I don’t know how to say goodbye to my boyfriend before i kill myself...

i don’t know how to say goodbye to my boyfriend before i kill myself. i know this is going to destroy him but i can’t do this anymore. i’d like to tell my friends i love them too but i don’t want to freak them out while they’re at work

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send a message to one person and turn off your phone. where and how are you planning this?

going to take a bunch of klonopin right now

Hey would you like to talk? I'm not gonna be pretentious as to try to fix you, since you're the one struggling with your issues. But what's the harm in a talk?

You have a chemical imbalance and an insufficient amount of serotonin due to over stimulation of your mentality.

Just put down the tech and chill

i don’t want to suffer anymore but i don’t want to cause more suffering on my way out, that’s all. i already didn’t exist for however many trillions of years the universe has been here, and i’ll be dead for countless more. if anything i shouldn’t even care that people will be hurt over my suicide because it’s all temporary anyway

That is not a good way. Just stop and think about what you're doing.

no one can refute this point, just tell me what you’d want to hear, if it’s nothing that’s fine too

Stop being selfish and what you are saying seems very self centered.

Yeah, it's temporary for the worthless grains of space dust a light-year away from us, but who gives a shit about them? Your life is immeasurably worthy for yourself and the ones who love you. You still have a gigantic ocean of opportunities hidden in plain sight by the negative feelings you're going through

Is there a specific moment you can rember in your life when things started going south?

Stupid cunt, stop posting about it, if you're gonna do it, do it. Put everyone you know out of their misery.

is anyone gonna give me some actual fucking advice? you don’t know me, you just want to feel better about yourselves trying to save some random person on the internet

Well, perhaps the reason you're seeking this advice is that you know your boyfriend will obviously try to talk you out of it. Are you afraid he might convince you? Is life that dreadful?

You have a bf the vast majority of people on this board or in general don't have someone other than family so you could be in a worse position. Be grateful for what you have and don't think that killing yourself is gonna make your life better. Youll be dead and won't be able to make it anything

You have a bf so you have someone other than your family who cares about you. You have friends. So you have a lot more than most people so be grateful and don't be a selfish cunt and do something so permanent. Life can be changed and improved death is final.

hurrrrr durrrr life is hard

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When you are feeling better you will be so glad that you did not make the wring decision today. Trust me!! This feeling will pass.

Well, what a coincidence..

Your bf, friends and family will get hurt anyway, even if you do write them or not. They'll freak out when they'll find out that you've killed yourself. So if you really plan on doing it, I suggest you write all of them something in advance, something meaningful. Make sure you read your notes over and over so you don't forget anything.
That's what I did for my bf. I mean, if he killed himself I'd be devastated even if he wrote me something or not, but I'd love to have an explanation, and the thought of him taking his time to write me something before he killed himself would probably make me get though his death a little (v little) easier. So I guess he'd want a note too.

As some user said, you might be afraid of your bf talking you out of it, because he would. You could be afraid of him making you live for some more days when you just can't wait for everything to end. I'd suggest talking with him about everything and going together to a therapist. You don't want to end your life, you want the pain to go away, and if you talk to him and your family and your therapist about what's making you suffer, in time, the pain will disappear.

Take care, user

"My life is better than yours. I'm going to kill myself."

How am I supposed to provide you any fucking advice? What the fuck is wrong with your life? What have you done to try and fix it?


Get over yourself