Is cuddling/spooning all that it's hyped up to be? Or is it shit

Is cuddling/spooning all that it's hyped up to be? Or is it shit

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Its one of the best things in the world.

Speaking from pure manogomist experience

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I'm talking about from a guys Perspective, I know it's better for girls

Its nice, but im not gonna fall asleep like that more than likely

>Its nice, but im not gonna fall asleep like that more than likely

For reals. Gets way too warm

Guy here. I might be an outlier, but I love it.. It's one of the best physical aspects to a relationship

Face full of hair
Dead arm
Can't adjust without disturbing her

sounds like you only ever cuddle in the same position

>tfw gf likes being the big spoon
>never cuddled face to face
>never cuddled with your face in her chest

this this THIS

the user in needs to know how complete you feel when you can be cuddling face-to-face with deep kisses, or when you can be cuddling with you inside her as she holds your face between her boobs

Amazing and thinking about it makes me remember just how lonely I am

I would rather give up sex than to give up cuddling

Cuddling is the best, prefer it over sex, but I hate going to bed while cuddling. In a long term relationship I probably would need separate beds.

Yes, cuddling is amazing. Just when you cuddle, keep it a cuddle and don't get too ambitious with her if you aren't to the sexing point of the relationship

Fuck me, that's exactly how it is for me.

We never spoon anymore because of how anal she is about who's where and doing what.

Yeah it's my favorite part of a relationship. Love laying on my gf's chest.

>Cuddling with your face in her chest

Can't imagine how this would be possible. My gf is 5'1 and busty. I don't think I'd be able to breathe

Face in chest just feels weird

Cuddling is one of the rare things that makes me forget how shit the education system is

It's quite nice. Especially when you pull her into you and breath in her smell. You start slowly kissing her neck, tasting her essence. As you grab her hair and tickle her ears with your lips you can feel her shiver a bit sometimes. You drag your hand over her hip, feeling how supple it is and soft. As your fingers drift along her skin toward her breasts you tickle her ribs and she pushes back into you.. You tease her there. The breasts are my favorite. You get to play with them, fondle them, caress them and pinch them. All while you suck on the tips of her ears while she lays there in your embrace. Finally, you make your way back down to the edge of her panties which she eagerly helps you pull down..

Yes, cuddling and spooning is amazing. I do it all the time with my Queen when she is here.

My dude

What's with the ears

I mean yeah vut every partner is gnna have a slightly different shape so finding comphy ways to do it can be hard. Almost no one can fall asleep holding eachother. Ause something goes numb.

Hers are really sensitive.. If I kiss and lick behind her ears she goes crazy.

Can someone else confirm that ear cuddling is an actual thing? This is creeping me out.

Listen, her ears are sensitive. She likes it when I lick and suck on the outside of her hears. Behind them. The tips. It's not unusual. It really gets her going. Try kissing a woman on her neck and slowly work your way towards her ears. She will go crazy.

(thank me later)

I will try it TODAY and tell you about how it horribly failed.

Stay tuned

how? I haven't been on /b/ for months. This place has turned from CP and cancer to WORSE. At least before I could block the CP. Now it is just.. well, you see it as it is.

Wrong thread?

it's gay but in a good way

I fucking love that shit. Just spooning after sex and talking shit is the best thing ever. Almost makes up for how fucking imbecilic women are

Isn't this weird? Her basically with your face in her chest

>Cuddling someone of the opposite sex is gay
Found the virgin

that's the best part, user
suffocating from her big milker is the best way to die

We almost always fall asleep cuddling after sex.

It's great the first time you get to cuddle with a grill that you're genuinely attracted to physically and emotionally. Difficult to describe, but you could think of it as a combination of soft platonic body warmth based cuddles with sexual groping/licking/sucking mixed in based on preferences and desires, often leading to sex. Some people never get tired of it, but for me the mystic wore off after about 6-8 weeks when it mostly turned into work because I made the mistake of showing my gf that I had amateur massage skills based on vids I'd watched and a couple classes taken at college, pretty much making the pleasure received one sided for the most part. It wasn't all bad though, after constantly doing more for her she eventually got the mentality that their had to be some form of repayment so blowie jowies became a super regular occurrence.

Never experienced either, but to me, cuddling seems about twenty times more appealing than sex.

>inb4 this is from an asexual female
Wrong on both.

You're shit at sex

>Never experienced either
One would assume he's probably not that great at it, yeah.

>not having a king sized bed
my gf is shorter than yours and I'm 6 ft nigga. you literally just go lower

Cuddling isn't that great from my perspective. Whoever mentioned that it was hot, your arm is dead, and the rest of that is right. Same with face in chest. I need to breathe to feel comfortable.

It's my suspicion that most guys into cuddling so much have mommy issues, but who knows.

Ears are an erogenous zone. Are you 12?

I do have a king sized bed, that's doesn't make it any less awkward.

Are you a guy or a girl


>kissing her neck
>hand on her tittie
>the magical moment when you start to finger her from behind and she lifts her leg up for you to go to town on her

that's autistic though, you may as well argue that kissing is gross because mouths are full of bacteria and warm and wet and abloobloo

You're saying this like there aren't people who would prefer to do their shit than kiss. I think a desperate need as a dude for cuddles isn't very manly. I mean, if you like cuddling, don't let what other people think stop you necessarily, but if you sit at home crying on a Mongolese Backgammon Forum that you don't have someone to hold you, you probably have issues.


It's something that's kinda nice and comforting when you have it.
It's something you long for when you've been alone for an extended period of time.

why do you give even half a shit about what is and is not "very manly"?

