My bf proposed but I’ve been cheating

So I’ve been with the same guy for about 5 years.. recently we have kind of been growing apart, as much as I hate it..
2 months ago I started sleeping with his friend, I don’t really see anything long term with him, just a bit of something on the side.. ever since then me and my boyfriends relationship has been great.. even our sex life has picked back up..

The thing is, he’s just proposed to me last night. I’m estatic but I never expected us to get to this stage, and now there’s the whole thing with his friend...
I really want to marry this guy
But If He knew what I had done I know he would take it all back and leave me...

Is it wrong for me to keep it a secret? Do you think his friend could keep a secret like that?

I don’t know what to do I’m so confused ... help

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damn i hate whores so much...

If it was a one-time random hookup before your wedding - a last hurrah - I could maybe understand not mentioning it.

But this is you sleeping with his friend repeatedly.

You already know that you have to tell him or you wouldn't be asking here.

If you truly care about him you won't keep something like that a secret. I know it'll hurt but you need to do what's fair to his feelings even if it means sacrificing everything you've built together because that's what love's about, it's about putting the feelings of those dear to you before your own.

you will pay the price for that one way or the other.

Do everyone a favour and hang yourself

Do him the favor and walk away now. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

>is it wrong for me to keep it a secret?
The very fucking fact you need to ask this question, because you either want validation or are genuinely unsure, does not bode well for your moral compass.

Fuck you.

Dont be a DICKHEAD and tell him.about it,and let him decide If he want to continue with you or not
I am sure you probably wont tell him cause you are afraid of him sending you to shit

You arent ecstatic.
If he was really the guy you wanted to marry, you would never risk cheating on him.
Just leave him and stop wasting the poor mans time.

What the other anons said. You've got to tell him. It'll probably hurt a lot, but if you actually care about him, you owe it to him. It's not worth it to build a marriage based on lies- it'll all fall apart and leave both of you worse of than where you started.

No. Make some minor drama and break up without telling him about the cheating.

No one deserves to get cheated on or to marry a whore.

Jesus Christ , you just casually cheated on your bf because he started getting quiter before he proposed to you (which happens a lot) and you're *excited* about marriage?

Fuck off lady

Lmao this bait is so bag, girls don't even talk like this

You are a terrible person and you should kill yourself

You’re right about one thing, but I am a girl.. lol

Just keep your mouth shut and marry.

Well played.

Epic troll, if not jump in front of a train and have your organs smeared on the tracks so the crows can feast on you, psychopathic witch. Not even your mother will miss you.

yeah kill yourself anyhow

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Hope you become a triple amputee.
Burn in hell whore.

Mum already disowned me

if not a troll, tell him you cheated on him and leave. its gunna kill him inside but he deserves the little bit of dignity he still has. you shouldnt force him to make the decision seeing as you are in the wrong here.

do not keep it a secret or it will eventually eat at you inside. this is the msot difficult step but starting it now will save everyone in the longrong

also dont cheat for future reference. just leave somebody if you lose sexual interest or gain higher with someone else. people deserve their dignity

That's really well put user.

>Mum already disowned me
based and redpilled.

Yeah some of the advice here has been so kind and sweet that I feel bad for trolling. I was expecting mostly abuse. Some of you guys rule

alright, save that sickly shit for reddit

I’m curious as to why you even feel the need to post bait.

I think I get turned on by humiliation and abuse

I hope this is bait, you are a selfish piece of trash and this tread is pointless because obviously your selfish ass is just going to keep hurting the man who loves you rather than coming clean and letting him find someone who deserves him.

Shut the fuck up whore no one cares. You chose to be un faithful whore in a bad spot of the relationship

Sad thing is she can and women happen to do this all the time

I don’t know why but the only attention I like from men is negative attention
One of my boyfriends refused to hit me so I punched him repetitively in the back of the head until he turned around and punched me in the face
I don’t know why I’m sharing all this with you guys..
I’ve been off my seroquel for 4 days and I haven’t been sleeping

>a video game meming, antipsychotic prescribed, Jow Forums browsing, physically abusive, marriage-age roastie has the opportunity to cheat and get proposals from desperate gullible men.

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You smoothbrained cumdumpster, get bent Seamus.

The only thing you can do to rectify this is tell him the truth. Maybe he'll forgive you, maybe he won't. But if you don't tell him or do stupid shit like this it will eat you up inside.

His "friend" WILL tell him eventually. If it comes from his mouth instead of yours... I don't even think you'll be physically safe.

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You ever wonder if these women are "normal" and our morals are just misplaced and weird? It seems like I hear about this stuff so often it almost is normal.

So you're a girl who wants people on the internet to call you a whore? I don't get it, why?

Maybe its the fact that we are sad losers getting angry at this shit.

They want you to think this is what all women are like.
There’s actually heaps of good women out there, but they want us angry and separated because women’s emotional brains are easy to turn against the white man..

Either tell him and let him think about it a bit and hopefully reconsider, or just walk away already. His potential wife and his friend are both backstabbing him, it won't turn out great if he keeps putting trust in people like that.
I've something seen this happen before and the guy hasn't shown trust in anyone since and picked up like 10 bad habits and suicidal thoughts. Remember that it's your fault and you should handle whatever follows as your own responsibility!

Nah not sad losers.
Y’all are actually just good guys

Fucking cum guzzling whores

That me

I see nothing wrong with having an adverse reaction to injustice.

Kill yourself.
No, really, fucking kill yourself. Or at the very least break up with him somehow.

Super obvious bait. But if it isnt, kill yourself. Slowly.

I'm finding myself in a kinda similar boat OP but from the male end I feel for you.

