Is it wrong to go out with a girl just to lose you v card?

First time posting here so not sure the format.
I'm 18 in my final year before uni and I'm a virgin. I'm not an incel or neckbeard, I'm 6'1 and in pretty good shape just terrible with girls.
I know a girl likes me, she's not particularly ugly and she's nice enough but I have no interest in going out with her. Is it wrong/ uncommon to fake liking a girl just to stop from becoming a wizard?
It feels like a POS thing to do but lots of my friends seem to.
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Deep down you already know the answer, am I right?


If you just want casual sex then it's up to you my man. If you care for her or are afraid of leading her on then don't do it.

those are practice girlfriends and they're quite alright.

Unless she's a Slut with a capital S, you're gonna have to date her for a while before you get around to having sex. Even if she puts out on the very first date, it's good manners and actually pretty good to still date her for a while. You get to have sex again and cuddle while watching movies and all that, it's all good stuff

>in b4 practice girlfriends are misogynistic and you should be hung by your balls

I've had practice gfs, and I've also been the practice bf more than once. Sometimes I wasn't sure who was who in the relationship. Ultimately, all bfs/gfs are just practice. There's nothing wrong with it.

dont even fake that you like her. if she wants to fuck you, then do it

Na she's not a slut, I'm pretty sure she's a virgin too. I guess its a long term investment

I'm not sure if she does, I think she wants a relationship

It's not that it's misogynistic, it's just kind of a vacuous relationship that doesn't seem worth it in the end. I'm not in love or passionate about someone, and they're not particularly interesting or of good moral character per my tastes. That's not a lot to go on.

I mean, sex can be passionate and meaningful but never in itself. Sex is more like a spice, it's something added to love that makes it better. All alone it's really nothing more than just an orgasm. It's the difference between a feeling of true belonging and a feeling of light fun.

If you're asking you already know the answer.
IF losing your virginity with this girl is so important for you, you could still try to talk to her making clear that you're not looking for something serious.
Given your power level with girls and your inexperience i wouldn't advice to not do so, tho.

yeah you're better off finding a slut

if she's really a virgin she's either going to remain a virgin and so are you, or you're going to have sex with her eventually and later break up and you're going to be the world's biggest piece of shit at the time.


>pretty sure

a lot of times the girls who look like virgins are actually huge sluts, and vice-versa.

>it's just kind of a vacuous relationship that doesn't seem worth it in the end

That's 99% of all relationships though

Even the ones where at the time when they first start out it's all sparks and fireworks and you're like OH BOY THIS IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE THIS TIME - like 7 months later you're just secretly constantly annoyed and mad at them and just looking for any reason to break up but you can't because you're stuck in it.

Practice girlfriends are no different from “true” girlfriends. It’s a meaningless distinction.

Thats a risky call but I really struggle to imagine her sleeping around

*I wouldn't advice to do so

>That's 99% of all relationships though
Sounds like you're just extremely whimsical though? I've known plenty of people live years and years with their high school sweet heart and only a few times get into major fights. Your experience is actually atypical kind of

>I've known plenty of people live years and years with their high school sweet heart and only a few times get into major fights.

What's it like being a time traveller from the 1920s, cause in these current times I don't know anyone from high school who are still together and most people don't either.

The problem is that your virginity is so important to you

Is it wrong to do? I think this is something you can debate until eternity. Well, i suppose it's not exactly the most morally correct thing to do. Because the girl you're going out with expects you're giving her a honest shot at being with you if you take her out. She doesn't know that you're just looking at her as a potential lay to get rid of your virginity. So in that sense you're leading her on.

That being said, i think nearly every guy and girl on the planet has at some point in their lives, dated or hooked up with someone without having any serious intentions for the long term. So what you're thinking about doing is very common and pretty much socially accepted in today's society.

This was a bad post, to be sure.

