I've started just leaving my bachelor's off my resume...

I've started just leaving my bachelor's off my resume . I do this so nobody asks me about it or expects me to know anything . My brother thinks I'm an idiot and could be make $100k or whatever.

I have a degree in Computer Science.

I can't code . I don't know networks. I don't know I.T. I don't know anything associated with the degree .

This is not imposter syndrome. This thread goes smoothly if you take what I say as 100% fact

>just learn to code
I've tried for 4 years while being personally mentored by very patient good phds. It doesn't click.

What should I do? How do I get a job?

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Well what kind of a job are you looking for?

That's 0 information to go off of.

I have 0 knowledge

Do QA lol. Much more relaxed than dev.

Why don't you just be IT?

I don't know how

Wait you went and got a 4 year degree and learned absolutely nothing about you major. da fuk user.

do you know if statements, loops, variables, functions, structs, classes?

how did you exactly pass a degree without learning anything?
you have to apply 1st year programming concepts and math on later years as well.

getting mad liar vibes.

CS isn't programming or IT. OP probably is good-ish at discrete math though.

I kinda know them except for structs and classes.
Aside : I know zero object oriented concepts or data structures. I don't even know how to code a quick sort. I have no language I can say I know or prefer to work in.

Keep it on your degree.

Apply to positions that don't involve coding or high-level math. If people ask, just say you decided to "take full scope of life's opportunities" or some bullshit.

A lot of the time, a degree is little more than a stamp certifying you aren't a retarded for potential employers. It's an important stamp, but unless the job demans X degree, anything will do.

How did you pass data structures and algorithms? I'm in a similar position, CS grad w/ no internships or good projects and I"m having trouble getting paid what I want to get paid. I have an IT job at a shit hosting company, though.

Literally, apply and interview for hundreds of jobs. When you get interviews, try to get as much information about the interview process as you can and CRAM for that shit. That's how I got my current job. Act like you won't graduate unless you CRAMMMMM

Anyway, did you got to a shitty school? I was barely able to graduate from my mid-tier school in CS and I'm a decent programmer. I'm working through free code camp to try to get a web dev job. You're probably just not trying hard.

Structs and classes are just a way to format your data. Anyways, it doesn't matter if you can code a quick sort or not, you're getting stuck in the weeds. You can spend an eternity doing tutorials, but if all you do is copy-paste lines of code or only think of the code you're editing at that moment and not the whole program, then you will never truly grasp programming.

Should I even try to program ? The closest to knowing a language I got was R. I was able to cheat by C but I don't know it at all.

Can I get a job with just R? I can maybe take what I know and cram hardcore and actually get somewhere
What specifically can I even get? I've genuinely just worked a warehouse job for 6 months after I graduated

i don't think I can answer any esoteric code interview questions to be honest

how the hell did you get a degree in computer science without learning how to code?

Low standards

then how did you get a degree?
it's bullshit that you don't know anything.

Why don't you learn something easier than C? And more applicable to today's market? Learn Python... Or javascript. Or some other high level lang. Low lelvel systems shit is probably not what you want to be going for.

Go the army. Any degree will do. Then federal jobs.

I just said I don't know C.
Wh at can i do in the army

If you have a four-year degree you can enroll directly in officer candidate school and avoid being a grunt at the very bottom

No way

Anything. Army is huge.

are y'all really trying to force him into the army

What's the fuckin problem
He can get any certification he can fuckin think of in the army


this, most science majors I know ended up getting some clerical or administrative position that had nothing to do with the so called focus of their major but you're really hurting yourself by leaving it out.

Use your degree and apply for positions that doesn't require computer science.
Things like an actuary or something.

What are you, an idiot? it make no difference what your degree is in unless you are going to work in whatever your field of study was.

Many employers will automatically weed out resumes of non-degreed people - A degree will still open doors.

Are you serious with that actuary suggestion? Dude...

a lot of people switch career paths. just apply to places in a different field at an entry level position.

CS degrees are about time complexity and computational theory. Universities like to bait people with programming courses for the freshman/sophomore levels, but after that it's abstract math that just blurs together