Will i be insecure forever

bf doesn't ever post my pictures on his facebook and only posts me on instagram when i ask him to

he also only jerks off to porn and follows tons of good looking girls on instagram

i asked him why he doesn't jerk off to me and said that its a natural thing for guys not to jerk off to their gfs when they have already had sex but i dont understand this?

as for my appearance, many say i'm an 8/10 or higher and i'm quite popular for my looks, but my body is slightly chubby, not overweight but just not the fit kind he likes. (i work out these days to achieve the kind of body he likes)

but i cant understand how he can laugh at stick thin girls on instagram but still enjoy looking at them

all of this just takes a toll on my self confidence and i don't really know if i'm good enough for him or if my insecurity will ever stop even once i become a 10/10 for him

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Look like this. You won’t be insecure anymore

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Right, this is pathetic. Find another guy and leave him.

She has terrible hair. It looks like she's balding.

Post pics

Look, almost every guy has to settle for a girl he finds less than ideal. We're always going to want to jerk off to an imagr girl that we know we'll never have, it's just the way it is.

hes really great besides this issue so i dont wanna break up at all

he jerks off to jav, i'm japanese and he always says i look better than them but maybe he was only saying that to reassure me

Then you guys actually get upset when your gf cheats on you. Fucked up. You all deserve it.

You aren't what she wants either, that's why she cheats on you.

He likely is only saying that because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings, which is pretty decent of him.
This kind of insecurity is something most couples have to deal with, but consider asking him to not be so public about it, as in stop following instathots.

Jerking off and cheating are not even remotely comparable.

he said he follows them because he likes looking at nice things,,,

Your bf sounds like a kid, acts like boobies are new to him.
I had girls dump me over having porn on my computer.

Just sounds like your not enough for him

We all know that if given the chance, that asshole jerking off would cheat with the woman he is jerking too. The only difference is, women are pickier and wouldn't likely go for him when they have better options than some sleazy, lust-filled cheating loser.

Cheat on him with nice looking 'things' too. See how he likes it.

Yeah but to a girl, a slight offense on the man's part justifies any behavior she wants. You have so much to learn.

broach the subject and don't worry about his feelings. explain your thoughts and feelings. no need to give an ultimatum.

Oh fuck...this just proves my theory of entitled guys with dicks. Anything you do is a "slight offense". The guy is TAKING OUT HIS DICK and imagining FUCKING those girls who aren't his gf...what girl wants a guy like that?

You want your gf imagining other guys all the time? Where do you think that ultimately leads. You guys piss me off with your excuses. Why do we make excuses for you, how difficult is it REALLY to just think about the girl you love? Do you have no control? If that were the case, you would go around raping everyone.

>We all know that if given the chance, that asshole jerking off would cheat with the woman he is jerking too.
Do women actually fucking believe this
How fucking insecure do you have to be

It's true

I'm not saying he can't look at them, I just think flaunting it is a bad idea.

op here, so do you guys jerk off to your gfs more frequently than porn or what? i have no idea if he actually contacts any of the girls but he constantly tells me to get fit but knowing im still not worthy of being jerked off to after getting fit feels bad

he said he only jacks off to their bodies and imagines me but wouldnt my nudes suffice then? he has no problem when we have sex and says he doesnt imagine anything else when we do

lol, imagining something and doing it is completely different
youre the person at the comedy club who gets up and heckles the comedian when you get offended by a joke. its a joke sweetie, it aint real

desu he would probably just think im not as thick as he wants me to be if i had that body. and i would probably still have issues because of all the stretch marks, scars and cellulite i got from when i was overweight. i have already lost a considerable amount of weight to look good for him

It's true.

oh fuck idk where the desu came from please ignore it

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So? The point is that he isn't doing that.

Why would I jerk off to my gf if I could just fuck her for real instead?

like when she's not around i guess

No it isnt. This idea is built on the "anything that moves" fallacy. Will I jack off to a cute pornstar? Yes. If you sat me in front of her and offered me 5 minutes to do whatever I want with her my disgust would be palpable enough to beat you with. Jacking off is a chore. Sex is sacred.

If we're just talking about when she's not around, it's like a 70:30 split, in favor of porn. My gf isn't very big on sending nudes though, and I always feel bad about asking, so that's probably part of it.