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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>I'm an insecure/suicidal/anxious person who doesn't leave home
Watch these and follow these channels:

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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If a girl gets online more often on the dating site, does that mean that she found someone to chat with or she just has more free time/is more desperate

I don't want to waste my chance by posting an introduction when she is in the middle of a good chat. This is my fear. :(

Where do intelligent black men usually hang out in major cities?

t. coalburner

Pretty much all girls I've met recently have been hookups, and if anything serious happened it all started from sex. A few days ago I went out on a proper date and I really liked this girl. Now I have no idea how to progress things. I'm overthinking everything which is weird because I never do this. She wants to see me again which is good. Do I just keep asking her out and romantic type relationship will naturally happen?

Just hang out with her till you feel comfy around her.

What is the reason that women tend to friendzone men then become disinterested and nearly ditch but always have a little bit of just in case they need something or shit hits the fan?

Why are you making up this shit?
I'm a woman, if I don't like a guy and he shows romantic interest, I just drop him and leave him be. Most of my friends do the same.
Some might like having attention from orbiters because attention is nice, but most women don't.

im referring to very few instances of which i am interested in someone and they end up having me be the one they fucking feed off of me for things, then leave and leave just enough line to come back and get more

I don't have a gf, and I don't use online dating (have in the past but I dislike it).

I have a wedding coming up in some months. I have a plus one and I'd like to take a date. Would it be weird to ask a girl at my work who I think is cute? Or is it a bad idea?

I have female friends, but they're all taken. I was thinking of asking one of a couple girls I think are cute. Would they see it as a date, or more as a friend thing? Ideally I'd ask them and then probably take them on a few dates and see how it goes.

What do?

learn to stop being a victim. A good start is to stop whining about it and ask constructive questions without bitching at the end.

Government jobs. Not kidding. I worked for a govvie contractor for a few years and many successful and intelligent black guys worked in my office.

>im referring to very few in
im not necessarily whining im just curious about what motivates people to do that sort of thing. i mean it feels nice when they come back but i cant say no to helping a so called "friend"

How about next time you see a girl is just using you for attention you stop giving it to her?

It wouldn't be weird. I'm pretty sure that's actually how people did it in ye olden times.

Wedding plus ones are like a turbo date. Do not invite a girl to go to a wedding with you unless you've been dating a while first. Depending how far away the wedding is you could take a girl who you started seeing around now and that would be okay but you can't just ask a girl to go to a wedding with you if you've never even been on a date.

That would be akin to taking your gf of one week to the family christmas gathering. Weird for everyone involved.

its sortof an addiction for attention. it sucks but it is what i crave

Girls, what makes a great sex, when you're with a guy? I'd like specific things, but general stuff is also welcome.

Guys, if you were visiting your girlfriend for a week, what would you want to do?

Question for both genders who are or have been in a long term relationship.

When did the "honeymoon" phase end for you? And how was the relationship afterwards?


Watch a movie, have dinner, fuck. Those are the essentials. Not necessarily in that order.
Other than that, it's mostly up to you, how do you like to spend your time?

A girl I've talked to a few times in person (and got along with) sent me a facebook friend request. Can that mean anything?

That she wants to be facebook friends.

From an LDR?

Well Saturday and Friday evening/nights are automatically blacked-out. Probably go out only her and I both days.

I'd want some chill-and-do-nothing time, lounging about the house and just enjoying my girlfriend. And probably some activity that involves lots of talking and moving at the same time, like hiking, camping, art museum, road trip, training dogs outdoors.

I'd want to meet people who are special to her, like friends or family.

And pictures. Definitely take pictures, because after you go back, you want to remember the scant moments you have together.

I asked a girl out but I really should have asked her best friend out (I asked the other girl because she showed interest in me and I had low self esteem). That girl rejected me anyway because she started seeing another guy some time before I asked her.
How long should I wait until I can ask her best friend?

You never can.

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How to unfriendzone yourself with a girl that already considers you attractive?

I'm a handholdless virgin and am completely new to dating. But, I managed to get a second date with a girl this Saturday. I'm super excited but I don't know what I should do besides talk to her. We converse really well so I'm actually not worried about conversation (for once) but like, if we meet up for dinner or coffee and just converse, is that enough? What's the expectation?