>Letting something like cuddling make you seem less manly
Insecure much

Cuddling is nice af. It takes a little to get used to it. Sex is fun and all, but some nights I'm tired af or she's tired.
Cuddling is nice because it still allows us to feel each other, physical touch is important. As the guy, the stereotype is that we want nothing but sex and only cuddle when we want it. Nah, like I said sex is fun, and important, but nothing beats a good cuddle after a long day. You just have to figure out how to position yourselves. Then again my gf is kinda light so she doesn't small my arm when she lays on it, or I slip it under her neck gently.
I'm 5'6 and she's 5'10. Not sure how I got her but I did, but she made me love being shorter.
>tfw I always get a faceful of titty
In the little spoon that big spoons the big spoon. It works well enough.

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Better than sex sometimes desu.

Cuddling is better than its hyped up with someone you really feel it with. People who don't like it aren't having the emotional/biological reaction like everyone else does.

It's nice if you manage to get into a comfortable position and fall asleep. Otherwise it's basically because you naturally get uncomfortable as time goes on. My ex absolutely loved for us to sleep together and always us to sleep cuddled. The only way I managed to be in a comfortable position doing it was if I turned away from her and then got her to hug me from behind because otherwise I just couldn't sleep

Like most other guys said before me, cuddling is one of the best things about having a relationship imo.

When i had a girlfriend we would sometimes lay in bed all day cuddling, watching netflix and have sex whenever we felt like it. Made me feel like all my problems went away and nothing else mattered than laying there, just being in the moment of ultimate comfyness, sharing mutual love and warmth.

makes me feel extremely masculine, and i guess it makes her feel very feminine.
you need to sleep sometime. and having a woman fall asleep with her head on your chest is very masculine. she wants a mans arms around her to make her feel safe. that isthe very essence of masculinity

It's not really about being manly I guess, but being secure in yourself. The only other guys I've ever known that really loved cuddling as much as Jow Forums does were always the guys who felt like they needed to have a good cry and have their mommy hold them.

My old roommate was the worst example of this. Never wanted to take responsibility for himself and his fuckups, always wanted someone to hold him and tell him how the world is unfair and has it out for him. Always a victim. A big baby.

Impossible to sleep like this. I don't know how you do it.

I don't know, maybe this all has something to do with being an only child and having an overbearing mom on my end. I don't mind having some chick laying on my chest while we watch a movie or something, but it's more of like a "sweet this girl is into me" kind of feeling than this "all my worries go away" thing.

Im a guy, but I enjoy being the small spoon sometimes. Sometimes I just hate nostril breathe on me. Depends on my mood, but overall enjoyable, and moreso to me, as small spoon. She prefers the small spoon as well though

Anyone claiming they don't enjoy it is a virgin

I like cuddling
No stress, doesn't burn carbs, doesn't end in awkwardness.

I'm out every week after mine, but if trade a one night stand for cuddling

Cuddling is great, but it's often uncomfortable too. My partner always ends up falling asleep while I'm awake for an hour kind of bored but unable to escape without waking them up.

It's pretty comfy desu, I know a lot of guys who hate it though

Oh, this
My cat and my girlfriend fall asleep faster that I do. I want to bail last minuit before they fall asleep but if they wake up alone they get sad

im fine with her head on my chest.if it spooning.i but one arm around her body and the other under her head. i move the hair to the lower shoulder. you have to keep trying something that works for u

That is the shittest description I've ever heard

Are you supposed to cuddle after having sex?

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It's really great reading about all these happy people and their cuddling and knowing you are never going to get any of it.

its wonderful even without dating or fucking. its comfy and you get to feel loved for once.

If sex is like the main course, cuddling is dessert. Most people love dessert, crave the feeling of having dessert, the emotional and physical benefits of having dessert. Only barbarian assholes hate dessert


My bf and I cuddle before we go to bed, but then when he is ready to go to sleep I scooch over to my side. He has a king size bed, so there is plenty of space for both of us.

Weird flex but okay

Betas spoon, alphas fuck

I sleep like this with my husband
Its honestly great

Like, seriously, in moments where I thought we should split up, the thought of not having these cuddles at night kept me from leaving

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I think cuddling is better than sex.

I think you may have intimacy issues.
Back when I had this I could never get comfortable in someone else's arms.
always hot, always uncomfy, always just
why are we so close
But now I love the shit out of it

So he lays on top of you in basically missionary? What the fuck

How did you overcome said issues?

kek reminds me of a gf I had years ago who wanted to go to sleep with my soft dick still in her after sex. Her passion for me was kinda weird, kinda hot.

Depends on the person. I just clean up and go about my day and she goes to sleep.

Imagine being this shit of a partner

Until it dries out and you're in pain trying to pull your crusty cock out

are you dating a child?

im autistic and even i realised that was a joke

There's literally hormones released specifically in response to cuddling. Of course it feels good. We're designed for it to feel good.

I am actually really impressed with this post. I'm 31 and we used to call fucking everything lame or corny gay, not even referencing sexuality. People don't do that anymore.

This post is telling me there is an age cut off when people don't seem to understand or interpret it at all that way anymore.

I love big spooning my bf, he's like twice my size and it just so relaxing to wrap my arm around his stomach and hold him close. I guess it feels natural to me because I've always slept on my side since i was young so while my bf sleeps in different positions i can always just wrap my arm around his waist.

Its so relaxing and nice to have something fleshy pressed up against your body, i usually roll up some blankets and pillows to hold onto and snuggle when i cant sleep over but it never feels the same, either because it feels so light and empty or cuz theres no warmth and light breathing

>Its so relaxing and nice to have something fleshy pressed up against your body
Mmmm, titties.

I dont release hormones when cuddling, i just release nut cuz my homie shakes his ass mad good