Cunt is my favorite curse word but my girlfriend gets triggered by it. What’s so damn offensive about cunt?

Cunt is my favorite curse word but my girlfriend gets triggered by it. What’s so damn offensive about cunt?

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All curse words are the same, they have power based on association.

She associates it negatively in her mind because it is a word used by misogynists.

It’s the most offensive word you could call a woman, and apparently one of the contenders for most offensive word in the English language. It doesn’t seem to be used much in America so I never got a sense of its power.

Conversely i heard from an American friend it's taken very offensively over there, that you could be fired for using it at work and that it's like nigger for women. In the UK it can be used very casually or even endearingly - my mother got me a keyring as a gift that reads "if cunts were flowers, I would pick you". I do know a few people who have been shocked and horrified when I've said it here though, but they're the minority

Just... Don't say it. It's not hard, unless you lack impulse control.

Cunt means vageta, say fuck instead. FUCK isn't even really offensive, just means sex, actually it means rape.
>forced unwanted carnal knowledge
You're raping someone when you say "fuck". Sorta like how "luck" is an acronym for having God on your side before a battle (in Latin). Anyway, my religion teacher told me that in grade 12 (I was 18), sounds like a load of horseshit to me. It's just a fucking word, unlike cunt which has a specific meaning.

In my experience in the southwest US it’s hardly ever used. We know it’s a curse word but no one uses it that much so it lost its meaning. It’s always seemed like more of a British/Aussie word to me

>because it is a word used by misogynists
>It’s the most offensive word you could call a woman, and apparently one of the contenders for most offensive word in the English language.
> it's like nigger for women.
>Just... Don't say it.

>giving a word so much power
Is this the legendary power of the English language? Or is it just American and English cultures that are fucked up to such a degree?

Ask her. It's not the word cunt, it's her brain. People like your girlfriend are too stupid to care about context and intentions.

There's nothing wrong with uttering any word but you may make your life needlessly more difficult if you let people hear you say certain of them.

The C-bomb blows people àway.
Pic unrelated.

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no it's just your backwards-ass bullshit

>so progressive
Hey, it's not me that gets offended with a word. But feel free to continue on raising your children as pansies, though.

I think we should use it more so people can stop giving a shit. Same with nigger.

Feel free to be a cuck. The rest if the world it the anglosphere's bitch and you know this so stfu.

What magical language do you speak where there’s no vulgar words

My life seems more fulfilling than yours, so I am very glad to be where I am. Also, I don't have to worry about whether or not someone will drop some (insert random letter here)-bomb on me any day of the week, so everything's good.
It's not so much about the language, as it is about the reactions people have to it. My language has vulgar words, sure, but it's no mystery that when Americans pronounce, say, nigger or cunt, you guys riot. We don't have that shit here, certainly not to the degree I see it online. People with your cultures literally write articles on the web to explain why you should not say this or that word, because it has a "history" or some shit.

>cant handle some cussing
that's just the way i talk, doesn't stress me out unlike you delicate foreign flower
Aren't you fucking third world? I'm sure cussing, violence and debauchery is more common where you're from, I'm just trash.

Languages only exist because we agreed upon meanings to the words. Dirt only means dirt because everyone started to call it that. Every language, except possibly those ultra simplistic proto-languages that had very few words have rude ways to refer to things. Again, we decided what those words are, and decided the severity collectively. Depending on your social groups though not everyone agrees on what words mean. like how there's a difference between the first floor and ground floor in some countries. Some of those differences are on an even smaller level though, and go within social groups. Rude and offensive words tend to normalize over time and new ones replace them.

Basically, neither of you are in the wrong in what cunt is, you're just from different social groups in that regard and need to compromise. But you've got your head up your ass if you're making light of why she's offended.

Its like money; it has power because people think it has power simply because historically it did. People who keep giving dumb curse words power piss me off. I don't even think its useful to brand people you disagree with, no matter how heavily and no matter how violent or horrible they are, with a label that could potentially be reapplied to people who are perfectly compatible with society.
It really depends on the context and which U.S. state you are in. Why do people always forget there's a huge cultural difference between U.S. states and U.S. cities, people, neighborhoods families, etc?

People getting mad online is not the same as rioting, dumbass. Our vulgar words are just as bad as your vulgar words. You just think our culture is being silly because you’re on the outside looking in.

>Curse words tend to evolve such and such way
>Therefore they should always evolve such and such way
>Therefore OP is an ass for thinking its stupid to give the word cunt the power people so desperately want it to not have

>already offended
Be careful, someone may call you a cunt online. We don't want that to happen, do we?
Worse yet, you may be hit by a truck of peace on your morning commute tomorrow.
>Our vulgar words are just as bad as your vulgar words.
Nah, I don't think so. At least It doesn't seem like it.

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Do you really think english speakers are some unique special case? That we’re the only ones who’ve ever reacted violently to curse words? Come on now

No, on I should've put "Or is it just that American and English cultures are fucked up to such a degree?". My mistake.