Hey, Jow Forums. I'll cut to the point, I want to be a girl. I cant *not* want to...

Hey, Jow Forums. I'll cut to the point, I want to be a girl. I cant *not* want to. The closest I get is wanting to be a crossdressing cute boy, and even then its fucky. I've tried super hard to want to be a boy but I just fucking can't. What do I do?

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Go to lgbt then find literally any thread, they're all mtfs

But I dont WANT to go through wiht it. its scary. also i dont want to be come propogandized.

Get therapy. Figure out what brought you to this point. Childhood experiences, people talking about x, y, and z nonstop around you, abuse, etc. You've already made the first step yourself- you've admitted it's an issue. Getting help with mental issues is nothing to be ashamed of. Just remember. You can get hormones, you can get surgery, you can change your face and name. But you'll never be the real thing, just a sad imitation. So it's better to figure out why you're this way, and be happy with who and what you are. Good luck, user.

Thats the thing, I have. They might not be good at it but it hasnt helped. Every time i see my face i want to cry. It kills me to not be a girl. Do you think suicide is an option?

killing yourself isn’t going to get you anywhere

Imaging myself as a cute smart girl in anime or vydia is enough for me, I don’t want to ruin my health for that.
Wanna be Raiden by any chance?

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Seek therapy.


>Do you think suicide is an option?
Oh yeah totally, I know a ton of guys who have killed themselves and then woke up as girls, it totally works

I am but counsellors in the bible blet dont really help with this issue

I meant cause id just feel siht no matter wht i would do

Yeah mental illness sucks. My brother thought he was trans, but he, through a lot of meditation, discovered he just had severe anxiety, so severe that he felt he didn't belong in his skin. He noticed that whenever he meditated he didn't feel trans anymore, so it convinced him to seek psychiatric help. He now lives a normal enough life. It would've been a disaster for him to transition.

He meditates for like 2 hours a day, though, not some 10 minute relaxation. He loves it, thinks it's the coolest shit ever.

Dude, if you have a dick, you're a man. Not every man has to be a macho madness, and if you like dicks, then you're free to be gay.

However, you're a man, and if you feel like you don't fit your idea of a typical man, you should consult a professional before trying to go full blown trans. Most trans kill themselves because they realised that they have not found the true solution to their problems after the transition.

Big problem in this is that you probably wouldn't be cute. Every tranny wants to transition and be cute, but very few indeed ever make it. You have to accept that the worst outcome may come true for you. If being a woman is what you NEED, even if it means you'll be ugly, then transitioning might be right for you. But nothing less than that, or you could seriously fuck your life up way worse than it is now.

That would be the worry yes. My sexuality isnt a factor, im bisexual so I dont really give a shit one wy or the other.

We all do my dear user. We all do.

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sorry that was the wrong post to reply to.

Yeah, thats a problem as well.

Yeah, thats a worry too.

Thats why im so scared about it.

You could admit that these feelings are all in your head and try to not think about it.

Do you think I havent tried that yet?