What to say to my family

Can you tell me if there is words or things to say to my family to reduce their pain if I commit suicide? Is there anything to say to "prepare" them?

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"hey guys, I'm not gonna kill myself"

Leave a note saying you love them and why you're doing it and absolve them of responsibility. Or don't be a selfish shitbag and just fix your life. Your parents put in thousands of dollars and their good years of life rsising your sorry ass. Go to the gym and start reading classic literature.

>Go to the gym and start reading classic literature.
Good advice

Go 2 jim it fix you’re problams

Yes. Take care of your body and also stimulate your mind. Lazy faggot.

Lol what a moron. Didn't know gym and reading fixes all the problems in your life. There is no clear solution that applies to everyone you retard. Let alone a gym membership.

Suicide is perfectly normal and simply represents another form of taking control of your life. He's been dead for millennia before he was born and for all we know he was perfectly happy. It is something personal and nobody should have any input on it, family or otherwise.

That being said OP, if I were you I'd consider killing the person you are before you actually hurt yourself. Since you got nothing else to lose, go out there and try to experience anything and everything your past self would have never considered. Go to a weird country far away or bike around the world. Go volunteer in places where people really need help. Who knows, maybe if you forget about yourself and make other people's lives better you might get a new start.

tl;dr Killing yourself comes from the fact that the person you've been living as until now wants to die. Try something else for a change regardless of how radical it is (provided you don't hurt other people ofc) before applying the final solution.

that's why I thought to make a radical change but idk desu what to do, I will try to make great travel before dying maybe. The problem now is that as I didn't eat and sleep that much, I've lost like 10kg which make me lot less strengthful than before, which make travelling etc. harder

i cant ignore this post as a person who knows the feeling. you could be trolling, but ill give you respect. the pain you feel now will be small compared to the pain of your people losing you. I dont know your problems, but i do know what it's like to keep going just for the love of my family. sometimes that's all that matters. when you're close to death ( and ive been there twice) the first time it's like you cant process how close you came to not existing.
the 2nd time around you realize all that matters is the good memories you have to look back on as you face the feeling you might die. I was diagnosed with bone cancer a few years ago, had a seizure and almost drowned in a pool a few years before that. Death isn't a release, or a solution. it's a process and sometimes it's better to wait for something better in your life.
get help user please.

t. Lazy illiterate faggot. It's self improvement and I guarantee this guy has some retarded teenager problems.

>I know exactly what the personal problems of this guy on the internet even though he never gave any details. I'm just THAT GOOD
I only replied to call you a moron. You're not helping here. Get lost.

There are organisations out there that will take you in and provide everything you need, like woofing or the red cross. The key is to find the ones not trying to screw you over. Stay away from people that give off red flags or religious organisations(except the taoist or kinds that don't try to turn you into a servant).

It's possible user. All you need is a plan and destination. If you have a few close friends or family members, fill them in on the plan. People go to 'find themselves' in unexpected places all the time. Like I said before, do whatever you want to do before you check out. That way you go without regret.


Just work out bro, it fixes all your problems. Car doesn't start? Work out. Bad credit? Work out. Diagnosed with terminal cancer? Work out.

Family can't be sad if they're dead.

Jow Forums is truly cancer. Nowhere near Jow Forums but still.

No. The psychological effects on them will be permanent and more extreme than you can possibly imagine.

Have you given other options a try first? Go on a meditation retreat. Literally what do you have to lose?

Can you tell us why you wanna do it first?

Just tell them they could have prevented it because that's what they will think no matter what you say.

No. Listen very closely:

There is NOTHING you can possibly say that will make it easier for them. The moment they find your corpse, no words will ever reach them.

>read clsssic literature
I’m confused. You told him to fix himself in one sentence, but then in the next you told him to read one of the most depressing genres of literature around. Almost every classic is depressing and I’ve read most of them.
OP, start with sci-fi or great poems, like the Odyssey, then go for more modern classics

This book saved me. Give it a chance.

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