I keep going on interviews getting offered the job then getting scared and end up not taking the job...

I keep going on interviews getting offered the job then getting scared and end up not taking the job. wtf is wrong with me? Partly its cause I have so many applications out and there are some that actually excite me. Its the ones that require hard work that keep offering me a position.

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Am I supposed to follow my gut? or man up? I mean I could make good money but i'd rather work a job I was comfortable with.

I should also mention pretty much any time I get an interview I get offered the job. Which is why I keep holding out... The hard part seems to be getting an interview.

Exactly. They’re slave-drivers looking for slaves (probably for shit pay too).

idk man. Let me say, last interview was for a plumbing apprentice. Pays well, benefits, pension and all. I am scared of having to learn it and go back to college though.

I just want a basic full time job that wont take extra effort.

how old are you, if youre young get whatever pays the most even if it makes you work your ass out. It'll do good in teaching you about hard work and give you a decent foundation to do whatever the fuck you want as your next job. If youre old i have no fucking idea cuz im not there yet.

almost 28. I do work currently, it just sucks cause its overnight and hours are inconsistent. Also the work itself sucks balls.

If you want good $$ though, you’re better off getting some kind of training / education (like the plumbing thing, for example). It’s tough out there these days. Employers want everything. Like, you practically need a Ph.D. Just to get a job cleaning toilets. Anyway, I hope it works out for you.

>just set up another interview
>its probably one I wont enjoy, but will probably get the offer anyway

I'm fine with $20k a year. I just dont want to be physically and mentally drained at the end of the day and still get a 2 day weekend.

Next scheduled interview is entry level mechanic. I just don't like that they work saturdays. But I will check it out anyway. It probably isnt too far from what I'm interested in doing.

I hear you. Quality of Life is the important thing, not money.

thats good to hear someone agree. Its just I hate my current job so much. I told myself first job to extend an offer I would take cause last time I didn't take the offer and I've been mad at myself for months.

No fuck that shit.
You can get your life together while saving up with a shitty job that pays well.
Passion is something you bring with you, not something you follow.

What kind of work OP? Get into data entry, piss easy work that pays well above min wage

I've applied to warehouses,, which is what I do now.
some janitor jobs
some entry level mechanic jobs
I tried 1 data entry job application, havnt heard shit back.
I'm also trying for some stuff that'll work towards a certification like sterilizing surgical tools which I actually want to do. Doesn't sound laborious or hard mentally.
The last interview was a plumbing apprenticeship and they made it sound like I already got the job, but I'm actually scared of putting in the effort. Its 5 years and college 2 nights a week before i'd be on my own.

Contact a staffing agency, make sure your resume is good too.

Ew I went to one by accident cause I thought it was an actual job. I didnt want to sign their contract. Temp workers get treated like shit and make less money. Would rather get employed directly through a company hiring.

They find you the right jobs and set you up with interviews, assuming you work out well you've basically got the job.

Well either way, ive only been looking for a week and a half. I haven't gotten that desperate yet.

Not all agencies are the same, really think about it. They find good paying jobs.

I mean I believe I could try it, but im not ready. Maybe by mid February I will look sign up with one if I haven't found a new job yet.