How do I come to terms with the fact that I will never have a truly hot woman?

How do I come to terms with the fact that I will never have a truly hot woman?

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Grow up. You can imagine who ever you want

theres always prostitutes, user

Hit up the brothel, fool.

Just find a alright looking girl you get along well. Once you are in love she will be 10/10 for you.
Or you can keep whining about shallow internet whores till the end of your life. Just don't do it here, it gets annoying fast.

Really good looking girls don't have to resort to selling their bodies.

Really good looking guys don't have to resort to going to prostitutes. Yet they do all the time. Stop believing what (((they))) tell you about prostitution. You sound like a dumb edgy kid.

Oh yes they do... :)

That's just a fact though.
No 10 without serious mental health issues would go through the hassle of selling her body, if she can get anything she wants and more without having to degrade herself like that.

Pulling something our of your ass does not make it a fact. There are 10/10 prostitutes. I would know as I have fucked some. Some are also intelligent and most are nice. You are just way too sheltered to know about the world, kiddo.

Have you ever been in Amsterdam my dude? It's like browsing Pornhub but IRL

You can, you're just not willing to do what it takes to get one.

And I don't blame you desu.

Most women have serious mental hralth issues. Plus a hot girl can make thousands of dollars a week doing that.

Be super rich/super handsome?

>Once you are in love she will be 10/10 for you.
Cool story user.

If you have a 6/10 girlfriend, you will never find her anywhere near as sexually arousing as a HB 10/10. Sure, you might really like your girlfriend from the personality side of things and as a general companion. But don't lie to yourself and say that you can perceive a mediocre woman as the sexiest woman on earth if you just 'love her'. That's not how men work.

>Most women have serious mental hralth issues
This. They're all fucking depressed

Are you a girl? No man thinks that way

t. Has a gf and still lusts after gym thots
>muh you don't really love her then

Yeah, what if you "really love" a woman that was a 10/10 from the get go?
Will she ascend into a transdimensional diety?

I guess that would be the ideal girlfriend. But i get so sick of all these whiteknight/bluepilled guys saying shit like: ''looks don't matter user! You just need to find a nice woman who will cook dinner for you and she'll become the girl of your dreams because in the end of the day it's all about personality!!''.

How many threads do we have to gobble up on Jow Forums every single day with a topic along the lines off: ''i really love my girlfriend but i crave other pussy so much it's depressing me.'' That's my point. Because that's what happens if you settle down with a nice girl with a great personality, but who isn't quite that attractive physically. You can't simply run away from your primal instinct of fucking hot women.

Should I settle with a nice girl and become a regular at the brothel?

That is the only solution i could think off if you 'accepted' the fact that you will never be able to lock down a girl who is reasonably attractive physically. Settle down with a 5-6/10 girl who will cook dinner for you and clean the house. Secretly save up like a 100 bucks per month so you can visit a brothel and bang a hot girl a couple times per month to keep you sexually satiated.

I am on the verge of getting a prostitute to come to my apartment.
I can't find any 10s or anything, but decently hot women.
But I can't help but feel somewhat pathetic and defeated by resorting to this.
Other guys my age just get hot women to sleep with them no problem, because they want to, not because they got paid to do it.
I feel like a failure as a man, but I am so utterly horny and I can't get sex any other way it seems...
Should I do it?

I'd say why not, but be careful. If this is your only way to satisfy your needs than going to bookers could become a very expensive addiction

All of the shit on pornhub is just fake as fuck. I'm not talking about "unattainable beauty standards". Only fatties freak out about how beautiful the women are. I'm talking about the shit story lines they come up with. Every other title is "step sister walks in on big cock" or some shit like that. I like a bit of class in my women. And it's close to impossible to find classy women on a porn site. That cute girl sitting in the coffee shop is most likely not doing porn. And the videos that fake pick ups like that are all staged. What happened to just having raw clips of real sex? The only shit you can find is grainy hidden cam stuff. And you just know 99% of that shit is also staged. The other 1% has blurred out faces.

Those other guys also go to prostitutes.

lol I barely have the money for one hour, so I am not worried about this becoming a regular thing.
I am more worried about accepting defeat in a psychological sense and that there will be no going back.

>Other guys my age just get hot women to sleep with them no problem
Don't be so dramatic. The vast majority of guys out there who regularly sleep with attractive girls put in countless of hours of clubbing, going to bars and approaching them during the day. Most men's their sex lives aren't all that great and even the guys who do have lots of sex with hot girls, they often have to put lots of effort into getting it.

I wouldn't feel too bad about it. If hiring a prostitute once in a while gets you off and helps you feel less sexually frustrated then i don't see a problem with it.

Boring old fart here.

