How can I get friends with my limitations?

How can I get friends with my limitations?


Unfortunately I have several limitations:
>chronic disease (walking more than 500 m is almost impossible, constant pain, fatigue)
>food intolerances (milk protein, diary products, meat and legumes via gout)
>poor (4.3 €/ day for food)
>no family, friends nor any other contacts

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What are your hobbies?
What do you do in your free time?
Education level?

I'd play vidya and watch stuff with you, but I like in the USA. I hope you find some good buddies. You could always try socializing on discord or something similar.

I just play video games with people online. Don't know anyone to go outside and play with anymore though. Kinda hard to meet people today I find.

Was zur Hölle hast du? Überlebst du überhaupt noch lange?

>What are your hobbies?
When I still was able to work I spend all my time at my studdies and the rest at an part time job to finace my studdies. So there was no time for hobbies
>What do you do in your free time?
I have to argue with the german department for wellfare cuz they force me to apply for money at other offices even without legal claim; pretty stressfull.
Besides that I try to recover as much as possible via rehabilitation sport.
>Education level?
Master studies are on hold duo to illnesses in the middle of my master theses.
certified by doctors for being unable to work

I used to play a little bit of videa during high school (german gymnasium), but mostly single player games only.

Ich hab mehrere Erkrankungen gleichzeitig.
Eine Form von Rheuma, ein seltenes Syndrom, Hautveränderungen und psychische Erkrankungen.

Durch die Erkrankungen kann ich mein Studium nicht beenden und keinen Job finden. Wenn, dann werde ich an finanzieller Not sterben.

He asked what the hell I have and if I even can survive.

My answer:
I have several diseases including rheumatism, some rare syndrome, skin alterations and psychological illnesses.

I'd most likely die from poverty.

>walking more than 500 m is almost impossible, constant pain, fatigue
Sounds like you're just fat. get off your ass user

I’m in the same boat but I’m a yank. I have chronic pain and been fighting my illness for a few years. My wife is German though, so I can sympathize with your headache from the German government. It’s aggravating to see all these grown men “refugees” causing crime rates to skyrocket. Find yourself a nice American chick, come see how we live on the other side of the pond.

When you’re in constant pain, sometimes every step is like a knife stabbing you. It’s not lack of endurance but a physical disability. Fat people can over come their limitations. Sick people are just trying to function to survive.

My BMI is 26, so I guess being fat is not enough of an explanation.

Oh, mybee the rheumatism destroying my muscles could explain the pain and physical disabilities.

ty, you seem to get my situation

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Unfortunately I am poor, how would I even be able to afford a trip to the us?

I also have no social contacts nor anybody to talk to. How would I be supposed to get to kow people when I am not even possible to do so in a familiar culture?

OP here

Does nobody care nor have any idea what I could do to get friends?

No, you're just fat. Stop being so fat fatty

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He sounds more like a 7 year old to me

A fun one

So all in all, I am still sick, disabled and alone with no way out of my loneliness
ty adv

Join to Jow Forums discord server
Ask for pawell

Are you from Berlin


I know a 23 year old balding fuck who is banging a 19 year old tight pussy and he plays games all day lmao

Try to move to berlin if possible

For some reason I can not get a connection with discord

Stell dich bisschen an und beantrag behinderung. wenn du glück hast musst du dann nur halbtags arbeiten und sonst chillen. Kannst versuchen in irgendeinem Kampfspiel richtig gut zu werden und in deutschland zu rasieren. Wenn du menschlich nicht ne komplette Niete bist, kannst du dich ja bisschen vermarkten.

Was Freunde angeht: in welcher Stadt lebst du? Wenn du ein Nerd bist, tu dich mit anderen zusammen. Wenn dir die Uni gebockt hat, würde ich einfach trotzdem hingehen zumindestens um zu lernen.

give me a quick rundown on this 'Berlin' place and how does being there help one find a friend or a girlfriend?

again, I am poor
Also sex is not top on my priority list.

Ich hab einen Behinderungsantrag gestellt, aber nur Grad 40 bekommen.

Die Vorteile von Schwerbehinderung (ab Grad 50) sind eher, dass man mehr Ferientage, Steuervorteile usw. bekommt.
Niemand zahlt einem etwas mehr, wenn man behindert ist. Bestenfalls zahlt das Jobcenter zu, wenn der Job nicht Hartz 4 Niveau erreicht.

Ich lebe ja von Hartz 4 leider.

Ich bin nicht gut in Kampfspielen.

Ich denke, dass ich menschlich ne komplette niete bin. Letztendlich hab ich ja keine Freunde und keine Bakannte mit 26 und das nach 5 Jahren Studium.

>Wenn du ein Nerd bist, tu dich mit anderen zusammen.

Hab ich versucht, hat nicht geklappt. War wohl nicht nerdig genug, kp.

In meinem Master hab ich den Spaß an meinem Fach verloren; liegt vermutlich an der Uni.
Ich geh, wenn ich das schaffe noch zu den Meetings in der Abteilung, damit ich nicht ganz den Anschluss zu meinem Masterthema verliere, ich habe noch ein wenig Hoffnung, dass ich mein Studium zu Ende führen kann irgendwann. Da lernt man aber keine Leute kennen.

But friends and companions are right? Berlin has the lowest iq in Germany.. the most number of losers gathered in one city

Go there if possible and find a group.. the artsy type useless fucks are mostly alone and depressed and they will happily take you in

Even better if you can draw and stuff.. even mediocre artists become celebrities there.

A shithole that lives on state benefits and pretty much jerks off everyday like a useless family uncle that never married, never held a good job and knows almost every drug dealer in the town

A 40 year old useless fuck who still dresses like a 20 year old and fucks naive 17-18 year old high school chicks

Outside of Tokyo, it’s the next best NEET destination

I have a B.Sc. in Biology and got interupted through my diseases and disability from finishing my M.Sc. in Molecular Biology. I even had job prospects secured for the subsecuent time after my studdies but had to resign since I could not finish my studdies on time.

I doubt that my IQ is that low based on my accomplishments so far.
Also I despise those NEETs and artsy kind of people pretending to be smart and sofisticated.

Also, why should I go to Berlin when I am poor? Finding an apartment on Hartz 4 pricing is next to impossible. This would further more decrease my living standards.

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So all in all I am just fucked?

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Nah I recently met a girl who is on government gibs because apparently her BPD makes her unable to function in any kind of job, yet she has lots of friends, and she is vegan which is similar to a self-inflicted food intolerance.
You have no reason not to have friends, just meet new people your age and talk to them, exchange numbers and set up "dates" with people you like, watching football, playing FIFA etc

Where in Germany are you? I'm currently in Mannheim, so if you're anywhere near by, or even in the region, I could be your friend.

I do not know where or how I can get people to know.

I tried bars and clubs to no sucess, now I can barely move around and can not drink alcohol cuz medication. I guess, that does not help and neither does my poverty. I tried the university library with no sucess. I can not preform any sport anymore. I have not played any videa games for several years and am not really interested in them. Last time I played console games is at least 15 years ago.

I dislike very much watching sports, or playing sport games esp. like FIFA.

Pretending to like this would probably be almost impossible for me and most certainly not very authentic.

What do?

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Schleswig-Holstein, guess that's not right next to you then

kann man sich ab einem gdb von 30 nicht gleichstellen lassen

Ja, das kann man. Das wird aber erst sinnvoll wenn man einen Arbeitsplatz hat.

Ich habe noch nicht mal mein Studium vollendet, da hilft die Behinderung nicht.