Perhaps, I'm not sure if its being a virgin or the chance of being caught short in the bedroom with someone I actually do sincerely like

I mean, it's not a very nice thing to do if she does want to have a relationship. Can you cope with doing that to someone? If so, go for it. I did the exact same thing at the same age and ended up dating the girl for over two years after and she...was not a nice person. Maybe another reason to not go down that path.

Probably because you're an urbanite lol. Yeah, I know of 2 such couples actually both of them from small towns in Montana. They grew up together and stayed close. One of them is also super christian so a lot of their relationship is founded on a strict religious basis. Good folks.

A very good post actually. Sometimes people really do work out for each other and aren't mired with anti-social personality traits

Most people are "urbanites", and most people aren't super Christian. You trying to say that most people marry their high school sweetheart is just flat-out completely wrong.

Even in rural areas. You know of 2 couples? Unless you live in a town of 7 people that's not really impressive.

>Most people are urbanites
Where? Everywhere? Don't think so.
>Most people aren't super christian
Do you have any idea how many Christians there are in the world? You're so deracinated it's amazing

>Where? Everywhere? Don't think so.

In your country the US, 80% of the population lives in urban areas. It's about the same in any other first world country.

>Do you have any idea how many Christians there are in the world?
2.1 Billion, that doesn't mean those 2.1 Billion are super christians and it certainly doesn't mean they're married to their high school crush.

>caught short
I don't think you can get caught shorter than 'I fucked a girl just to say I had sex'
Unless you want to lie to someone you claim to love, fantastic plan too

caught short as in being completely inexperienced

Mate it is a piece of shit thing to do to use somebody for personal gain. You literally have an entire lifetime to experience sex and relationships and using another person's feelings against them just to feel self satisfaction is fucking disgusting. You're 18, it's not the end of the fucking world if you don't lose your virginity right here and now. Instead of being a selfish sack of shit, consider the other person's feelings and consider what using her would do to her. Spoiler: it will make her feel like a used piece of shit that can only get a guy who takes advantage of her. You also don't want that reputation following you around. Because it will.



Honesty is always the best policy, and from my experience, people do amazing things when your super-over-honest with them.

I used to be the same way, 18 boring and incel.

Never had as much as kissed a girl. There was this girl who was actually kinda hot that had a crush in me (no idea why) so she would ask me to go see a movie with her . At the time I had my sights set on another girl I liked way more but then I stopped and thought to myself “why not just go out with the girl that’s just more obviously interested? I did, so I went out with this other girl and has sex a few times. To be honest I didn’t enjoy the sex much, so I stopped answering her phone and in like 15 days she was with another guy. Then later I met a girl I actually liked and fucked, and not being an incel by that point made me more confident.

Half of a billion hardcore Christians is kind of a lot, and it depends regionally where you live. The United States is 3.8 million square miles in area, there are a lot of cultures and regions where this behavior is perfectly normal still. We have 325 million people. 20% of 325 million is 65 million people living in rural areas. That's more than most countries , even then there is some variation. There are easily hundreds of millions of people in the world who have consistent and stable long term relationships. Yes, that do happen. People get married and have kids and stay married with kids.

I was in the exact same dilemma as you in my final HS semester. I chose to date the girl I didn’t really like that much because I had an epiphany. She wasn’t my 10/10 perfect waifu but she was cute and sweet and into me, and I felt I should at least give her a chance. It’s what I always wanted from girls who had rejected me in the past. I ended up catching feelings for real and had a long fulfilling relationship.
I think you should take the chance too. The worst that will happen is you date for a couple weeks, realize you’re not that into her, and dump her. Typical teen relationship bullshit that won’t matter in a few months.

>There are easily hundreds of millions of people in the world who have consistent and stable long term relationships. Yes, that do happen. People get married and have kids and stay married with kids.

I wasn't disputing that. The issue was you saying that I was in the wrong for saying that most people's early relationships when they're still in high school and shit is just practice for when they finally understand themselves and other people as adults.

Of course there's loads of people out there who are happily married and have kids. I doubt that most of them met when they were 16 years old.