I have never considered myself much of a catch, but I have had at least three 10/10 girlfriends in my life and a raft of 8-9s.

The secret? Don't sell yourself short. Make up in personality, kindness, humor, or whatever for what you may lack in looks.

And take this truth from an old man - looks may mean everything to teenage girls, but from their twenties on they are more attracted to character

this is bullshit

i am old and while not a virgin model type of girls never took any interest in me no matter what i tried and i have a big dong so atleast they could enjoy that but nope
they want handsome or rich ppl, if you got them, you are one of those, now fuck off

He knows what women want, you don't. Who do you think is better qualified to give advice?

You know, I don't think they do.

>but from their twenties
Why would I want used up cunts?

Yeah, I think I might really go for it today, I just came back from a mediocre date and I have zero female prospects right now.
I have apparently no appeal on apps like Tinder and women simply seem unattracted to me IRL.
I just wanna slam my cock into some fuckmeat, really.

Find out they wont ever care about you emotionally either.

>cope with the fact that I'l never dat a hot woman
>i somehow got a girlfriend
>she's pretty hot, very cute face, eyes, and the body i dreamed of
>she's also nice
Feels good, man.

They do, they just don't mention it. Do you seriously think anyone would openly advertise it?

Either give up, or do something to get one. Seems to me youre stuck somwhere in the middle.

What kind of body do you dream of?

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I don't see why they would. The guys I am talking about consistently have fuckbuddies, girlfriends or just girls they fuck that night.
Why ever go to a whore?

Bcos men are not made to be monogamous and when you're in a relationship going to a prostitute is a relatively safe way to satisfy your urges. Picking up women when you're in a relationship that means something to you is pretty dangerous

W-what? I'm lost. All I'm saying is that there is very beautiful prostitutes in Amsterdam. If you're looking for "classy" women then no, prostitutes probably ain't for you

Yeah I know. I read "pornhub" and went on my usual porn rant. I was ranting into the air, not at you


This user is correct

I like my gf even with her flaws, and she likes me with mine. I still find other women hot, but they can't touch my gf

There are many reasons to go to a prostitute. Convenience, ability to do fetish sex acts, time, and so on.

You have to accept that nobody is born deserving anything and that whoever you end up with settles for you too. There's more to life than appearance.

I didn't expect a good post on Jow Forums this morning. Well done.

Ah okay, I'm sorry, I didn't realize "pornhub" was your trigger word

So I looked for whores to buy, but none of them look nearly as good as OPs pic. I probably couldn't afford that anyway, lol


You want a woman that can be a victoria secret model or part of the elite class? If you're not even above average, why would you think you have a chance? Coming to terms with things like this is the same as coming to terms with the fact our life is finite, at some point you have to know your place in the world and accept it.

just get some real problems

Why would prime pussy want you?

smart guy right here.

All women are illogical. It's just how much of it you are willing to deal with, because the amount differs from one woman to the next.

As I said in a different thread
Want to fuck hot girls, OP? Find employment at a mental health facility. I work as a nurse at an asylum and it's really easy. I have no problem getting laid for the last five years. Girls in there are vulnerable, see you in the position of power and if they have some kind of psychosis, they fall in love with you for simply taking care of them. The trick is to hook them while they are sick and get with them when they better.
I just broke up with a 9/10 bipolar chick, because I have a new prospect.
Also, the best part is that you just need to have a couple of lines that you say to ALL of them, to make them moist. For example if the girl is a cutter, I just run my finger on her scars and say that such a pretty thing should never be in such a bad place, that she hurts herself. Demeaning borderline and bipolars also works wonders. I usually call them adorable fuck ups and they just giggle

Oh my god you are a dirtbag.
It's almost admirable how pure of a piece of shit you are.

How so? Don't get me wrong, I never ever do it during treatment and I always make sure to end the relationship on a positive note. The way I see it, I help them after the treatment and get some pussy off it. Nobody is hurt and everyone is happy. Hell, I'm even still friends with some of them.
Also, 90% of them initiate it. I just leave a couple of hooks and they always bite.

>run my finger on her scars and say that such a pretty thing should never be in such a bad place

Works every time

Las Vegas escorts are hot af but can run $500-$1000 just to fuck.

>fuck a couple dudes a day
>get a couple hundreds thousands dollars for it

I mean, why not?

Because I'm a scum gang nigga.

Stop watching porn, social media and all that shit
It distorts your idea of beauty

Anyone that willingly fucks and goes out with mentally ill girls is mentally ill themselves

Realize that "having" a hot woman has very little to do with the objective quality of a woman and everything to do with how possessing her alters the perception you have of yourself. You want her because having her would be a validation of your worth as a man. You would be able to show her off and bask in the glory of both you and other people believing you're good enough to be with her but, ultimately, she's just a trophy. She's just a thing you put on your shelf as proof of how awesome you are. Ultimately, it doesn't matter how good of a person she is or how much she adds to your quality of life because that isn't why you keep her around; you keep her around for the status. If all you seek in this life is status then be prepared to be perpetually disappointed.

