Is it actually possible to turn straight?

Is it actually possible to turn straight?

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maybe in the sense you could learn to enjoy the opposite sex, but definitely not in the sense that you would be able to eliminate all the gayness from yourself.

trying to eliminate the gayness is probably the worst part of those fake marriages gay men have. if you’re really determined to try and fall in love with the opposite sex, you’ll probably need to accept your homosexual side as well.

I've already accepted it, recently. However, objectively speaking straight relationships are the most well rounded. It seems like a hetero relationship would be the ideal for me. I just don't know what the signs would be of me being ready for a straight relationship. It's not about sex, I am just curious wether it would be healthy.

the phrase “turn straight” and picture of a man with a gun to his head doesn’t really paint a picture of acceptance.

but first make sure you even want to fuck women. don’t have a “test girlfriend” and string her along. after that, make sure you can actually feel romantic towards a woman. if you become one of those in-denial married gay men who loves dick but pretends to love his wife...then just damn.

It's funny, being in love vs really liking someone and being a good friend comes down to intimacy I guess. You can even live with a friend and it doesn't mean anything. That appears to be the dividing line because not all homosexual people behave the same way. Some believe gay men are more feminine and lesbians more masculine but I guess this isn't always the case is it?

I think the important thing is not this abstract idea of an objective "sexuality," but your real connections with real people. Love, affection, shared values, compatible lifestyles, and a mutual willingness to commit. If you find that with a woman, great. If you find that with another man, that could be great too.

There are deeply unhealthy straight relationships, there are loving healthy gay relationships, and vice versa, and everything in between. This idea that "straight relationships are the most well rounded" could be true or it could be untrue, none of this means anything until you meet a real person that you really want to be with.

I mean liking dick should be fine, as long as I love my wife as well, right? I just want to be able to raise children, with their biological mother. Ofcourse, I've seen bad cases of in-denial gays in marriage, which is the reason I want to change somehow. The issue is the fact that I don't know how I would know if it would be beneficial to even start a ralationship with a woman or not. I guess telling her straight up my situation wouldn't work so well.
I am as average as a man can get and generally I find pretty generic looking people attractive in terms of height, bodytype, etc. It's the details that count, such as face and confidence.

yeah, I went up this slope

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Is it possible, well I would think not but this shouldn't be a problem to begin with OP you're just different and it's not a bad thing.

I remember I really liked this girl that happened to be lesbian, but there was nothing I could do but accept the fact she was different than heterosexual women and move on. My cousin got lucky, the girl he met was bi and they seem to get along just fine. Everyone has their sexual preferences and we have to respect that.

Yes, I feel like I would be able to trust and apprechiate a woman, even in the long run. The issue is the fact, that I have no idea how i'd be able to start such a relationship and I don't want to get myself into something that I wouldn't be able to get out of in case it turns out that it wasn't meant for me.

seems like a hard task.

well that's the whole point of dating, m8. You get to know each other, take it one step at a time. Just don't get married on the first date and you'll be fine, lol

idk it happened on its own, gradually stopped liking gay stuff

I guess I could start dating like a hetero or something, I just lack the romantic experience with women, that other men have. From this perspective, I am not in any worse situation than the average incel.

Some people go through phases questioning their sexuality. I did, but most of my life I was attracted to women. I had feelings for women since I was 3 years old. I would get a boner for hot women since I was 6 and didn't even know why, my parents never told me. When I was around 10 and realized homosexuality was a thing I got obsessed with the idea and started feeling awkward around other guys. As time passed I eventually liked the next girl in my teens. After that, my orientation was never an issue with me. If anything I feel uncomfortable if really muscular men were surrounding me without any clothes on but I guess that's because I'm pretty skinny myself :b. Never fantasized about sucking dick tho.

Well everyone has to start somewhere, m8. You'll never know unless you get out there and try

Seeing how many sad betas are converted to being gay and even trans (see: Jow Forums), I would think it could work the other way, too.

Look at it this way:
If it's possible for a straight person to turn gay,
why should it be impossible for a gay person to turn straight?

>inb4 something about people being born gay
Talking about straight people here, born straight without any gay inclinations eventually turning gay.
They managed it, so the opposite is, logically speaking, possible too.

We have no evidence saying it's a one-way road.

I believe this aswell, altough there is no science backing up any of this. Only if this topic wasn't so controverial politically.

You can't turn straight any more than you can turn gay, you either want to have sex with someone or you dont.

Well, I mean it in a romantic way, if anything. Sex isn't the main topic here.

You can't control your sexual orientation, nobody can. You absolutely can choose to repress and deny your orientation, you can choose to put yourself in relationships that go against your natural inclinations. But in most cases, it's very difficult and stressful to do this, it usually involves pretending to have feelings that you don't really have, which is unfair to your partner. Hypothetically, you'd be using a woman and pretending to love her just to pass off an image of yourself as a straight man, and it wouldn't be easy or pleasant for you to keep up the ruse.

so at a certain point, the question is why? Why do this? isn't it much more "wrong" from a moral standpoint than just being gay?

>objectively speaking straight relationships are the most well rounded.
>It seems like a hetero relationship would be the ideal for me. ((as a gay man))
>pic related

OP this is really common when you first realize you're gay. I don't know if you just discovered this about yourself or live somewhere where it's not safe for you to express this part of yourself but you're not alone in feeling this way. When I first realized I was gay I thought I would at least try women, dating women seemed common sense and that I could never imagine myself dating a man, ect.

10 years later this is absolutely mental gymnastics to me, because I see sex as a key part of developing intimacy in a relationship and I value sex in and of itself a lot. I have a sex drive and I want the person who I chose as my romantic partner to satisfy that need, and I also want to satisfy the sexual needs of my partner as a part of a romantic relationship.

I would explore why you feel you can't have a romantic relationship with a man. Also if you do go down the route of a romantic relationship with a straight woman, you should definitely be honest with her and tell her all of this if honesty and trust are things you value in a romantic partner.

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This was the argument why I could come terms with my orientation.
To answer the question, It's not only a moral issue, raising your own children together with their mother would be one of the most satisfying things on the long run, as I imagine. I don't want to have kids yet or anything of that sort, however I do think I should consider my options ahead of time.

Well, it's a long story but I've discovered it a long time ago. Recently I feel like I've made a lot more progress, than before, so I started having discussions on this topic with a few people. I am aware how obscure my mentality seems tho.

No, your mentality is pretty normal for the stage you're at. The thing is, it's all in your head right now, the only way this stuff will "settle" for you is when you start experimenting with dating, sex and relationships with real people.

>I am aware how obscure my mentality seems tho.

It's not, it's a very common experience. It's good that you're talking with others about it.

I don't know mate, usually I am attracted to straight men, I don't really get along with most of the gay community. I would even start dating women at this point so I could get "used to it'. The only thing that holds me back is the guilt, because it wouldn't be genuine.

>I don't really get along with most of the gay community.
Neither do I, and I'm gay. Not all of us build our identities & social lives around gayness, a lot of gay people are just normal guys

>I don't really get along with most of the gay community.

Imagine if straight people said this. It would ring true for a lot of people because yeah, when you're dating you're looking for a specific type of individual. Dating is always the process of whittling down a community to the ones you'd be interested in.

Also if by
>usually I am attracted to straight men
you mean
>I am attracted to masculine men
then congratulations you are the textbook definition of a gay man, by being attracted to members of the same sex who express the normal gender roles for their sex.

manly males.

This is a very common sentiment.

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