I don't know if this context is needed but while we have many mutual friends, our only history together is some fb messaging and our first date.

Give it a couple months.

What I meant exactly was that I'd ask them to the wedding, but take them on a few dates before that to get to know them and to give me/them an out if things go badly.

That good? Ask them out soonish, then date them for a while then take them to the wedding?

I'm not used to having sex, but when I do I have a lot of stamina. I now have the option to have sex whenever I want for the most part, but I never know what to do to make it amazing.

What's a good way to make it great? Consistent positional changes? We usually start in missionary and finish with doggy. What other positions should I try? How can I make it a better experience?

My boyfriend really likes to play video games and I enjoy watching him. I don't like to play because I'm bad at them and I get frustrated very quickly when I do poorly at them. He has been pushing me to play some with him because he thinks it will be fun. But it won't, I know I'll get frustrated and irritated and I really dont want him to see me like that.

How do I make him stop pushing me to play?

Why is it always considered okay when a guy who's not dating the girl, rests his face on a girls lap (close to her vagina)? I mean why is this not considered "abuse" as for example touching a girl's boobs would be?

Well the answer is to communicate with him. Tell him what, why, basically everything you just said here.

But since you're here asking this question, I assume you've already tried that and it didn't work. So instead you should be asking how can you communicate your feelings effectively to a boyfriend who doesn't listen very well.

Maybe start with telling us what he does when you try talking to him. How does he react? Then we can help you get him to listen.

Compromise. Get some single player games, set the difficulty to easy, and just tell him you don't like multiplayer games. He'll probably accept that more easily.

"I'd really love to play with you, I agree it sounds like a really fun idea. But I have a weakness... I'm very likely to get frustrated and I really don't want you to see me like that. Believe me, if I knew I could handle it, I would totally be playing with you... yesterday!"

In addition to the excellent advice provided by you can offer to try a game under the condition that if you try a game for him, and don't enjoy it, that he'll drop the subject.

I wouldn't immediately go to that ultimatum though. But it's an option.

>Have no women in my life
>Meet woman
>she doesn't like me
>Meet woman
>she doesn't like me
>Meet woman
>Meet woman
>first one doesn't like me
>no matter I still can go for...
>second one doesn't like me either
This is just how it goes perpetually for me, with nothing in between.

One person calls me a donkey.
They are an asshole.
Another person calls me a donkey.
What an asshole.
Three people call me a donkey.
Time to look for a stable.

It's no use, I am just not a man any woman wants to be with.
I am not even worth a quick hookup.
I am tired.
If I had just some tiny success to cling to, I could carry on, but it's just failure after failure after failure.
At some point, it is just utterly proven how undesirable you truly are.
At some point I just have to give up.
What can you even do other than that?


Do you get off to samefagging?

Do you get off to trying to find samefags?

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Yes actually.
Also that pic proves nothing.

It's more evidence than you have, or can have.

And then you think
>I will just improve myself
>Get a better job
>Get a better physique
>Get better social skills
>Get better hobbies
>Get better everything
But you know what? It will never be enough.
If you look around you will see that nobody has to be NEARLY perfect to get what they want.
They don't even have to be GOOD. They just have to live their lives.
Me? No matter how much I improve. I could be literally perfect in every aspect of my life and it would not change a thing.
I used to think everyone deserves happiness, companionship, to be loved and desired.
But truth is, I don't. There is no reason for it. I just don't.
It's not even about being ugly, or awkward or anything of the sort. There is just some innate, invisible, intangible quality to me it seems.
>Why are you so negative, stop whining, stop complaining
I get it, it's fucking pathetic.
But can you at least let me be pathetic for a second, really?
Life REALLY tries it's hardest to rub it in my face right now, after I have been fighting, and trying and clawing myself out of a deep hole.
Only to find there is no escape.
This is the first time in my life that I have seriously thought about killing myself.

Fuck bro. Way to push a girls buttons. I feel you.

A girl and I have been out about 4 times and she keeps telling me she wants to 'wait' before we have sex. She's not a virgin and I honestly can't figure out what the problem is. We've done basically every other sexual act up to that point already.
What exactly is her thought process here? Obviously I have to respect her wanting to wait but I still don't get it.

