Girlfriend told me she loved me. Wat do?

Girlfriend told me she loved me. Wat do?

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Chapter one says you love her, so you love her with all your heart!
In chapter two you tell her, you never ever ever wanna part!


She threw the ball in your court and is patiently waiting for an answer. Think about if you actually want to have this girl around you for a while. If the answer is yes, talk about your feelings and all that shit. If not, then still talk to her about that. You don't want to cause her needless suffering.

I think I do love her. But this is my first serious relationship, a girl's never told me that before and it's sort of freaking me out.

Not that you can really put a time limit on these things,but how long has it been since you've started dating?

About 3 months but we've known eachother for longer. So a pretty young relationship

it's over
obv this is a red flag
abandon ship

The feeling you're feeling is powerful, so don't mess it up. It's just like you're subconsciously manipulated by money. She put a heavy anchor the first time she told you how she felt. Now it's up to you to maintain that, unless you want to be destroyed. Try not to expect anything from her, then you'll probably hurt yourself.

Happy loving.

cutest most wholesome thread

>I love you user
>Me too

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she obv cheating. dump.

>she loves me
What a thot, leave her whore ass!

Better figure out what she means by 'love' before you say anything at all friend.
Love is risky so make sure you're insured.
Hate to be this guy but danm it hurts to see guys fall for disney sometimes.

I usually wake up when they say stuff like that..

Why are you already in a relationship without loving each other?

Why are retarded low IQ people doing this?

Tell her you love her too, girls just go with how they're feeling at the moment.

Call her gay

what? how the hell do you know if you love someone without doing the dating and relationship and sex thing?

Just know you got the "I love you" because she temporarily doesn't have other options. Soon as she does she'll be "confused" of you'll get the "I love you but I'm not IN Love" anymore. Good luck

>I love you user
>I love me too
Don't fucking do this OP

You love your family, right? And friends?

yeah but I don't have sex with family or friends. You know its different.

You can love someone without having sex with them, that's my point.

Ok not that guy, but romantic love is different from familial love different from ... love

not OP but how serious is it if someone says they love you after 1.5 months?

lawyer up delete facebook get Jow Forums and dump her ass op, you've already been cucked