Help. I browsed too much Jow Forums...

Help. I browsed too much Jow Forums, now all i can think about is saving the white race and jewish plots to undermine the white man. Give me something that diverts my thoughts a bit?

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kys, that will distract you for good.

expected this answer long ago

Hitler was great man just took it too far.

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Hitler had a decent idea and the worst and evilest possible way to execute it.

He was a horrible man and should not be called anything else. His ideas were not his, but he accepted them and conducted genocide.

Why did I reply to this seriously.

>How do I stop believing in meme racism and anti-Semitism?
By not being a gullible fucking moron?

Those "redpills" you get your thoughts from are incredibly stupid. Normal people DO NOT think that way. Why? Because it's dumb exaggerated lies made up by emotional unstable people.

There's no Jewish globalist rule and changing demographics doesn't mean the white race will die out.

noillim xis eht tegrof reven

The Jews are doing a fine job. I'm happy that it is their burden to run everything.

The white race will have to fend for itself. It is the burden of nature and the KKK if they can ever get their shit together.

Keep doing it and you'll meme yourself into becoming a retard. There's enough white, brown, red, yellow and whatever color of people to go around.

If anyone legit thinks any of them are in danger of extinction they belong in a mental asylum. Why would you expose yourself to such cancer anyway?


Aw. You're right next to Jew girl in the bump order. How cute.

I fell into this hole, sadly it's endless and very bitter, there's really no solution to these globalist shitstains. Just focus on finding a white gf and having a child, raising it right, and being the best version of yourself you can be. Its what hitler would have wanted

Actually he would have called you untermensch and sent you to work or die.

The fallacy of Jow Forums retards, they know exactly what the thoughts of a power hungry person that has no problem with genocide. The funny part is if you read his book, he states several times all of it was simply to gain and maintain power.

But you know, studies do show all political extremists are uneducated. So what's there to expect.

Realize that it would be easier to fake the moon landing than for a minority religion in 1945 to cause a world wide conspiracy with there being no leaks or tell all books in 70 years. Just think of how many books we have on different events and people but yet somehow we just have a few second hand conspiracy books on kikes.

It's just not probable.

Also go google big tits jew or sexy ass jew. Or IDF girls. Jews can be hot.

Just might look on the bright and dark side of those who involved. But too late to save them.It's been a years.

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Not really, hitler didn't do much wrong. The enemies of natsoc were just stronger than natsoc

Cringe and bluepilled

When he can do such holocaust? I hope that you certainly know what are you talking about? :)

Just stop visiting pol and educate yourself by socializing in real life with the groups you demonize. I don’t think Jow Forums is wrong about everything, but their faith in Hitler is severely misplaced.
I’m not minimodding but you should know that avatar use is against the rules and the quirky username makes you look like a snowflake. It’s actually really annoying to look at.

When i already educate myself and others? (positivism)
>I’m not minimodding but you should know that avatar use is against the rules and the quirky username makes you look like a snowflake. It’s actually really annoying to look at.
-For you because your a mean girl/boy ?

Don't forget what you learned on Pol but don't go there so often it's not good for you.

Live your life and rely more on books than sites like Jow Forums or Twitter to evolve ideologically.

Watch some holocaust documentarys.
Or is the footage fabricated, the survivors are lying and the soldiers that freed them are in on it, too?

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When i already did the same. I think you probably dont know what are you talking.And i already get some lessons and ideas.

What kind of non-white are you?

>watch some anti Nazi propaganda
Kek, great advice