Yeah it's wrong and if you really were so fucked up to the point youd break that loyalty instead of talking about it or just breaking up you're scum. *spit*
You can stop with his friend and hold the secret.
But one day youll cheat again when things go a little south because cleary you cant talk about it with your PARTNER
And if things can't be worked out together to the point you need dick from someone else then you break it off.
Me and you both know what you're gonna do so thanks for becoming your future " lol single mom, bb daddy is scumbag lol"
Ruining his life and your childrens.

Either say no upfront or if you really want to marry him tell him the truth and accept the possibility that he will not want to marry you anymore.

When you had sex with his friend you did something most people are not willing to forgive easily and you knew it. It is only fair that you meet the consequences of your deeds.

You are the cancer of society, kill yourself!

my advice ?

do wat you want.
love who u want.
get married.

sex is sex marrage is mariage.

dont take it to seriously honustyl i wouldn tell him.
if he find out
then be honust with him.

if u r gonna marry him then it wont matter.

he loves you.

andu dont love other guy.

if u want to be honust be honust.

.there a reason u dont tell people things that will hurt them.

if ur really in love and getting married just let time go buy foget about and move on until. the time comes up just say it was in apst if he ever finds out.
say im no the same woman.

hwo many girls has he fucked do u care?

if ur getting married and truly love each other it shudnt matter marriag is big commitment.

That advice is totally disrespectful towards his feelings. If a tree falls in a forest and nobody's there to hear it still makes a sound, We don't live in a vacuum even if he doesn't her actions still effect him.

Confess to him you're a dirty cheating whore before accepting his proposal. Be decent enough to let him know he'll be marrying a disgusting slut if he decides he's still down to put a ring on your finger for whatever reason.

I don't understand the point of marrying someone when the only reason a relationship nearly at its end became tolerable was to cheat with his best friend. If OP marries and lets assume she stops fucking the best friend then the very thing that kept her in the relationship is gone.

Sure she'll have a ring but no spice. Whenever a woman says it took them fucking someone else to realize how much they love their partner they tell a half truth. The whole truth is the woman needs both men to be happy.

OP's boyfriend is probably some regular beta cuck like most boyfriends are nowadays. OP wants this boring, reliable beta cuck as her husband (security blanket) and then fuck a hot guy on the side. Alpha fucks, beta bucks guys.

It happens so much it's sickening. Think about it, we only hear the cheating stories when people openly admit to it. Imagine how many relationship there are where the woman is secretly fucking some hot guy on the side while her husband/boyfriend is working his ass off trying providing for her.

wats love got to do with. got to do with it.

Obviously you should just keep it a secret and accept his proposal
He drove you into the arms of someone else so it's not even your fault, it's on him. So if anything it's really a further burden on you to keep him protected

>Whenever a woman says anything they tell a half truth.

Surely this is bait

Leave him, then kill yourself human trash.

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This thread is bait you fucking redditors get off my website








>we only hear the cheating stories when people openly admit to it
I have always maintained women always have two men they just keep the secret better. They know men don't want to face the fact she is fucking other men so as long as they don't blurt it out or opening fuck someone in front of them a a bf or husband blinds themselves and pretends all is well.

There is no incentive for her to break up, (she's accepted the marriage proposal) and she just told us her life was made infinitely better, even the tired relationship of 5 years, after she started fucking the best friend.

So why in hell would anyone fuck up a great life with something as inconvenient as the truth?

Jep. While i wouldn't go as far as saying every single woman has a secret lover, it happens so much it's ridiculous. Proof of this being so common is everywhere, you just need to open your damn eyes and listen to people.

Pretty much any guy who is decent with women has slept with girls who had a boyfriend. Multiple times probably. The real players (chads if you like) will tell you how easy it is to seduce a girl who has a boyfriend as long as you're hotter than the boyfriend. Most of the time however, the boyfriend will never know about it. She goes out with her girls, meets the hot guy, has sex with him and then she returns to her safe and comfortable boyfriend as if nothing happened.

Will confirm. The number one thing that stops a woman is the fear of being caught. Not love, not commitment. If she knows the guy won't tell she surely won't and can fuck him and go home as if it were a normal day. Been on both ends of this. Been the guy with my dick between her tits, her husband calls and she has to take it, she chats about mundane married shit, hangs up and starts sucking my dick. Also caught a wife that was fucking her boss during lunch daily for 6 months and it was only because the stupid boss sent a text with an obscure reference to a "regular" place to meet and I believed she had never been there.

Fuckin thot

Sometimes a woman will be inclined to cheat even if her boyfriend is in the same room lol.

A while ago i was in a club with my friends where i met this girl. We were dancing, grinding, i was kissing her neck and she was loving it. After a few minutes i turned her around, looked her deep in her eyes and we were on the verge of making out before some dude interrupted me and tapped me on the shoulder and told me: ''hey asshole, can you please leave my girlfriend alone and fool around with some other girl''?

Most boyfriends/husbands nowadays are complete cucks. They don't realize it even when it's happening right in front of their eyes.

Im terrible with women and even i managed to sleep with 2 girls that had bfs. In both cases i only figured it out after the fact, because they never even bothered to mention that they happened to be in a serious relashionship.
Its really hard to trust people when you start realizing how awful they are. I think im too paranoid to have a gf now.

>I think im too paranoid to have a gf now.
Exactly, this is the thing that is starting to make me slightly bitter when it comes to girls. It's not the incel shit of being bitter about not getting laid. I can get laid and i've been with multiple women. But i've seen so much cheating happen, i simply can't trust women enough to commit myself to them. If you commit yourself to a woman, you're most likely going to get cucked sooner or later.

but women don't consider it cheating if it doesn't impact their partner negatively and if their partner doesn't know and like the OP, her relationship is actually better. The woman is happier, the partner is happier and the side guy is really happy. He get laid and doesn't have to deal with a gf.

post story