Tinder Chad is back

Took the original line and added a twist. This will prob work for the betas who are too afraid to jump straight to the point

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You got your hole yet from Tinder ?

How does he do it lads ? The absolute ManMad

OP makes alphas look beta.

What the actual fuck

This shit is gold

is this thread an ad

so how many of these girls have you blacked OP?

Stop making me jealous, OP.

Zero. Purely for my entertainment.

I could probably pull it off but the moment we meet she would be turned off by my complete lack of personality.

I need to get matched first before being anle to use these lines...

Holy fuck, it worked again.

monitoring this thread

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What is this

The secret of Tinder - - unlocked!

are you me?

What do I say OP.

We matched.

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that clearly says megan

It literally doesn't.

obviously reference something about her profile, then ask to suck the stress out of her titties.

Btw I'm 36.

I just had t10 minutes and it was great, really flirty, but I left for 12 minutes because of a work call and she isn't answering back anymore. This was a half our ago, maybe it's normal, but is this a common mistake for someone to lost interest? and how to fix it?

Literally copy paste OP’s line. If it doesn’t work it’s because she’s 18. And you didn’t match if it still shows the heart and X tard.

fucking copypaste
I just had the first match I've really liked, we talked for 10 minutes (...)*

done it to a couple girls waiting on replies

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Relax, move on to someone else. It's Tinder, find yourself a new whore.

It's badoo, and it took me like a month to find a Match I really liked, I'd like some advice on how to salvage this

Just message her pussy

Tinder should pay OP. Literally no flaws in his execution.

There's no salvaging someone who isn't interested in you, you simply move on. Also the fact that's it Badoo, doesn't change shit. It's Tinder, but you get to talk to them without even matching. You have to find someone else.

Haha jokes on you, she answered!
So long, virgins!

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Bye faggot

okay so lets say this works and i get the number
what do i do next?
invite her over or go her house? what if she wnats to meet first.

If it's a hookup, just say "Mine or yours?"

More tinder screen caps, pl0x.

So what's your line if she presses 1?

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the mad lad

I actually got a kek out of that.

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You've really outdone yourself this time


I wish i was shameless enough to use tinder

This could be you user, but you lack self-confidence.

>I would OP, but I’d rather not fuck whores off tinder.
>I’d rather meet girls irl OP, but I never leave my room.
>Why don’t any girls want me OP?

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I got banned. No clue why. I guess being nice gets you nowhere. If I change my number, will I be able to sign up again? Or is the ban tied to the sim card?


I can’t fathom how it could be this simple. Are American girls really this easy?

You can use a landline as well

Anons this is we can't let this knowledge leave this thread.
This is high tier knowledge that could easily be exposed if it leaves Jow Forums.

We need to form an organization.

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This is my favorite /adv topic desu

You're missing the part where OP's profile is appealing to women

Post a pic OP

Fuck it since you reminded me I'll post it.
Here's a breakdown of how to optimize a tinder profile (can be used for social media in general)

First picture: Something that clearly shows your face
Second picture: You with friends, It's important for you to have friends
Third picture: Hint at some hobby or travel
Fourth Picture: A picture that hint's that you have a nice body (so there's no doubt you're too fat or too short) OR that you dress well but nothing gratuitous
Fifth picture: Something that shows you have a sense of humor

Like a bunch of pages on Facebook so you have stuff in common with people and don't let tinder optimize for you

PART II ELO system
ELO score determines who your profile is shown to
The higher the better
Things that lower elo
>mass swiping in either direction
>mass right swipes will get you shadow banned
>unmatching right after you match
>not messaging any matches
>copying and pasting messages (tinder will mark you as a bot)
>being inactive
>swiping too fast (take at least seven seconds)

How the tinder algorithm worka

>new users get a boost for 2 days
Take advantage of this
>boosts are cancer once you use a boost tinder will purposely hide people from you to get you to buy more
>your ELO score is based on you matching with others with high elo
>changing your pictures every now and then boosts elo
>having a bio, Insta & spotify connected can boost ELO slightly
>shifting distance can make new people appear

He posted one is his last thread. He was smoking hookah in a pool lol.

I'm gonna take this advice. Hopefully I can rebuild my ELO.

So, you get the conversation going, and then ghost after a few messages?

Would you actually be able to continue through?

This is dangerous information OP. Forbidden knowledge kinda shit. Is it possible that this line will lose it's punch the more widespread it becomes?

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This changes everything, thank you.

I'm an attractive dude, but my tinder account uses a burner facebook profile with no friends, no interests. I swipe through way too quickly and have no instagram, spotify, or any of that prole bullshit. I've been wondering why I get so few swipes and now I see at least part of the problem

yeah it will. thats why we gottta stike fast and fuck these bitches. before reddit takes over

My dumbass never knew ELO existed for tinder. I'll be sure take advantage of this.

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It’s easy, but not my cup of tea these days. If I can do this all day, stroke my ego, boost my confidence, and take my anger out for old crushes who used to ghost me, why not?

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the genius of op strategy that it weeds out any girls who just want to talk and "maybe" let them hangout with u


proof or gtfo faggot

pic of profile or...?

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Changed my profile, this is what it looks like now.

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OP literally toying with sluts at his point. I’m amused.

OP's line is good but I don't think it's top secret information.

It works well because it's funny and something that appeals to women (they like having their nipples sucked I mean). The bonus is that because it can be taken either funny or seriously depending on the girl, you can always play it either way depending on her reaction to it.

So she's swiped right on your profile because she likes it, and then you've opened with something a bit original and a bit funny and a bit flirty. Won't go down well with girls who are looking for their soulmates or whatever, but even they would have to see the funny side of a line like that.

See, girls want a male friend who will just suck the life out of their tits every now and then without having to put out as much as guys want a female friend who'll let them.

Capped, thanks based OP

I saw your thread yesterday and tried it on a few chicks. I only got one reply, and pic related was it

Legit how do you do this

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Why can’t this be me?

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ymmv with girls under 21

Drop 2, promote 3 to 2, find a new 5 or 6 because you don't want two photos from the same set.

>previously messaged her before
>she looks underage

To be fair, OP probably has twenty conversations like this before he hits on the one worth screen-capping. He won't admit it because it dents his image as a consummate gamesman, but it's all about the law of averages.

cant blme him. but it works

might be the closest thing I have to something funny

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Actually I’ve been pretty transparent with my results. Not sure if you kept up with the last thread but I posted both positive and negative responses. Out of matches who actually respond, probably 70% go along with it and maybe 40-50% give me their number. Out of 150 matches only 8 unmatched me.

sure thing champ.

cope, champ.

That's smooth talking there buddy, even if it doesn't amount to nothing its still amusing.

anyone have the link to the old thread I'm looking through the archive and can't find it


nevermind I found it-no thanks to the lack of any key words in the title

Can I eat your love and affection for me? And your pussy?

why do you have a washing machine in your kitchen?

You suck the stress out of her titties.

Looking through that and see OPs profile pics. Not bad actually. I can see why he’s having the success he is.

Just use 4 6 3 in that order

this my guyI can tell you look decent but you're shit at taking photos of your face, and photo 2 makes you look like you've never touched a smartphone

Yup 4 6 3 and add a suit pic either third or fourth. Here’s mine for reference.

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Good suit colour, but you should put your phone in the jacket pocket if you're going to wear slacks that skinny cut.

no wonder you get bitches.