Did I blow it?

>First year of university
>Final year student starts talking to me
>He's pretty much my only friend
>Start crushing really badly
>He basically asks if I wanna Netflix and chill after we got drinks
>I kind of clam up, get awkward and say no because I wanted something serious not a fwb thing
>He hasn't texted me since

I haven't seen him at uni today either, I just sat on my own where he usually eats.

Did I blow it? Was there anything to blow? Was he just trying to get in my pants the whole time and nothing more?

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Unless you wanted to get dicked down then no, nothing was lost.

I prefer girls that don't take sex that seriously. When befriending a girl, I would love it if the girl would have sex with me without any "love" or "relationship" attachments. And if I enjoyed their company enough, I would like a relationship. That's just me though. I prefer not to date girls that treat sex as some sacred ritual

So you like hoes basically

Got you.

Fuck everyone in this thread including the guy who asked for Netflix and chill. Hate what society has become.

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Go OD on heroin you junkie. The idea that I have to pick through women you tossed aside like a fleshlight disgusts me.

I like trashy girls, yeah

To be fair, the women I describe are hard to find. It's not like im Brad Pitt. The women who you may call sluts or whatever, are generally the chilliest and give me less girl-headache problems

Of course I would have liked it but I just didn't want to get pumped and dumped and end up an emotional wreck for the rest of my freshman year.

It's already bad enough now.

I would give it more than a couple days. I would give it at least a couple of weeks. But if he still doesn't call back, then he really was just using you for sex or basically just thinks you're crazy or not worth it, so you're obviously not compatible. You're a nice young girl. You can find someone else. You're not gonna find the perfect guy, so at least find one you can live with. If you can't be with the one you love, then love the one you're with. And by the way, how do you know he wanted to fuck you? Sometimes these "subtle hints" that women think they're picking up on are really just total bullshit. Maybe he really did just want to watch Netflix with you as a friend.

Why don't you say you thought it better and decide you want to come, and when you are there, just avoid any kind of sexual advance that isn't just a kiss?

He was making a few of sexual jokes and it was after it came up that I had the coil that he suggested it.

I just feel like that might be a really stupid thing to do, not that he's ever been pushy or forceful with me.

Why would that be stupid?

If something did go wrong I'd be the only one to blame.

But why could it go wrong? If you don't want to have sex right away, then it won't happen. He is not going to rape you. Just don't get shitfaced with the alcohol so you can't make decisions. And if you are sober and he tries to put his hand in your pants, just politely decline so and tell him you like him but want to go slow. Is that so hard?

This is so stupid, no offense, OP.
>I like this guy
>He invites me to continue our date but asked me in the wrong way, so I said no
>I rejected him, so he's actually being respectful by not continuing to harass me
>still like him but refuse to take the initiative to explain what happened at all

Why don't you message him and explain you thought shit was moving too fast, but you'd still like to go to dinner/mini golf/taco night/whatever? That way you can find out if the guy just wants to fuck or not.

It's ridiculous to let someone you like go because they picked the one option out of thousands that you didn't like.

I guess I'll ask him if he'll be on campus tomorrow.

That's my girl, you go and have a good time. Don't overthink it, and always remember you are your own person and nobody can't make you do something you don't want.
Godspeed, user.

>Was there anything to blow?
Yes, and you didn't give it a blowie and that's why he's not talking to you now.

He's probably embarrassed as fuck that you rejected him. u should just message him and say u didn't say no because u don't like him u said no because u thought it would be a fling

absolutely based and lovepilled

This is undeniable proof that women are rarted.