So apparently my 17 year old gf (I'm 20) just started her period and says it goes for seven days so we won't be able to...

So apparently my 17 year old gf (I'm 20) just started her period and says it goes for seven days so we won't be able to fuck on Sunday, basically the only day I get to see her for weeks. First of all, are seven day periods really a thing? Will the pill fix that when it kicks in (she started taking it a few weeks ago)? And just how bad would it be if we had sex anyway?

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You can have sex while a female is on her period. It's just bloody.

And painful for her

Feels like somebody is lying

Yeah. I had like 10 days periods when I was younger.
I got on IUD because of that. 7 days is still normal.

Not necessarily, it can be very pleasant too.

Come on man, stop thinking with your dick.
She's only 17, show some respect.

Girls don't bleed constantly when they are on their period, many girls only have small periods anyway and you've got a condom.

But girls feel disgusting, embarrassed and won't respect you if you push them

I dont think the pill will help, but I'm only guessing

Yes, they can go for 7 days or longer. Depends on the girl. Yes, the pill can shorten and lighten the period, but there are side effects. I had decrease in libido, so I went off of the pill.

U don’t know what you’re talking about

It’s not painful to have sex when you have your period unless you have that endometriosis or something else wrong with you. Personally, I’m super horny during this time and could get off a lot.

Just how much blood would I be looking at? If I put down a towel will it seep through?

You can have sex if she has her period. I don't know how it feels for her, as I usually don't do it with my girlfriend when she has her periods. The only time we did it, it was like always, expect there was a lot of blood.

And no, she's not just faking an excuse to refuse having sex with you. My girlfriend also has lengthy periods, but when she isn't on her periods, she wants me to put my penis inside of her all day long if it was possible.

Also, she's just 17 and you shouldn't treat her like a sex object. It's not because you can't have vaginal sex that she becomes worthless. You should not have to presure her into having sex with you if she is not confortable.

Depends on the girl. Personally I only did it once or twice. I never felt comfortable having my man see me like that.

Maybe you could suggest doing it in the shower with the lights down low so you can’t see anything that might gross you out. Let the shower head do the work while you take it from behind.

Not true necessarily.

She doesn't want to fuck. End of story. It doesn't matter what you think or how you feel. Also, get a girl your own age, loser. Sex with her illegal.

For the last two years, I have been fucking with my girlfriend without condom, while she’s on her days. I always have cummed inside her and nothing really happened.
It depends on the girl but the blood can have a little bad smell, that’s the only downside. I always put a towel under her hips in any case any blood comes out, and after sex we both take a shower.
She always says that the pain of the period goes away when we do it.
I don’t know why would a young girl take a pill. Just tell her to download an app for her cycle so she can keep the track of her period and know what days she’s infertile and when she’s not.
Usually the most dangerous days are right after she stops bleeding, so in those days don’t do it unprotected.


Period sex relieves cramps and feels better for her because she's a ball of oestrogen. It's also very messy and bloody but just put a towel down and bleach it later. It's what I do with my gf. It's just blood, as long as she's clean and STD free it's fine.

>20 year old man
>you can only score an impressionable teenager
>so pathetic you have to ask Jow Forums how vaginas work

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This response is perfect

My fiancee got an IUD put in right before we got together and for the first month or two of our relationship she was bleeding constantly.

You better fucking believe I still tapped that. Just invest in some baby wipes and lay a towel down.

I hope you get arrested for preying on a teenager, you sick fuck

She's cheating on you

You're just jealous

Yes, seven day periods are indeed a thing. I don't know about the pill, depends.

I personally don't see my lover often so when I do we have sex regardless if I'm on my period or not. I don't mind it, it doesn't hurt me and I feel just as horny as normally. But it can be messy so if she doesn't want to you should respect it

Yeah of course I'll respect it, I don't know why everyone here assumes that just because I'm dating someone three years younger than me (legal in my state btw) that I'm some kind of manipulative rapist, this is just a girl from my high school that had a big crush on me and it didn't workout until recently.

you're not old enough to have sex yet...

I'm not saying because of the age difference, I'm the last person to judge that, it's just I guess some girls are uncomfortable with period sex

Depends. I've had 2 day periods, I've had 10 day periods. Even went a couple months without any periods at all a few years ago. Hormones will dictate how things turn out. The pill also isn't a promise periods won't come anymore.

It wouldn't be necessarily bad, but many are self-conscious about it, especially when the bleeding is intense or the period is halfway done and the tiny flesh pieces of the endometrium come out.

I lost it at 16, lol
I'm pretty sure I'd be fine with it, I'm not a bitch. My only concern is that it would stain my bed. I'm going to see how she feels about it and if she's okay with it I'll do it.