Sex with gf stopped, says she found god, what do

Me and my gf have been having sex since the beginning of our relationship 3 years ago but we hadn't for the last couple weeks and every time I brought it up I got shut down and she said she wasn't in the mood. Last night I'm super horny so I start trying to iniate but then she drops the bombshell that she's been getting back in touch with her faith (parents raised her Christian but doesn't practice) and that she doesn't think god wants her to have sex anymore until she's married. I don't see us getting married any time soon and I don't know if I can deal with our relationship not being sexual. What do? I really care about her but.....

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Dump her, probably.
That's some weird behavior.
Who knows what other bizarre cult beliefs she's going to internalize?

Go to God's house and tell him to lay off your girl.

Be completely honest with her. Sexual compatibility is really important for a relationship and that it's really important to you.

One idea I had was to find a fuck buddy until we're married but that would probably backfire pretty hard

She’s not attracted to you

Ive been thinking how to say that but it feels shallow

What kind of Christians are her parents?

Protestant, church of England I think

It sounds like you and her want different things out of life, honestly. My advice would be

1. Explain to her that you are looking for a different kind of relationship than the one she wants, and that it would be best if you were just friends.
2. Find a new girl who is into what you're into

Look into that life style and how people following it act, her parents too. She will no doubt choose god over you if she truly is a believer, so its up to you if you can stay with someone with that life style.

God doesn't forbid sex.

Thanks, that's actually good advice

Outside of marriage is apparently a sin

Any time, good user

How old are you OP? Just marry her

Lmao i got the same shit from my ex while she was cheating on me.

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lol this is not love. drop her for her sake. do her a favour. maybe god's gonna make her realize she don't need you

She found god alright, that the other guy she started fucking gave her an orgasm. She still needs rides to work and whatever else you provide that god can’t be bothered with.

I found God recently but it hasn’t changed my views on sex with my boyfriend
He’s a Christian too
We both decided that we would rather have sex and live in the same house before marriage rather than get married too early and end up in divorce...
Times have changed too much to put too much faith in old traditions

She needs to understand this
Plus no amount of abstenance now will make up for the sex she’s already had... so..

>He’s a Christian too
well He did start it after all