You should look for your happiness elsewhere. So women are banned for you... time to find your happiness in books, cars, art, etc.

Oh and yes I've tried asking her and she says that we have plenty of time together (we see each other like once a week) and shouldn't rush things.

Yeah, thanks, I know I will be miserable all my life, surrounded by all the failed attempts to fill a void that just really can be filled with one thing and one thing only.
I wish I wasn't a human being, I wish I was a robot.

I kinda want to say thank you for the nice compliment, just to spite that guy who accused us of samefaggery.

Just shut the fuck up. OK?

girls, assuming you're really into a guy, is there any scenario where you'd reject a first kiss from him?

hah it worked

I'm not that guy, I'm a different guy.

You're welcome dude, it was good advice.

Dude come on

No you're the same fag.
Don't hide away like you're embarrassed.

nta but, the first two posts were with the trip and the last one wasn't, obviously they wouldn't show up as the same.

I'm fucking telling you, I'm not that guy.

First guy here,
Dude, I know this might be a blow to your gigantic ego, but you are, in fact, just that universally hated.

Both of you dimwits missed the irony

That I was calling the "samefag accuser"

...a samefag.

I have guy friends because they choose to be my friends.

Is that possible?
To just stop being a human and become a machine with no emotions?
I just don't want to feel this pain anymore.
Please help me.

It's not that I missed it, it's just that I don't care.

Likewise I don't care if I'm loved, nor hated. I care if I give good advice.

I advise you to do the same, and stop badgering people over trivialities and instead contribute something to this board.

>I care if I give good advice.
You don't give good advice.

There are some girls whose only picture on the dating site is from really far away. What's up with that?

Just get rid of the trip man. Every time you post the thread just gets derailed with this bullshit.

Just ask them out for dates and bring up the wedding later.

Someone must have an idea. I'm guessing this is very common.

Could be a lot of things. My money would be on either:

>she doesn't want to get pumped and dumped, she wants it but is withholding to see if you stick around as tacit proof that you won't ghost her as soon as you've gotten what you want


>she's had bad experiences with jumping into bed with new guys too quickly and then feeling regretful of it later so she wants to take the time to sort out her feelings and test the relationship waters before getting into bed

Same here. I have accepted I won't ever be truly happy.

My girlfriend of a year and I were talking and found we both mutually fear, greatly and somewhat often, the idea of the other meeting with someone they connect with better, as in the relationship being a stepping stone.

We're both really happy with every other facet of the relationship and this fear is illogical.

How can we work together to alleviate it?


I thought you said “no means no”?

Two days ago this girl that I chat with often at university asked me out. I decline and said I don’t want anything at all. She seemed really flustered about it. I’ve tried to just keep things completely normal. Today when I saw her in class I talked to her just like normal. But she started acting flirty toward me....

Nice digits. I can live with that reasoning.

>gorgeous girl who actually replied to lives 5 hours away
"J-just bad luck, I guess."

If my partner does something that he knows I don't like, then says "Get used to it" or something similar when I ask him to stop, what is that considered?

What was the thing? Could be an attempt at being playful or dominant.

How is that bad luck? You are born in a age where you have automobiles. If you love her, nothing can get inbetween you and her.

I fell in love with this girl on mars. For me, that was a challenge, given that I've been on Earth my whole life and never even visited the moon. But we kept in touch until once I finally saved up enough to afford the teleport. It only took 6 months of saving and planning, but now we're together and couldn't be happier.

He thought your request was unreasonable or nagging and wanted to tell you he felt invalidated by it, but couldn't show weakness to you.

you threatened him in a small way. Whatever you asked of him, you need to do it in a more submissive manner and allow him to feel like a man. Otherwise you'll always get this pushback.

>A (me, male)
>B (roommate, female)
>C (friend, female)
>ABC have been bffs for 15 years
>A lives with B
>1 year ago
>B and C sometimes hang out without A
>C buys food for A and has B bring it home every time
>literally every time
>even if C knows A had a meal 1 hour ago
>C's face brightens up whenever A shows up
>C doesn't smile like that to other people
>C always includes A in her future plans, not B

C is in love with A, isn't she?

