Attract woman

>Attract woman
>attraction slowly fades and withers once they realized how socially retarded you are
This is the worst fucking feeling, how can i change this

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You can't.


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Change it by approaching her and starting something. If you attract someone, you must've done something right. So take advantage of the situation and don't ignore her interest.


Practice social skills and watch their attraction grow instead

I know that feel. I can usually keep up the facade for short bursts, but as time goes on stuff slips.

Lower your power level to a point that’s not embarassing. Don’t try to beocme a normal human or conceal your power level right off the bat—those are more advanced techniques.

You’re a Saiyan in this metaphor, btw.


Not necessarily, what if they just approached you because you look cool and are attractive to them?

It's funny girls will likely lose interest in you if you do happen to be socially weird but I noticed the more women go to know me and spend time with me more and more women started flirting with me. I think it depends, I notice the more I hung around women and talked to them it looked like they were more willing to go out with me. I guess it comes down to how you feel about yourself, if you feel like a total loser you will act weird around women and push them away yourself with your negative attitude. When women talked about me they usually said something along the lines of 'I guess he's kind of attractive'. It was always uncertain for them, I wasn't the kind of guy that would make women melt, believe me.

Give 'em the peen
Also, become more socially experienced so you can lower your power level - it's like life is a shitty RPG.

Confidence is the main issue, but looks and not acting utterly insane is also kind of important. I'm a solid 7.2/10 but I've gotten some pretty impressive girls before (although one of them I posted on this board about earlier, she's fucked completely), and I'm not even that good. It's all about self-confidence.

I'm 25 and I fully mastered the art of concealing my power level about 3 years ago but it leaves you with no personality whatsoever and blending to given surroundings thus not being interesting.
Currently I'm almost able to channel my power in a controlled fashion so that normies are attracted to me but this shit is far harder than the previous steps.

I'm at the level when I can get laid easily just not with the girls that I want because that requires far more confidence since once you take the first step you have to go all in.
Women can fucking smell hesitation.

>power level
the fuck are you guys on about?

Being red pilled

Lurk more faggot.
Don't spoonfeed.

it means being in knowledge of what really is happening to you and in the surrounding world. I wont go into further detail, as that would reveal my power level aswell.


That's not even the final pill

Things get better once you take the black pill

Take the iron pill. It will strengthen your body in preparation of the [spoiler]bog[/spoiler]pill.

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Wow, I know who this is just by how you type! That's never happened before


It also means having really bad autism and no awareness of what is going on in the surrounding world. This is the paradoxical nature of being pilled.

>attract woman
>cut that hoe off at the peak of her attraction, leaving her forever wanting
>attract next woman and repeat

I'm not socially stupid, just a pussy. A girl was into me and she's still single a while later but I'm afraid she isn't into me anymore. Should I ask her or something? Ask one of her friends?