What’s the easiest way to kill yourself

My current girlfriend put my $40,000 in dept and wants to leave me. I’m 23 and a complete disaster. I’m mentally scared and drained from 6 years of bad relationships. I have no money or weapons. I want to get drunk and get this over with.

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Just become a hobo and stop giving a shit.
Better than being dead. Live in a forest, go to jail, who cares.
All beats being dead.
There are worse things pal.
Like, I wanna die every single second of my life, but I still carry on somehow.

It’s been slowly thinking about it every hour to minute to second I give up. Nothing would make me happier then getting drunk and ending my life

>My current girlfriend put my $40,000 in dept
She cant do that, if she forged your information take legal action

sue the cunt EZ win

kill her then kill yourself

How about kill that bitch.

Women who want to leave relationships should be killed? go back to iran

I would never hurt her and I would never get the money back. I want to kill myself because my self estime is gone and I come home everyday after work to get yelled at and told to do what she wants. The other night I fell asleep first and she got upset because I apparently didn’t fix a fight and almost broke my graphics card in my pc and almost shattered the glass panel. I’m just scared all the time and there’s only one way out. If she dumps me I’m done and she keeps holding the relationship hostage. If I don’t do what she wants she will dump me. I’ll be stuck with the debt and I’ll be devastated.

just move out of the country and start over or go guns blazing and take out some enemies before you go

Explain this debt you’re talking about.

Torture her. Do terrible things to her vulva and anus.

Please do not kill yourself.

Ok, so not OP, but have been planning on ending my life for awhile now. The last few months I have finally decided that I think it's time.
I want to know if this seems like a suitable note.

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Please don't. Can you show your family how much you love them, by staying with them a little longer? There will be plenty of time to commit suicide later, so you can put it off. Your dogs will miss you, too.

I wonder how many suicide notes contain the words "McDonalds fries".

That actually made me laugh like an ass in my office. Thank you for actually reading it.

women who steal 40k and push their partner to suicide deserve at least a bar mitzvah shower

She put him in $40,000 debt and then leave.

women who steal forty thousand dollars and commit manslaughter have done nothing wrong? go back you your basement

Whatever's happened to you, you can rebuild a day at a time. You're in an obvious abusive relationship and you should leave, of course. The debt is what it is - I've heard of people being able to get absurdly low rates on repayment like $14 a month. Look it up and try for something similar. It'll be hard, but get through it for your dogs and your sister. There are always alternative lifestyles. Or see if your family will take you in. Or be a vagrant for a while and hitchhike.

This goes out to any suicidal

Stop being such a pathetic whiny bitch, goddamn if stephen hawking can live a fulfilling life as a fucking vegetable than so can you. If shirs too much, Move away. MOVE and start again. Why is this so hard for you retards to comprehend

tell us your life story faggot

>It's been a wild ride (Cliche af)
>Da loves you

Whew boy, sounds like you really only care bout the dogs dude.
Also horrible grammar

Please tell me this is bait(There isn't even a will as to who your belongings go to).

Maybe stop serial dating people?
If every relationship has been bad for you then it's your own fault.

he is also incredibly intelligent.
plenty other disabled people are miserable
and some people have many reasons to feel suicidal, it's not weak

op isn't any of these though

make it in comic sans

Join the army and take risks once you get into a combat zone.

At least then if you die, your parents will think you did it serving your country.

As a collector and connoisseur of suicide notes, the absence of the reasons for the suicide is strange and jarring, and really misses the opportunity for both closure for the addressees (apologies don't actually help) and a kind of "able-to-be-made-sense-of" impact on the immediate world around them.

Did she steal it? Did you give money to her? If the latter it is your own fucking fault.

OP's a pussy who most likely took out loans and credit cards to get her shit so she wouldn't leave. He's in an abusive relationship, but he'd rather be miserable than alone.

No. Fuck off. You're comrades need you, you'll kill your whole fucking squad.

>windows 10

lmao faggot

drop the bitch, don't pay a cent

I’m not here to stop you because I don’t really care, but I can say I been in your shoes before and this is how I change my mind:
>years ago got told by doctors I might die
>didn’t care because I thought I had a good life and a loving gf of 6 years
>gf dumps me when she hears the news
>lost job over odd reason by my ass of a boss
>didn’t think much of it because I’m going to die soon
doctors tells me this is a 50-50 chance surgery I can take, that can save me but turn it down
>so depressed with life I was more excited to die
But something was bugging me, like I had unfinished business, like why is my little life getting worse, how did it go from good to shitty
>haven’t talk to my ex in weeks because she doesn’t want to talk to a dead person
>check her FB and found out she dating my ex boss who fired me over bull shit, and is now pregnant by him
>this upsets to no end, and now too angry to die
>take fucking surgery
>fucking live
>start putting my body on a heathy diet and get fit in 3 months
>land a higher paying job as a repo man
>start talk to ex again and pretend to want her back
>this goes on for two months
>convince her to get an abortion
>she fucking does it for me
>tell her to go fuck herself a week after it happens
>my ex boss tries to hit me with his car and hits a street light and gets arrested
>get more joy out of ruining people lives then wanting to die
I found a new reason to live and it’s to make people suffer for no reason.
As long as my corpse still move I want no one to smile ever again

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based, I'll volunteer to fuck OP's gf so he has something to be mad about

OP, post nudes of gf, your going to die, why should you care