So you are saying that mentally ill people don't deserve a normal life? That stigma that people have with mental health is annoying as fuck. If a person lives a healthy lifestyle, takes their meds and has a healthy sleeping schedule, they may never even get symptoms. They are no different from you or me.

You're a pile of human garbage. That's ok, just stop trying to spin it. Only thing worse than a hunk of shit is a hunk of shit who insists on trying to convince themselves and other people that they aren't.

>So you are saying that mentally ill people don't deserve a normal life?
Mentally ill people deserve to be free from morally bankrupt, predatory shitstains who emotionally manipulate them and take advantage of their illnesses for sex.

Explain to me, how am I a piece of shit? I'm not even arguing against it, I just think that in this instance I didn't do anything shitty. Quite the opposite.

I manipulate them, sure, but I never hurt them, I treat them right and even make sure that they stay on meds. Hell, I motivated the bipolar chick I was with to enroll into a fucking University. They way I see it, I'm doing a public service.

You abuse your access to vulnerable, emotionally weak people for the purpose of sexual fulfillment. You abuse your position of power to consciously manipulate people who come to your facility into having sex with you. You specifically prey on people who are too mentally unbalanced to realize what you are doing to them. You lull sick girls in through emotional manipulation, taking advantage of their low-self esteem and inability to make informed consent in an environment that is supposed to be free from abuse and then, on top of all that, you have the gall to come here and justify your sick, disgusting behavior. I work in the mental health field and I find you beyond reprehensible. People like you are the reason so many vulnerable patients, particularly female ones, are afraid of treatment facilities. If anybody at your place of employment found out what you were doing not only would you be fired but, if the director of the facility had any integrity whatsoever, would also make sure that you never professionally came within 50 feet of another mentally ill woman for the rest of your life. You, sir, are a waste of space and a disgusting sack of human garbage.

>They way I see it, I'm doing a public service.
Seriously, kill yourself.

Oh fuck off. I don't abuse anyone. The fact is, I just flirt with them when they are vulnerable, but I never do anything to them while they are sick. Hell, as I said 90% of the relationships are initiated by them and I never answer to the advances of clearly unstable one's. Not my fault that they need a father figure. Besides, I am always careful with what I do, so not to provoke any breakdowns. Also, I'm very to follow all the legal minefields. I never initiated contact outside of the hospital, no physical contact inside, never share any info on them and so on. So no reason to fire me, shit for brains.

Wow, he put a BPD chick through uni, what a monster.

Nah, I love my life at the moment. Didn't have any suicidal tendencies since 2010

Why do you want one? Some weird validation from your porn addiction?

cuz they're hot

I'm not interested in engaging with you. You've obviously deluded yourself into thinking that what you're doing is okay. You're a hunk of shit. That's just not up for debate, user.

What harm is he doing

Yeah, what harm am I doing? I basically make sure that my favorite patients are okay after they leave my care. I would understand your point of view if I pumped and dumped them, but I don't. I'm caring with them and motivate them to keep themselves in check, so not to get another trip to the Looney Bin

Do you not see the inherently morally bankrupt nature of taking advantage of someone's weakness to get what you want out of them? These people come to this facility for the express purpose of receiving mental health treatment and instead they're greeted by a staff member who emotionally manipulates them into fucking him. He uses a care facility as a sexual hunting ground. I mean, what would be the harm in convincing a bunch of elderly residents at a care facility to lend you money? Its not YOUR fault that they have bad memories or that they aren't cognitively functional enough to realize they're being manipulated, right? I mean, they just WILLINGLY hand the money over, right? Nothing wrong with that at all? If he were a regular guy out in the street who took advantage of mentally ill girls he'd just be your standard dirt bag but the fact that he is using his professional access to vulnerable people as a hunting ground for his sexual conquests is beyond disgusting and unethical. That's like a teacher using his classroom to groom young women then jump into bed with them as soon as they graduate. I work in a mental health facility so I know precisely the kind of people he's preying on. Also, make no mistake, if anybody found out precisely what he was doing he would be fired, no question. It 100% violates every ethical boundary known to man to use your access to a psychiatric facility to groom potential sexual partners. It doesn't matter that they agree. The whole point is that they wouldn't agree if they were mentally healthy, that's precisely why he targets people who aren't. These people are broken and desperate and seriously ill and the trust that their families and loved ones put in us to care for these patients and not abuse our power is sacred. There is precisely nothing ethical or moral about manipulating someone's crippling psychiatric illness to get them to have sex with you. As a mental health professional, this man truly disgusts me.