Most definitely was not that. I don't want to give context, but...

I believe you're quite accurate with what you wrote. I'm concerned though that asking for something in a submissive way will just achieve nothing. Any tips for going about that?

>I don't want to give context, but...
How the fuck do you expect help then?

This is an anonymous image board and we don't care if he tried to stick it in your ass and you didn't like it because we don't know you personally.

You don't

What don't listen to that shitty advice.

It depends on how severe it is. If it's beating you then get out of the relationship. If it's something like chewing too loud you should indeed get over it if you want to be with him to an extent but he should also try to mitigate the action.

If it's a lot of stuff he's just upset you're trying to change a lot of stuff about him and wants you to be happy with who he is. And you should but he should also meet you in the middle in some respects.

ask her

C wants to fatten A and eat him

For any girls out there, I'm wondering something about this girl at the new gym I'm going to. I almost never have had anyone talk to me while at the gym, in all my time I've never had a girl actively approach me there not even for the usual questions of "hey are you using this" or "hey can you help me out with that". Now, this girl for the past two times I've been there has acted sort of.... different? In the sense that she's asked for my help with equipment a couple of times already, standing around with the obvious "I wanna say something to you but I don't know what to say you I'll just ask if you're done with this equipment". This also includes noticeably "grunting" (which honestly sounded more like moans to me) when working out in an area I'm close to. Just kind of over exaggerating the exhausting part of her workout.

I'm only talking about this because the first two weeks I was at that gym and I noticed her there, she didn't do any of that. I'm usually good at reading the signs girls give me when they're interested but in that particular setting I'm just completely lost. I'm leaning towards the fact that she wants me to speak to her because, well if I wanted to grab attention from anyone at the gym I'd do exactly that kind of shit. So yeah just wondering about how some of you girls go about when you're interested in a guy in the gym.

why do girls hate short guys? i think yo ushould stop that

I can't think of another logical answer

>asking for something in a submissive way will just achieve nothing.
Yeah, that's the point.

It isn't submissive if there's no option. That's commanding.

Submission means making a request, an appeal from a lower position.

Getting what you want means commanding, giving orders from a higher position.

So your question is impossible to answer. It's like asking how can 2+2=4 without adding anything?

So my advice to you is to, properly, accept a submissive role in your relationship sometimes. Try to be more social and consider his feelings and needs above yours. Also start treating your desires like requests he can fulfill optionally, with a yes or no (versus commands where you string him up to only do what you want and nothing else).

I C what you did there, using A letter in place of a name, but you're B'ing stupid

I tried to make it readable

My boyfriend and I live together. He goes to school and works and when he finally had time off from school he went and spend three days at his ex-girlfriends who lives out of town and he's still friends with. He only told me the night before he was leaving and recently she came to town again and he told me last minute she was coming over. He hasn't told her we're dating (we were roommates before they broke up) and claims it hasn't "come up". He really doesn't tell anyone we're together.

He also has some hoarding problems and has yelled at me when I've thrown out empty boxes and broken Christmas lights of his to try and reduce clutter. We both pay equal rent but the place is 90% of his shit..

I've been dating him about half a year, haven't been in many relationships. I don't know what to do.

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Well you found yourself a loser.

> I don't know what to do.
Can you see yourself marrying him?
If no, then you do know what to do.

>"J-just bad luck, I guess."
Bruh you really took that comment hard. I was just trying to say that sometimes life is shitty and it's not necessarily your fault.
What were we even talking about when I posted that?

No wonder you abused your girlfriends.

Is it true that you fall in love gradually?
If so what's an aproximate timeframe?
I think this girl is crushing on me a little but afraid to take things further. She's touchey feeley with me and laughs at my dumb jokes, opens up to me about herself and her fears, and when we talk her pupils dialate. But she's fresh out of an abusive past. Don't wanna just waltz on in and take advantage of that vulnerability. We've been around one another for about 4 months. Her breakup was a month ago.

>Is it true that you fall in love gradually?
No they definitely do not.

I suppose you're right. With his tantrums I don't want to imagine how he'd treat kids.

It's true of me. A friend I wasn't attracted to asked me out, and months later I fell in love. My feelings lasted longer than the relationship.