Come out as trans to mother, i just want to live as a girl

come out as trans to mother, i just want to live as a girl

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guy above this is right, you're a faggot.

best of luck, don't sexualize your children and scamper away if there's some trans guys around you parading around a kid.

You're not a cute girl

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yeah dont change your mind before it's too late

If you came here for validation, you came to the wrong place.

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You look mentally ill

You're unironically roleplaying as a girl. You don't even know what "being a girl" means, you just want to roleplay.

i like that adidas skirt, where do i get one?

You're likely not going to find the happiness and validation you think you'll achieve by calling yourself another gender. Love yourself the way you are naturally and you'll find much more contentment with your life. There's nothing wrong with being trans but the people who are actively encouraging you to be trans are doing so for their own selfish satisfaction. That is, they're virtue signaling and could care less about your problems at the end of the day. I'm not a stranger to gender dysphoria, I understand what its like to want to be the opposite sex, but let me warn you its a false fantasy, you're never going to be the girl you think you want to be. Now that I'm an adult I feel much more comfortable with a male identity and I'm glad I was able to overcome the unhappiness I felt as a teenager. You're still a kid and haven't completely figured out what you are yet, and you're by far not the first who hasn't.

you type too much, you have a crush or something faggot?

Situations vary but you have a responsibility to act as an acceptable member of your own personal society and surroundings. Be a grown up. Maybe there is an appropriate time and place to express yourself and from there you may get aquatinted with others and further your associations. Act appropriate around your current friend and family until they invite themselves into that world. Don't make this harder for yourself or those who love you and you shouldn't force others into an uncomfortable position.

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Just bc you are a failure as a dude doesn't mean you that underneath you are really a girl. It just means that underneath you are really a failure.

It's only encouraged if you're a hot girl

... this video but unironically

This is wisdom.

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Maybe you'll look like Bryce Dallas Howard once you fully blossom.

I can't help but think this when I see all of the "trans" people in the gaming community. OK, just because you idolize super effeminate Japanese female characters or always play as female characters in MMO's and can't get any attention from women doesn't mean that you're trans.

Move to Thailand where you'll be accepted
There is a chemical imbalance in your brain

Dude just be happy with your gender. Fuck did your parents not give enough attention when ur a kid ?