Alls well that ends well as far as I see. That was a lot of words to say "yes she is worse off being happy with a college education than being literally insane."

>Marry some super rich guy
>Get everything handed to you in almost every career
>Become camwhore of various types
Why the fuck would you degrade yourself like that when all the other options are MUCH easier.
When life is easy in general, why put yourself through hardship?

It's okay, you only get what you deserve because you're a man. You don't have a right to complain about anything unless you're a woman.

As I said, I never abuse them as they are sick. I just use the fact that I make them feel safe and cared for. Sure, i might leave a hint or two about being single, but I never proposition anything. Plus when they contact me aftet the treatment, they are fully responsible for teir actions. As for your false equivalency, no it's not the same as taking advantage of demented old people. The difference is that the girls i bang are treatable and i never prey on them when they are having an episode

To answer your question simply; the harm he's doing is teaching these women not to trust anybody. By the time these patients get to our facility they've been raped, abused and manipulated by every kind of predator there is; their parents, their partners, their friends. Getting these patients to trust us and open up to us is sometimes nearly impossible because they've spent their entire lives assuming that anybody who is nice to them or wants a relationship with them only does so because they want something. Just imagine coming to a care facility for the sole purpose of improving your mental health and recovering from years of sickness and abuse only to find that the nurse who comes to see you everyday is grooming you and emotionally manipulating you to be his fuck buddy. He even has access to your records and knows what your history is, what medication you're taking and precisely what kind of things he needs to do to convince you to like him. Don't forget that these kinds of things have happened to them before. This kind of manipulation is beyond damaging for their overall mental health. It teaches them to not seek help. It teaches them that there truly is nobody they can trust. Like I said, its disgusting, and I'm 100% done trying to explain this to anybody. If you actually need this concept explained to you then you're also a sack of human garbage. I can't explain having a conscience and a moral center to you. Either you have one or you don't.

So its okay to be abused and manipulated so long as your abuser convinces you to do something productive when he's done with you. Got it.

As i said, fuck off. I don't abuse them and don't make them doubt anyone. It's quite the opposite. I go out with them, show them a healthy lifestyle and a relationship model, where partner respects you and then just wait for their infatuation with me to wear off. If it doesn't wear off, i just begin to act clingy and they get put off that way. As i said, I'm still friends with many of them. Hell, one even invited me to her wedding.

You frame it, like i tie them down to the bed and fucking rape them. You disingenuous cunt

Manipulated yes abused no. I don't get the idea the hes abusing them. If they were being abused they wouldn't be able to go on to lead productive lives afterward with no hard feelings. Manipulating someone isnt wrong if they're legitimately better off for it. If I didnt manipulate the shit out of my roommate the apartment would be full of trash and hed probably have hanged himself by now, instead I manipulate him into picking up after himself and taking better care of himself. Itd be nice if I could just TELL him to do these things but if he wasnt a normalfag hed be right here in Jow Forums begging for someone to fix his life and you know how impossible these people are. You literally have to trick them into doing the right thing.

that's hot how do I work in a mental facility? Tell me your usual itinerary if you want to swing with a chick...

Two and a half years of nursing school and you are good to go. Just be careful with what you are doing, since you can get fucked hard. I'm talking about not only getting fired, but getting into some legal shit. Never initiate the contact and always do it outside of the work place. I usually also take two to three months before responding, just to be sure that they are interested in me because of me and not because of the meds

As for how to get them. Just be strict with them, but from time to time show a lighter side. All they want is a father figure, so be that. Tell them when they fuck up, but spoil them from time to time. Also, when you are going out, look for a way to initiate physical contact. I usually start with a small hug, during the first date and escalate it from there. And remember, if she isn't on her meds, you are going to get stabbed

Bro you will only know what harm you are doing when you actually see how much pain you gave them after you cut them off from your life and after a chick gives you the taste of your own medicine. Hope you grow up someday.

Do I NEED nursing school? Can I work as a volunteer, maybe? Maybe have some experience with volunteering and scribes?

I'm a bio major and I study ecology so idk if I could work.

Nope on the volunteering part. They don't just let anyone in l, especially with acute patients. Maybe some chronic wards, but you have to be pretty fucked up to bang them

It sounds like most of them are still in contact with him and on good terms. I still dont understand what everyone thinks hes precisely doing. Oh no, a decent short term relationship that ends amicably. What a monster.

Why? What's wrong with chronic wards?

That's where the real craziness is. If you abuse those people, you are even mmore of a piece of shit than i am.

I think it's because I get something out of it, so normies automatically think that it's bad. God forbid, you are not a beta orbiter and actually want something in return

Count me in nigga, how do i do that