Be 100 kg's

>Be 100 kg's
>Do powerlfting since the age of 15
>Big chest, big and strong arms,big legs,beefy, thick back
>Never drinked or smoked
>Got a stabel job
>Still no gf and im so lonely
What do ?

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How many women have you asked out on a date in the last year?

Talk to women? I'm sure there a girls in the gym mirin.

How often do you go out and meet women?

Also, being a 100kg powerlifter is not something i would consider a plus. Being that big and strong will likely intimidate some women to the point where they are no longer attracted to you.

None of them wanted to have a relationship only "nut and go"
Sure sex is cool, but i want a girl who will stay by my side

Im not sure, ussualy the female sex feels better around me

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Who dosen't want to to get protected by a big man ?

girls don't like that huge muscle man body. I bet a lot of guys compliment you though. Not gay dudes just guys admirin

>believing what girls say about their preferences

OP is looking for girlfriend material. I don't believe your typical 'relationshippy' type girl who's looking for a committed boyfriend is looking for a massive dude who could literally rip her to pieces if he wanted to. It's intimidating as hell.

Being big, strong and muscular usually attracts the more slutty/bimbo types. OP kinda proved that point in

Don't get me wrong, those bulked up power lifting women think it's hot

Jersey chicks are into those juiced up gorilla bodies

no need to believe, just look at which kinds of guys are in happy stable relationships. it's just regular dudes. being w/o inferiority complexes helps

Bcos most people are "regular dudes". I think you're having a sample size error here

that's the point though. idk why not to believe what women say when you can look out the window and see it's exactly true

His just trying to make weaklings feel good and himself

hit a nerve?

I had more relationships and they lasted pretty long

Still ended up somehow

220lbs isn't freakishly big unless op's a manlet which a lot of power lifters are.

Where have you met these women? How many dates happened before sex? Have you asked them of they are single and what are they looking for?

Yeah, 3 of them meet at the gym, 2 of them at my job
They ussualy bring the me the type of shit: "I like you because you are nice, i like you because you are funny, i like you because you are a real men, i like you because you are big and strong"
The ussual shit womens say to me


Nah, you better workout more twinky

Who innitiated the first contact / date? You or them?

I can say you are looking for women at wrong places.

Them and then i got interested too in the first 3
Then at my job with the other 2

Why do you expect women to have traditional relationship with you when they ask you on date themselves?

If you want relationship with woman, you gotta be the one who is innitiating the first date, not the other way around.

No normal woman will ever ask a guy out or do the flirting herself. Thats his job.

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There's some hot brainiac woman out there that don't want a rich nerd husband because they don't need their money, so they want a trophy man like op.