars OP

I am confident in myself

Bitches love it when you're nice.
You're being passive and uninteresting, which is a different problem.


Don't be a "nice guy" but you can and should still be nice to girls and people in general. Don't be a doormat, have a spine and some balls but still be a good person.

By the sounds of this thread, you could use some improvement with your self-esteem.

Being nice is my nature. It makes me happy to make someone’s day that much better. I don’t let people walk all over me if that’s what you think.

>I don’t let people walk all over me if that’s what you think.

Yeah that's what I think cause it's the entire premise of this thread.

> I’m tired of being the safe, stable, friendly asexual future meal ticket to women.

Unless of course you actually believe that just being nice is something that women are disgusted by. Le Bad Boy meme. In which case you need to go back to r9k because you're a lost cause if you've shoved that many red pills up your ass to the point where you think that you being nice is what's holding you back from being with a girl. it's not.

I mean it’s pretty much objective fact at this point. I don’t like being a jerk but pretending to be one would be okay.

That link only states that men like girls who are nice to them. Why are you lying?

>Studies 1 and 2 showed that men, BUT NOT women, perceived a responsive stranger as more gender typical (masculine/feminine) and, in turn, as more attractive

>One study from one journal
>Study doesn't even say what you claim it says
Nowhere in the abstract does it claim that women dislike responsive men.

So basically it says that being nice to women doesn't make her like you more.
It doesn't claim that women lose attraction if you're nice to them, you goof.

That means they did not find a pattern of liking someone for being nice in girls. It doesn't mean girls like bad boys. You are truly too stupid to breed.

>Men rated their responsive female partners as more feminine and therefore more attractive. Women, however, did not find their responsive partners particularly masculine or feminine – and worse yet, being responsive was marginally but negatively associated with how attractive they found their male partner.

Don’t play dumb pls

You treat them like dogs that talk.

Not even that. Being nice to a girl will make her attracted to you more. But it's just not an instant first thing like it is with men. A girl who is perceived as nice will immediately attract men. A man who is nice will not have that seen as his first most noticeable trait, but girls will definitely fall for him and think him being nice is a good trait.

>Women may perceive [a responsive] person as inappropriately nice and manipulative (i.e., trying to obtain sexual favors) or eager to please, perhaps even as desperate, and therefore less sexually appealing. Alternatively, women may perceive a responsive man as vulnerable and less dominant.

Please learn to read

[citation needed]

Do you have access to behind that paywall or something? It's not in the abstract.

Nowhere does it say any of that shit in the abstract.

If women love jerks, how come you are a kissless virgin? You are an angry abusive jerk.

Wew lad, that’s a lot of projection


Tell me you aren’t this low IQ

op needs to grow up.
no one ows you shit. you gotta work to deserve it.

It must be painful to be this angry and butthurt, user.

If it doesn't earn you any favors you shouldn't stop doing it, kindness is selfless with no expectation of reward.
Confidence goes a long way, and while it can be difficult to feel confident on your specific path, it's not impossible at all. Hold on and keep your heart as true as you can, you'll find someone OP.

You aren't being nice, you are being just a beta. Having a backbone and standing up for yourself isn't being mean, and of course nobody owes you anything for "being nice".

"Women don't like nice guys" is the biggest myth. Women like nice guys, they just don't like "nice guys." To a woman, being gentle, laid back and kind natured is a very attractive trait in a man AS LONG AS he doesn't put her on a pedestal and act like a beta male bordering on creepy. And as long as he has a good personality and sense of humour too of course.

Honestly, this board and other MRA/redpill/PUA type websites give the impression that the only way to get a girlfriend is to walk up to a woman and punch her in the face, because that's "alpha" behaviour and being alpha makes them all wet.

Exactly this.
If you think girls love assholes, just go up to random girls and call them ugly bitches.
Surely they'll fall right on your dick, right?
Make sure you film it too, so we can all laugh at you.

The problem with this premise is that you all assume women are inherently nice. Being shy and soft-spoken doesn't make them nice.

Of course most women don't like nice guys, because they're not nice themselves. Someone being naturally kind without any expectations seems like manipulation or desperation to them for that reason. In their lives they aren't surrounded by nice people, because nice people wouldn't want to do anything to do with them. Also, you do get "nice guys" who pretend to be nice and then calls them a bitch 10 minutes later if she shows no interest, so more experienced women could also be cynical of that type of behavior.

Are you guys telling me a girl that tends to a garden, reads books, doesn't go to clubs or gets drunk every Friday, doesn't promote herself on social media, takes care of herself, cooks and organizes her living space, volunteers at an animal shelters, and listens to non-degenerate music wants to date some dick, as opposed to a confident, thoughtful, productive man with a mission of making a positive impact on his family/community/world?

If your goal is to get more pussy, then you have to see what the average woman wants. Because being nice is not that common in this selfish world.

What if I called you an ugly bitch while talking to your girl, then asked that pretty thing why tf she's hanging out with some uglyass bitch?
I wouldn't do that because it would be a jerk thing to do. I don't think you're an uglyass bitch, you're a beautiful person and a brother among brothers, simply trying to make the following point:

You can be mean (in general) without being mean towards someone directly.

What more people need to hammer home is the idea of complete ***confidence*** being a powerful, sexually attractive trait.

>What more people need to hammer home is the idea of complete ***confidence*** being a powerful, sexually attractive trait.

That's pretty much the most important factor, regardless of whether you're a nice guy or not.

Confidence and humour. And basic hygiene as well.