Autists br honest do i have a chance with her

>i’m 6’1
>i’m a 6.5/10
>have some experience with girls
>live in the same small state as her
>have distant mutual friends
>know the bar she works at
>frequent the bar she works at
>never game enough to have her serve me
>has served a couple of my friends
>is so cute
>definitely giggles
>her smile is
>am 20 so only 2 years older than her
>she drives an r33 i drive an evo so similar interests
>doesn’t have a faggot chad bf to my knowledge
>according to autist friends she is a virgin


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She doesn't look 18 or like a virgin, but fuck it bro, no small talk, just straight up tell her you think she's cute and ask her for a date.

On today's list of shit that never happened:

You having mutuals with this creation.

That's an IG model not a 'small state' bitch

Fuck me. Ass. Moar

Only solution

No fucking way, I’m from Canberra too, I went to high school with her.

Lives up in Gungahlin I think, or she did when we were in school together. Sexy skyline, sexy fucking girl, grew a nice rack too.

Good luck man you have my full respect if you can pull it off and be the first one to hit that.

Why are you asking us and not her? Ask her out and you will know.

She wants money.


@bellasatana on instagram

Saged and reported

Nothing under @bellasatana any other social media? Got to see this in all her glory for myself

Found her.


Imagine busting all over that baby face, doe eyes. Hard as a rock. Seen her around before, fucking fit.

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literally i am friends with her and it is INCREDIBLY disgusting to publicly talk about a person like you’re talking about her. seriously if this is the sort of thing u like to do in ur free time then you’re fucked and rude and have absolutely no chance with her. you stupid fuck. maybe try and talk to girls instead of making posts on Jow Forums about how she gives you a boner. did u really think no one would find this and show her? grow up you pathetic little shit :/

i'm also friends with her and can confirm if you're the kind of person to make a post on Jow Forums about a hot girl, you're not her type. seriously, be the creep that slides in her dms, not the creep that posts about her on a public forum and get people to say weird shit about her that is SO clearly personal. freak


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hey actually op if u think it’s all good to post about a girl and her body, what’s ur name bro or even post a pic of urself! let me ask her myself how much of a chance u have with her! i’ll let u know what she says! maybe make a Jow Forums post abt it where we discuss ur body and personal life in-depth lol!!! fuckin hit me up bro i wanna have a chat! xx

Am I the only one interested on OP's comeback?

Implying op isn't shitting himself nd hoping no one figures out who he is

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Fembots fuck off, don’t be so jealous of your sexy virgin grillfriend.
Imaginary sky man’s gift to real men, if you look like that you get created to be admired.
Cause no ones tapped that yet she’s a goal. More power to the one who scores.
Go have a cry uglies.
>inb4 “you’re a creep”

Yes. Let the cringe flow throught you.

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i just can’t believe there are ppl out there who actually think like that lol what is WRONG with u. she is a person not a “goal”. you literally are actually a stupid little cretin bro get fucked
xox love from ur fave fembot

Who cares? Bitches ain’t shit.

>>according to autist friends she is a virgin
You are mentioning this like that's a positive but virgin girls are much more picky. That essentially lowered your chances. Additionally you are already crushing hard on her before you even know her. I don't care if you have "some" experience with girls, you are not the guy who will get her because you are already needy and put her on a pedestal.

I can tell you have a 0.0001% chance of her not being repulsed by you.
But there's a chance I guess